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In Topic: Has Eddie Lacy gained too much weight in the NFL?

26 January 2016 - 08:45 AM


So you are a troll looking for laughs? 

Much like a majority of people in this thread.

More people are able to provide jokes then actual football discussion.


All good AR!


I was trying to provide info but maybe you missed it due to my posting style. My impression was when you said "I'm glad to see the news of him taking it seriously, means he will be back to being studly." that you thought from reading the news that Lacy had made a commitment of some sort. I didn't read it that way at all and that was the reason for my post and was the opening sentence "It's not yet clear that Lacy wants to get into shape."



If you read through both the article and the analysis he isn't yet committed. It could happen, it should happen, we hope it will happen, but not yet. I was pointing out this discrepancy from your take. I think that fully qualifies as adding to the discussion since others who don't read through could easily have gotten the wrong impression from your take.


I tend to comment with a style not all appreciate, but over time I think many do appreciate what I add to discussions of football because I tend to add a 2nd look with a bit more nuance and try back up my own take with facts that may cause the reader to examine their own thought process. I'm not here very often, only parts of the year, and you will see I don't have a huge number of posts because not everything strikes my fancy and my posts can quite lengthy. The length often has much more to do with data or theory than jokes. I think you may have more posts in a couple of weeks than I make over a couple of years.


I apologize if you took offense, but you are most definitely taking my intent the wrong way, please go back and read our discourse here and I think you will see my end much more football and thought laden than you seem to be characterizing it. Not everybody appreciates my wit which is cool because I'm only trying to make myself laugh to be totally honest. I'm going take a break from coming here though, maybe see you guys after the combine.

In Topic: Has Eddie Lacy gained too much weight in the NFL?

26 January 2016 - 07:03 AM


So people mock him for being fat then mock him for wanting to get in shape?

I guess some sad people who cant discuss football rather go down that road.


I'm glad to see the news of him taking it seriously, means he will be back to being studly.

Then all of you prisoner of the moment people will be ####ing him off again. 


It's not yet clear that Lacy wants to get into shape. Its only clear that level of his "fatness" is high profile enough that Horton thinks he may be able to parlay Eddie losing weight into reinvigorating P90X as a brand so has contacted him in hopes of the free advertising that would be generated.


Lacy did call back but hasn't made any committed yet. We can all hope. My understanding is cheese filled Cronuts is one of most addictive substances on the planet and I'm praying for Eddie. Good day!  :)

In Topic: 2016 Off-Season Dynasty Trades

25 January 2016 - 09:13 AM

Forte, K Carey, 1.11 and 2.08 for Hillman, CJ Anderson, Perriman and 3.06. Thoughts?


My thought is its like a Rorschach test, some will see one thing some another. Some could like Perriman and think he is undervalued, maybe contenders like Forte as a dice roll pending location. 1.11 don't see how anybody could really know yet......... this will all be a lot easier to evaluate in a couple of months but it seems like a coin flip-shuffle the deck move to me at this time. 


Future events which are currently unknowable will have a big impact on the value of the deal, somebody will win and think they were smart

In Topic: 2016 Off-Season Dynasty Trades

24 January 2016 - 10:58 AM

Recent offers I've heard about or received or made: Cam for Big Ben/Jordy Thoughts?


I see where this became a completed deal. I think its a good deal for both teams. The Big Ben side had no near term picks to improve the roster and already had a competitive roster so its a nice  "2 starter for 1 trade for him near term" which improves his 2016 push. The owner on the Cam side has a young powerhouse squad with strong young WRs, so consolidating into Cam made a lot of sense for a window 2-5 yrs out. Not that his squad isn't capable of winning this year..... he would just need the young WRs to grow up immediately and that can and does happen.

In Topic: 2016 Off-Season Dynasty Trades

24 January 2016 - 10:51 AM

Yeah i wouldnt give up that much. I was actually told by someone that Leveon Bell isnt worth a 1st round rookie pick straight up.... huh?



Yikes! We all have different opinions on players and I don't blame anybody for having an "outside the box" valuation on any one guy but the only way I could see that  personally is if somebody just questions Bell's ability to come back from the knee surgery with anywhere near the same level of effectiveness going forward. I have played with guys who just don't want to roster RBs/WRs who have had a knee surgery............. and they were good owners, just wanted to stay away from those guys based on the uncertainty of not only the near term rehab but also fear of future injuries.......sort of like the idea of a player who has 1 strike against for drug policy infraction, they only get so many strikes.