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DEF: LAC @ IND, or KC, home, vs. SEA?

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I am starting LAC DEF, @ IND.  Primarily because: 1) IND RB1 JT is OUT; 2) they are on their 3rd-string QB in his first start; and 3) both IND ORTs are OUT.  BUT - that matchup is purely based on IND being STD worst in points allowed to DEFs.  LAC DEF is missing DE Bosa and most (!) of their DTs.


I also have KC DEF at home, vs. SEA.  I *was* debating changing out to KC *if* WR M. Goodwin and/or TE N. Fant were OUT .. but they are both ACTIVE.  KC's DEF would be the driver in the case, as it has more sacks than LAC, but fewer T/Os than LAC (and SEA turns it over less than IND).  BUT - KC *is* at home..  I've learned over the years that all things being equal, go with the Home DEF.



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