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  1. OldMaid

    Who likes calamari?

    Spot on.
  2. OldMaid

    How long have you been married ?

    One of those rare occasions where we’re in perfect agreement.
  3. OldMaid

    What WOULDN’T Jesus Do?

    Maybe we can get him and Meatloaf together to answer these tough questions.
  4. OldMaid

    How long have you been married ?

    Not married but we’ve been together going on 18yrs.
  5. Abducted? Judging by the intelligence level of most of our posters, I’d say we’ve already hit invasion of the body snatchers level.
  6. OldMaid


    Glad this thread is still not about Steel Panther.
  7. OldMaid

    I felt like writing something on this bittersweet day

    That’s because Justin is an expert on this subject.
  8. OldMaid

    Where does Gutterboy work ?

    Why work when he has all this free lodging right here.
  9. OldMaid


    No, I didn’t. I’d rather super glue my ear holes shut.
  10. OldMaid

    Best way to doctor up a fast food item

    Yes, the obvious answer to the question is: buy better food.
  11. OldMaid


    This is the only 1987 ever needed.
  12. OldMaid

    Biden's first veto

    At least you admit you need help.
  13. OldMaid

    Biden's first veto

    A little diversity could have helped you write a better joke.
  14. OldMaid

    Biden's first veto

    What girl doesn’t?
  15. OldMaid

    Biden's first veto

    And also because hiring 10 straight white men would make for pairing off coworkers for erotic encounters a little awkward.