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  1. OldMaid

    Useless Facts 11/21/23

    Truman is often wrongly cited as starting the tradition according to my Google search.
  2. OldMaid

    Steelers Axe Matt Canada

    Tomlin could go too, as far as I’m concerned. He actually said Pickett isn’t playing poorly, it’s that the run game is playing better.
  3. OldMaid

    Steelers Axe Matt Canada

    Did you see the Najee interview after the game?
  4. OldMaid

    Steelers Axe Matt Canada

    Matt Canada better hope his career isn’t shaped like a football. If there’s one thing Matt Canada doesn’t know about, it’s moving forward. Just ask the offense.
  5. OldMaid

    Steelers Axe Matt Canada

    Man, this place is seriously slipping. The Matt Canada jokes about moving forward practically write themselves.
  6. OldMaid

    Steelers Axe Matt Canada

    Am I the only one at the bolded?
  7. OldMaid

    Red or White

    Both. Oh, I’m sorry, I thought you meant wine.
  8. OldMaid

    Carpel Tunnel Surgery

    Not. Nice. I’m not expecting it to feel great, but worse than a kidney stone? I have a hard time believing that would be his preferred option. I guess he could be a sadist.
  9. OldMaid

    Carpel Tunnel Surgery

    I’ve got the Chief of Hand Surgery from UCLA doing it. He prefers to do it under local so I just went with that. Please tell me you’re trolling me for fun…
  10. OldMaid

    Carpel Tunnel Surgery

    Yikes, not the answer I was hoping for. I was told worst case, 8 weeks recovery. I also elected to do it under local anesthesia so I’ll be awake.
  11. OldMaid

    Carpel Tunnel Surgery

    Has anyone had this done and if so, what was your experience? Recovery time, etc. I’m scheduled to have it done in a couple of weeks and after going down the Reddit rabbit hole, I’m getting kinda nervous.
  12. OldMaid

    Tennessee City Has Banned Being Gay In Public

    You must be a fun first date.
  13. OldMaid

    Tennessee City Has Banned Being Gay In Public

    That might be the gayest thing posted in this thread.
  14. OldMaid

    Snoop is Quitting the Smoke?!

    Those would be hanging balls.