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  1. OldMaid

    One down

    Rusty posts at the Sanctuary, and he’s nothing like RP/HT. Unless his persona here is a complete act, I don’t see it. Not saying it’s entirely impossible, but I’m not sold.
  2. OldMaid

    One down

    Nah, I just happened to remember Paul confirming that it wasn’t true. A quick trip to his profile page, and it was easily found.
  3. OldMaid

    One down

    I’ve never really been fully on board that RP was Rusty, so...
  4. OldMaid

    One down

    I think that it’s pretty clear that he didn’t have the ability to check IP’s and was just messing with you. Next time, maybe make sure the person you’re going to use as your source, hasn’t already outed the lie.
  5. OldMaid

    One down

    Go back and check, I admitted years ago that I never had access to internet profiles. Feel free to think of me what you will, but there was a bunch of you mouth breathers worried about it.
  6. OldMaid

    One down

    While the whole HT = RP is most likely true, I doubt Paulistl would appreciate you continuing to spread this lie.
  7. OldMaid

    Jeffery Epstein arrested

    So, what do we think about Trump’s name appearing along side Clinton’s in Epstein’s little black book?
  8. OldMaid

    Jeffery Epstein arrested

    Why would women be throwing themselves at Trump? His good looks and witty humor?
  9. Your sarcasm might be too nuanced for people around here to understand.
  10. OldMaid

    Jeffery Epstein arrested

    Wait... so anyone who’s rich and or famous, can’t possibly be a rapist/pedo because they’ve already got hot girls throwing themselves at them? Did I really just read that?
  11. Okay... maybe if this was happening somewhere other than Los Angeles, I might see your point. But it would be the Republicans, not the Democrats who would benefit from these extra votes, here, not the other way around. And how locked down can it be if they already determined a 1.5 million number? Where did that come from?
  12. OldMaid

    Tolerable ways to eat avacado

    Nonsense. There’s no bad way to eat an avocado.
  13. If they had been used to vote, they wouldn’t be deemed inactive. So I guess I don’t understand your point. If I had to venture a guess... I would think that this might effect Republican registration in California more than anyone else, as I can see why they would skip a few voting cycles, because they’re more apt to think they’re vote doesn’t really count here. But I’m perfectly fine with them purging inactive voters.