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In Topic: Just took Calvin #1 in my money league ...

Yesterday, 04:44 PM

I don't see this team as rough a some of you guys do. If I'm understanding the OP on scoring system as 6pts for TD passes then its perfectly feasible that Stafford would be a 2nd round pick. 


So I'm guessing he went 






Floyd    (I'm assuming Michael here)


That's not awful. There are significant risks in here for sure, I'm not a CJ guy, don't know if Ertz is going to be the breakout FF scorer in that O, etc but I understand where he was coming from and I think you guys are being too harsh. In fact I'd go out on a limb and say its better than 50-50 he makes the playoffs. Love to see him come back after the season and tell us how it turned out.  

In Topic: The Skinny Addition

29 August 2014 - 11:55 AM

I've been playing Fantasy Football for over 20+ years and won multiple championships in my league.

If there's a 10 point rating system on my football knowledge, i would be a 12.


So go ahead if you have any questions, i'll answer them with the best of my abilities. 




I have a big picture question worthy of your breadth of knowledge with consideration your many years of FF experience.


What implications do you see the new emphasis on DB contact after 5 yds having on FF this year......... and into the future if it sticks?


I have been thinking a lot about this myself and I think it could have both redraft and dynasty implications but I love having the opportunity to ask someone else who has a long window of watching changes in the NFL effect the FF landscape over time. Plus I think the question fits OK here with respect to the complaint regarding "a little help board". 

In Topic: TE Tim Wright traded to Patriots

27 August 2014 - 10:28 AM

I always get 'em confused but it's the "H" vs "Y" - both TEs, one more "traditional"/physical, one more athletic/fast/quick/hands.

What makes Gronk such a freak is that he has more hands/athleticism that the typical "traditional" TE.

And if you can put both H and Y on the field at the same time and add in a legit outside WR, it's a matchup nightmare for opposing defenses.


Yeah, IDK on the letter designations could even be different depending on OC I've always referred to them as "in line" or "move" or if you prefer

Gruden- speak "move" becomes "joker".


Also, thanks!

In Topic: RG3 - What's The Deal Here? True Overall Value?

27 August 2014 - 09:13 AM

if you've already drafted him in a league, id still hold.

in pending drafts, id be inclined to look a different direction.

around the same area, u can get russell wilson or kaep.

i was bullish on rg3 earlier on this offseason, but the preseason has me sorta concerned.

though the preseason is small sample size, he hasn't seemed to got progressively better in his decision making.


1000% agree, my sentiments exactly. I would add he plays right now like knows he is not getting it done and is pressing. I wouldn't cut bait or anything, but I also wouldn't be surprised if it got ugly in Wash after previously feeling like that O was a lock to be top 7 stats due to divisional shootouts and overall talent.  

In Topic: TE Tim Wright traded to Patriots

26 August 2014 - 10:02 PM

Have you watched how Green is being used. Or should I say....not used. It is going to take a serious injury to gates in order for him to even see the field. Wright on the other hand is going to a team that LOVES to run the twin te set and should be a pretty good bet to eclipse the numbers from his rookie year and possibly approach the numbers Hernandez put up in 2011 when he went for 900/7. Those are numbers Green is just not going to be able to approach.


Even with Green emerging last year as a good player Gates still managed 77 catches for 870 yards and 5 scores.


I have. I think an injury to Gates, or Green surpassing him at some point in the season, is more likely than Wright developing a role that provides FF value with the Pats this year.


Somehow the discussion took the slant solely of Wright's athletic prowess which I did speak to but that was a small part of my reasoning. Page back and check it out.


It takes pass catchers a long time in that system, if they are good. It took Gronk 2 off seasons and a year. It took Hernandez 2 off-seasons and a year. We are now 2 WEEKS from Game #1.


There have been numerous veteran WRs who have had success elsewhere but never got it. The temptation is to believe that the Pats made the trade for him, which I believe is false, the secondary conclusion is that if they traded for him they are going to use him this year, therefore he will have value. I have outlined the reasons I think its unlikely and that's all I was trying to do. Up to others to decide, I gave a divergent view from some of the other posts, that's all I wanted to do and its my last word on it. 


Edit: Incidentally, neither did I mean to make the post about comparing Wright and L. Green, I was using him because other posters mentioned the drop. I do not own L. Green in any leagues (and that's pretty hard I'm in a lot of leagues) and was not trying to pump him up or reacting to his being dropped emotionally. Wipe L. Green's name and insert any similar talented player who does not have a current role but has a path, I would not drop that high ceiling guy for something I just don't think is going to happen