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  1. OldMaid

    Corona panic - store scenes

    Wait... are we neighbors? We were just at Bristol Farms today.
  2. OldMaid

    Coronavirus - Doomsday

    I’m not Nikki. I’m always nice to customer service people. You catch more flies with sugar than you do with vinegar. Thanks. They’ll either show up or they won’t. No way I’m calling back. though, it took an hour to get through yesterday... I’ll pick up a Hulu subscription or something, if worse comes to worse.
  3. OldMaid

    Coronavirus - Doomsday

    Well, not exactly locked down. We can still go out for food and stuff... and from what I read it will be lightly enforced, but they reserve the right to ticket for a misdemeanor at their discretion. I wonder how this is going to affect our Directv service call I have scheduled for Saturday... our dish got focked up during all this rain. If we have to suffer through the next few weeks without tv, Mr Maid might end up dead.
  4. OldMaid


    I’ll buy the next round.
  5. OldMaid


    Everybody’s life is being affected by this. You’re not special. Quit being a d!ck! ’Murica... Fock yeah!!! AMIRITE?
  6. OldMaid


    Lighten up Francis.
  7. OldMaid

    Thought about buying a house

    Did Digby flame himself out, or did someone report him?
  8. A good joke lasts longer than 3 minutes?
  9. OldMaid

    Thought about buying a house

    It’s the only time this place is halfway interesting. HTH
  10. OldMaid

    Thought about buying a house

    Because this is sderp level dumb.
  11. OldMaid

    Thought about buying a house

    Saw that part... but how is this supposed to embarrass HT? This just makes Digby look like a dumbass.
  12. OldMaid

    Thought about buying a house

    I don’t understand the purpose of this thread... :headscratch:
  13. OldMaid

    What is the gheyest song ever recorded?

    Game over, MDC wins.