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In Topic: TE Tim Wright traded to Patriots

Today, 10:28 AM

I always get 'em confused but it's the "H" vs "Y" - both TEs, one more "traditional"/physical, one more athletic/fast/quick/hands.

What makes Gronk such a freak is that he has more hands/athleticism that the typical "traditional" TE.

And if you can put both H and Y on the field at the same time and add in a legit outside WR, it's a matchup nightmare for opposing defenses.


Yeah, IDK on the letter designations could even be different depending on OC I've always referred to them as "in line" or "move" or if you prefer

Gruden- speak "move" becomes "joker".


Also, thanks!

In Topic: RG3 - What's The Deal Here? True Overall Value?

Today, 09:13 AM

if you've already drafted him in a league, id still hold.

in pending drafts, id be inclined to look a different direction.

around the same area, u can get russell wilson or kaep.

i was bullish on rg3 earlier on this offseason, but the preseason has me sorta concerned.

though the preseason is small sample size, he hasn't seemed to got progressively better in his decision making.


1000% agree, my sentiments exactly. I would add he plays right now like knows he is not getting it done and is pressing. I wouldn't cut bait or anything, but I also wouldn't be surprised if it got ugly in Wash after previously feeling like that O was a lock to be top 7 stats due to divisional shootouts and overall talent.  

In Topic: TE Tim Wright traded to Patriots

Yesterday, 10:02 PM

Have you watched how Green is being used. Or should I say....not used. It is going to take a serious injury to gates in order for him to even see the field. Wright on the other hand is going to a team that LOVES to run the twin te set and should be a pretty good bet to eclipse the numbers from his rookie year and possibly approach the numbers Hernandez put up in 2011 when he went for 900/7. Those are numbers Green is just not going to be able to approach.


Even with Green emerging last year as a good player Gates still managed 77 catches for 870 yards and 5 scores.


I have. I think an injury to Gates, or Green surpassing him at some point in the season, is more likely than Wright developing a role that provides FF value with the Pats this year.


Somehow the discussion took the slant solely of Wright's athletic prowess which I did speak to but that was a small part of my reasoning. Page back and check it out.


It takes pass catchers a long time in that system, if they are good. It took Gronk 2 off seasons and a year. It took Hernandez 2 off-seasons and a year. We are now 2 WEEKS from Game #1.


There have been numerous veteran WRs who have had success elsewhere but never got it. The temptation is to believe that the Pats made the trade for him, which I believe is false, the secondary conclusion is that if they traded for him they are going to use him this year, therefore he will have value. I have outlined the reasons I think its unlikely and that's all I was trying to do. Up to others to decide, I gave a divergent view from some of the other posts, that's all I wanted to do and its my last word on it. 


Edit: Incidentally, neither did I mean to make the post about comparing Wright and L. Green, I was using him because other posters mentioned the drop. I do not own L. Green in any leagues (and that's pretty hard I'm in a lot of leagues) and was not trying to pump him up or reacting to his being dropped emotionally. Wipe L. Green's name and insert any similar talented player who does not have a current role but has a path, I would not drop that high ceiling guy for something I just don't think is going to happen

In Topic: TE Tim Wright traded to Patriots

Yesterday, 09:42 PM

Of course, if you have a slot pick him up!


Even though you know my opinion of Wright when I saw the news I checked my dynasty leagues to see if he was available because I figured somebody would get hot for him when they read at some internet FF site how the Pats traded away a Probowl Oline player for a TE who could play the Hernandez roll. Trade value for me!


My point was that I don't think he is as good a bet to have actual productive value this year as a guy like L. Green would be because a few posters had mentioned the drop. I do not come here to bash players or posters, its just that when I first started using the internet to seek out FF information this was one of the 1st sites I came to and it was of great help to me. There were guys who were knowledgeable and were willing to share. I didn't post anything back then because I didn't have anything to share of value as a newb. There are some good posters here still, but it seems there are a great deal of lesser informed people who populate this site now regurgitating a few sentences of something they read and didn't really fully grasp let alone actual knowledge gained through experience or observation, then pass it off as help for others.


That's fine, everybody has the right but the reason I stop in and post occasionally is out of respect to the help I got way back when and to give something back now that I have attained a little bit of knowledge myself. Doesn't mean I'm going to be right but I usually try to give the reasons why and I honestly save my comments for situations where I think i have an edge and can help rather than think of myself as an expert on every team and every player.


By the way I'm NOT SAYING guys who watched Wright and think there is something there are absolutely wrong and I am right. I am sharing my observation and reasoning and there is room for more than one opinion, that's what makes FF fun!


In Topic: Travis Kelce is your starting TE? Check in here.

Yesterday, 09:14 PM

Guy 1 Fasano is the starter

Guy 2 Well Kelce will be the starter

Guy 1 KC needs the blocking help so its gotta be Fasano

Guy 2 Huh? KC has no one to catch the ball


Guess what? Both guys are right


KC will be playing 12 personnel regularly by week 4 IMO


Kelce is going to be in the slot and one of the top pass catching options, how targeted he becomes will depend on his efficiency and he is young and relatively inexperienced.


Sudfeld he is not. If Sudfeld had a dream about being superman he still wouldn't be close to Kelce in his dream.


The guy is a height-weight-strength prospect of the rarest kind. Truly Gronkian.