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In Topic: Josh McDaniels likely to become coach of the Colts

Yesterday, 11:01 AM


I don't think that's true, about Cutler back then.  I could be wrong though, but I don't remember any negative thoughts towards him.  Sure, he (McDaniels), would want his guy, but there must have been a more tactful way of going about it than the way he did.  In the end, he did get his guy (Tebow), and was fired during that season.  It was clear that his approach lost his players.


No, I don't think you can say that McDaniels was right.  Cutler wasn't a "turnover machine" in Denver.  In his first season as a starter, he threw 14 Int's... tied for 12th (w/ P. Manning), and 1 better than Rivers.  Yeah, the following year he was 2nd, but he only threw 1 more than Brees.  Considering that he threw the 2nd most passes in the league that year, I can see that as a reasonable out come of a 2nd year starter... and something that a good coach would have been able to address.  He also completed around 62% of his passes each of those years.  Cutler showed a lot of potential.


I also don't think you can say McDaniels was right either.  Cutler was a pretty solid QB virtually his whole career with garbage coaching (under Lovie Smith), where as Cassell only had 1 solid year as a starter.  With bad coaching under Lovie Smith, the Bears were .500 with Cutler.  I think a team with good coaching could have won with Cutler as their QB.



I'm with Ralphster on this one. Everybody likes the thought of what Jay Cutler can do for you until you actually get Jay Cutler doing it. Stats can be deceiving, much of Cutler's career production has come during games where he has already blown up any chance of winning. 


Cutler has the Sadim touch...................that's King Midas in reverse........ everything he touches turns to s**t!

I suspect the players in the huddle know that no matter how much they are up or down, Cutler will find a way to lose by the time the 4th quarter rolls. 

In Topic: 2018 offseason fantasy offer/trade thread

13 January 2018 - 05:17 PM

He would be splitting carries with Breida.



I like Breida, believe he has a chance to develop, and his best pro football is ahead of him. 


At the same time, in this hypothetical situation where SF takes Barkley, its doubtful they would spend that amount of draft capital with the intention of splitting carries to the tune of more than say 65-35..........and that's pretty much every NFL team at this point. In a highly productive offense a RB with 65% of the touches can be gold not only the whole year long without wearing down for a long career as well. 


If you see SF take a less well rounded RB than Barkley, such as Chubb in the 2nd round who didn't look good in pass blocking to my eyes (small sample-bowl games so far for me), then I think ​Breida has a chance of forcing a more true touch split in that backfield in '18.

In Topic: 2018 offseason fantasy offer/trade thread

13 January 2018 - 02:54 PM


I agree to a point, but I don't think the majority of people picking would take Barkley over Johnson.  I do think that his fantasy potential would be a lot higher in both Indy and Tampa, than it would in SF.  I do think your "Hot take" would be more likely if he ends up in Indy.



Sure..........if it was obvious, it wouldn't qualify as a hot take. 


SF will steadily improve in perception as a long term landing place as the roster improves. Coach and GM are tied together with long term contracts and its among the most stable situations in the NFL for any young draft pick to land. Strong draft capital to be used gong forward as well.


Head coach is a young, current and proven successful offensive mind, in tune with todays NFL and the necessity of exploiting individual matchups (which can be FF gold). Note that head coach, with said contract, provides the system basis.......... unlike an OC who might get hot and then leave while the getting is good potentially necessitating a whole new O install, or a defensive minded coach who may end up with a revolving door at OC.


While its a small sample size, go look at the PPG and YDG rank post-Garrapolo as starting QB. My confident prediction is you will see a lot of FF media jumping on the SF bandwagon which will raise the owner perception of 49er values this off-season 


I know where you are coming from when mentioning Indy and TB, and I honestly agree there probably is not going to be a bad landing spot. 


Considerations though.......TB opted for another year of same-same and while it can work out for them I do not see them rising in FF perception without first proving it. If it doesn't go really well it seems likely Koetter will be shown the door. New coach, new system next year.


