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In Topic: Putting the call in - T Williams and E Sanders both finish top 25

12 July 2014 - 09:45 PM

'I have a hard time valuing Sanders but not a hard time valuing the WR2 position in the Denver offense.  I'm targeting Sanders as my WR2 along with Williams/Cooks and then hedging my bet and taking Latimer a round or even two early.


This is not really hedging a bet in this case IMO. If anything there is a more reasonable chance the 2 could end up sharing snaps along the way rather than Latimer winning the job outright, in which case you end up with 2 marginal pieces.

Sanders value is going to come down to where he sits in the pecking order of targets, not whether he stays healthy or loses his job to Latimer so its not a clear handcuff that will necessarily have a significant benefit if the handcufee tanks.

I'm not saying the idea of taking one, the other, or even both is unreasonable, just not loving the hedge reasoning. 

Not hating just offering another point of view. I had the same thoughts and ruled it out.

In Topic: Putting the call in - T Williams and E Sanders both finish top 25

12 July 2014 - 10:10 AM

If I would have known you were after a song Mull we could have done business but it wasn't clear. 

I sing a mean version of "I like Big Butts"


It think Criper hit the nail on the head with very tough to project. I do think he is the kind of guy that if he starts off hot you want to sell him, he is defensible once people figure out how he will be used.

I'm not a "Latimer in 2014 guy" but Its very possible he takes red zone snaps away from Sanders at some point in the year.


That is, if Sanders even gets RZ snaps at the start, I could see them lining up big instead with a TE plus J.T. in the slot, flashing run with Ball and then play action to DT, JT.

In Topic: Cobb or Nelson?

08 July 2014 - 06:37 PM

There are receivers that are elite that dont have the eye popping measurables, and some of those you listed are definitely elite. My argument is specific to cobb. Nothing about him says elite. He is a solid receiver that gets pegged as one of the best receivers in the league, and a lot of people expect him to make the jump to top tier wrs.

A solid wr + rogers is always a recipe for success. I just dont get all the praise that seems to be put on his pure ability. He isnt THAT special of a wr to me.



 Well, the thing is he already made the jump. In 2012 when he was a part time player for the 1st part of the year he finished as WR 14 in the scoring of Zeal league which we are in together. 


In 2013 prior to the injury he was WR4 in PPG.


Incidentally this put him directly behind Antonio Brown who was WR3.

Antonio Brown is the same height and 6 lbs lighter.


Up there with them was D. Jackson who is the same height and 16 lbs lighter which might account for the fact that he is chicken ###### to go over the middle thus hurting his week-week consistency, Cobb doesn't have that issue.


Lots of smaller guys have been top FF WRS. I think Welker probably has as many WR1/2 YEARS as some of those big guys you mentioned combined.


Is it possible you are a prototypical size racist FBN?         :)



Or is it something else, I'm still waiting for your comprehensive "Cobb is meh" argument to break out my real big guns. 

In Topic: Cobb or Nelson?

08 July 2014 - 01:16 PM

I suddenly forgot what this thread was about...


I'm trying to bait FBN a little bit here. I have a few minutes for a solid debate right now. Hit me with your best "Cobb is meh" argument Beer Nuts.

In Topic: Cobb or Nelson?

08 July 2014 - 12:48 PM

Nelson. Cobb is very meh imo.


Cobb is meh in the same way Kate Upton doing the Cat Daddy is meh. After all her dancing skills are questionable.