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I'm good with all but my WR2 position!

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To me, pretty clear cut on my starting lineup in PPR this week. 

I have Watson, Purdy, Jackson QB, Mixon, Stevenson, N. Harris, Singletary, White, Mostert RB, Waddle, DJ Chark, Pickens, Dotson WR, Freiermuth TE, Butker K, SF DEF

So going with Purdy, Mixon, Stevenson, N. Harris, Waddle,  ?, Freiermuth, Butker, SF.

So who best - DJ Chark is the one I'm thinking - Dotson's done well but has a tough matchup & Wentz in at QB now... Pickens would be the 3rd Steeler, but could play if makes sense.  Heard a few saying Richie James is a good pickup to start as well, but thinking may be more run this week?

Thoughts?  Thanks and hoping holidays have/are great for yall!!



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I think Goff at home will have a very good game , so I’m picking Chark.  

I just have a feeling that Singletary will have a better game than Harris.  But maybe not. 

Good luck.  

Happy New Year 

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