I'm not going to speculate much on Indy as they don't even have a coach yet and ownership seems a bit sketchy. I do kind of like the GM though. 

In Topic: 2018 offseason fantasy offer/trade thread

12 January 2018 - 03:15 PM


I agree with this take.  I believe in Barkley, so I would take the deal.  To me, potential landing spots aren't necessarily an issue... unless he ends up in NY (Jets).


1. Cleveland - They're going to take a QB, I'm pretty sure of that.  Which one?  I don't necessarily think that matters.

2. Giants - Barkley?  If so, he'll kill it his rookie season in a backfield with Eli and receivers that will not allow defenses to put 8 in the box.

3. Colts - Barkley?  Same as with the Giants.  Being paired with Luck and Hilton will allow for Barkley to produce instantly.

4. Cleveland - Barkley?  Probably not, but the Browns do have a good OLine.  The QB they take will have a better pedigree than Prescott did, and we saw what Elliott did in Dallas.

5. Denver - I don't see how they pass on a QB

6. Jets - Same as Denver, but unlike with Denver, I don't think the Jets have anything complimentary to Barkley.  I think Barkley would struggle here.

7. Tampa - Barkley?  I'd seriously bet against it.  They REALLY need a DE.  But, if he does end up in Tampa, the Bucs have enough complimentary talent where a player like Barkley could catapult their offense.

8. Bears - They have Howard, they don't need Barkely

9. San Francisco - Barkley?  If so, I see him having an excellent season with Garoppolo.

10. Oakland - Barkley?  Another landing spot where he should have no problem putting up big numbers.


Essentially, I think there are 8 out of 9 destinations where Barkley will be in a favorable situation.  I don't think he'll fall out of the top 10.



Hot take below


If Barkley lands in SF not only do I believe he is worth significantly more than DJ.............. but I think it will also become the prevailing opinion, and his ADP in dynasty startups will be higher than DJs prior to the start of this season.

In Topic: 2018 offseason fantasy offer/trade thread

11 January 2018 - 08:35 PM

I've been thinking it over. But I just can't seem to do it. I think it's a fair deal, but I just like DJ way too much.

The big wildcard IMO is where Barkley ends up and that makes it to tough for me personally to value short term at this point but I would take the deal on a roster that isn't quite ready for prime time, though I haven't personally had one of those for awhile.
I think Barkley is an elite, complete RB and the math is too overwhelming if that viewpoint is correct. 
Barkley is 20 yrs old, DJ 26, its not unrealistic to consider there is literally twice the career remaining or twice the dynasty value IF all things turn out to be equal, literally twice the value. Toss in Mixon and the math gives a lot of room for being slightly wrong on the eval as well.
I personally would trade Mixon because he isn't my cup of tea but almost guaranteed there is somebody looking to buy him low-ish in your league and I suspect you could get a strong piece for him, if not now, later. Cincy will make that OL a priority so I can see him being a trendy summer guy.
Someone is going to misunderstand, I'm not saying make the deal because of the ages, the eval is crucial............ if you don't believe in Barkley it's a no go.
If you do believe, the overall value offred is too strong not to take it on a roster where one is trying to get to a place of overwhelming force in the next few years.
If you have a roster that is already realistically top 3 for '18 in the league then I think you have to wait and hope the deal is still available when we have more info.
Where does Barkley land?
Who ends up coaching the Cards, who is the O.C., and who is the QB?
There are more questions on DJ's '18 projections than I see being given credit here in addition to Barkley unknowns.
Arians system-usage was ideal for pass catching RBs going back pre-DJ. A little less PPR usage and a little less scoring by the offense, a little less accurate QB would not be shocking. 
I know I'm going to get slammed, its hard to trade a known- top commodity (though as I say there are questions regarding DJ's projection as well).
All that said if you can get even more because everybody thinks its a slam dunk for the DJ side, even better. I'm not telling you Kopy or anybody else to make that deal, just saying I would. That's the fun, we all get to run our own teams.