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In Topic: Late Round RB Lottery Ticket? Booker, Washington, C-Mike, Howard?

18 August 2016 - 10:29 AM


I don't think so.  Johnson was a 3-down back prospect on a prolific offense with injury-prone competition.  None of that can be said for any of those 4 guys.


In the 3 leagues I'm in, David Johnson was getting drafted between the 8th and 12th rounds.  I can't imagine ANY of those 4 being taken before round 15.


I have been taking DWash in round 12 (PPR), he is currently my highest % owned player. At the point that I take him, Booker is usually gone already or goes shortly after.


I may not be correct for doing so, time will tell, but it does make you incorrect right now......... for the bolded.

In Topic: This seasons Tyler Lockett/Jarvis Landry?

17 August 2016 - 09:39 AM

Back on point to the OP:


From the first week of the preseason:


Here are the list of players that handled kick returns that could have upside. With the exception of Ellington, these guys are diamonds in the rough, but could pan out if the depth chart cracks a particular way:

Tre McBride (3 KO returns, 72 yards w/ a long of 35)
Jared Abbrederis (3 KO returns, 66 yards w/ a long of 34)

Mike Thomas (Rams) (2 KO returns, 45 yards)
Bruce Ellington (2 KO returns, 39 yards)

Marcus Murphy (2 KO returns, 45 yards, one for 30 yards)

Here are the list of players that handled punt returns that could have upside:

Tre McBride (3 punt returns, one for 16 yards)
Kenjon Barner (3 punt returns, 3 fair catches, one for 13 yards - Sproles usually handles this job, but it could be up for grabs)
Marcus Murphy (3 punt returns, one for 48 yards)


Really, really nice value added post Giraldi, very much appreciated. I'd love to see this board return to the point where content like this made up a solid percentage of the words someday. 

In Topic: Cooper will be a top 5 WR

13 August 2016 - 03:33 PM

Coop taking a lot of grief from Raider fans on the forums after last night. He's got good size and speed, but I'll say he's more Charlie Joiner than John Jefferson. But he needs to settle down and quit dropping the ball.



He looked a little out of it or something. He should have had a nice grab for a long gain on the sideline but didn't get both feet down on a play an above average WR makes, and an elite WR makes look easy. Pre-season I guess, but it was with Carr and all the starters still in the game, would expect him to convert it. He had a rookie on him too..........

In Topic: Cooper will be a top 5 WR

13 August 2016 - 09:13 AM

I do not feel that was an appropriate level of props. Bold and all caps would've been nice



Props are props man, don't look a prop horse in the mouth

In Topic: Keith Marshall-- Sleeper or ass clown?

13 August 2016 - 09:10 AM

Didn't play much in college, look up why on your own don't be lazy.


Not a clown but could look clown-like until he gains experience, seems unlikely to help Wash this year on the surface. He did get talked up by the GM for whatever reason. In my experience sometimes you see that happen with a young player and then there's a vet signing within the next week, like the organization was trying to gain leverage and make the vet feel they're not needed.


Athletic upside and the allure of the unknown, don't really have any basis to know what he can or can't do at this point.