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In Topic: NFL 2018

Today, 07:21 AM

all while setting offensive football back 70 years

Well yeah. We hope that part improves once we have something resembling a full roster.

In Topic: NFL says Clay Matthews’ hit was perfect example of roughing the passer

Today, 06:58 AM

In a similar thread, I've already proposed that they simply eliminate the rush entirely. Quarterback can't Advance the ball beyond the line of scrimmage. Give a certain amount of seconds to pass the ball. If they don't do so, then it's a timed sack. Sort of like a TKO.

At least level the Playing field a bit. This way, teams can stop Drafting pass-rushers and focus on the secondary.

Ah, but if you tried to make a rule that the QB cant advance the ball past the line of scrimmage, you would get blasted as a racist.

You know its true.

In Topic: Most murderers are men. Huh?

Today, 02:39 AM

You don't think you have any advantage based on your race or gender?

No. I dont.

My father grew up dirt poor on a small farm in bumfock Tennessee. My mother was the child of a widowed public schoolteacher in Tennessee. They are now quite wealthy, through their hard work and good investments.

Did I have a privileged upbringing? Yes. Because my parents worked hard and prioritized providing one. And right there along with me at all those supposed enclaves of privilege were women and persons of color.

I do not at all believe that gender or race plays a significant role in success in modern America. There are way too many successful women and persons of color for that to be true. And way too many broke d!ck white men too.

The only privilege of note that exists in America today is wealth. And that, largely, is earned.

If anything, there were any number of opportunities I was not eligable for along the way BECAUSE of my race. To the extent that racial privilege still exists in America, it is the reverse kind.

In Topic: Kavanaugh sexual misconduct in High School

Today, 02:33 AM

You prefer your politicians have a checkered past?

I recognize that politicians are people. They do drugs like everyone else. They cheat on spouses like everyone else. Im tired of this kind of crap being used as a weapon in politics.

Now, forceable rape would be different, if there were a single shred of evidence to support it. But this charade reeks high heaven of a political hatchet job. I would vote to confirm Kavanaugh, as he is qualified to do the job, and there is zero evidence to support a charge of moral unfitness.

In Topic: Most murderers are men. Huh?

Today, 02:30 AM

Meh. Aside from an extra training session here and there, I've noticed no change in my ability to oppress. This is about as valid as the war on Christmas.

The brainwashing is already taking hold. White male privilege is already a thing. The younger generations believe in it.

We are supposed to be striving for a society without distinctions. That is not what is happening.