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In Topic: Jerick McKinnon to the 49ers

Today, 06:43 PM

It's a Shanny RB. Of course you buy. The dude has done wonders for every guy he's had as an OC on. And a lot of these dudes did well in PPR.

Steve Slaton
Ryan Torain
Alfred Morris.
Coleman and Freeman



I hear you and believe are correct. I don't disagree that the starter, whomever it may be in a given week will score points in SF.


Its the other thing to remember about a Shannahn RBs that cautions me.........they are just as likely to come out of nowhere as they are to be the original anointed one.


Go back over that list and a more comprehensive one, or just jog your own memory if you have been around awhile. Many successful Shanny starters displaced whoever had been the expected starter at some point in the year ..........and contract be damned as well in those cases. If McKinnon is the starter he better be prepared and capable to bring it every week. 


Cheaper might be better all things considered. 

In Topic: Jerick McKinnon to the 49ers

Today, 10:27 AM

Mickinnon is nothing special, but his talents fit this rb friendly system perfectly. A more talented, in his prime Matt Forte esc type back would be better, but this will do. Hyde was a complete misfit for the system and they still made highly productive. Also, not my money so I don't care about that.



I've owned Mckinnon in dynasty on and off for many years.


He actually IS (or at least WAS based on NFL combine metrics) a special athlete. We seldom got a glimpse of his athleticism translating to regular production at the NFL level prior to last year and the reasons were always unclear. There was an all-world RB in front of him of course that didn't ever want to come off the field, but hard to believe the OCs couldn't have figured something out for him to comprise a regular significant role, esp given APs lack of passing game production. 


There were also opportunities and expectations for JM to seize a feature role and succeed when AP was hurt, but it never seemed to happen. I remember him getting dinged time and again and slowed when I expected a breakout game and him looking overmatched running between the tackles.


I think the talent is very real and Shanahan will figure out a way to utilize him in space that translates to FF production. I am skeptical however JM will sustain feature role production for any length of time, as he seems to have been unable to sustain his athletic advantage while dinged in the past. And the dings came quickly when utilized previous to last year 


Past results are no guarantee of future performance, maybe he stays healthy from here on out and is a RB1 this year, but I think with the way the RB depth chart looks now I'd rather buy Breida at his low price than buy McKinnon at his price. If I did draft or somehow end up with McKinnon I'd be sure to buy Breida as an insurance policy. 


If the 49ers draft an early down RB pounder, I'd still be in on Breida over McKinnon (at relative prices), but if they draft a 3rd down RB before the mid rounds or an all purpose RB in round 2 all bets are off. 

In Topic: Ravens dump Ryan Grant, sign Crabtree

16 March 2018 - 05:24 PM

Crabtree drops down some on my list.

I don't like this matchup.

Ps congrats UNR big win over Texas.



I'm gonna take the other side.................'Tree moves up for me...........AND onto my priority target list because I sense from the mixed reaction here now the summer crowd is going to be meh on Balt passing game and Crabtree will return solid value from where he will be going in drafts.


Pinkie finger credibility bet Crabtree outperforms ADP in '18 MR Paws?


I'm not saying to draft Flacco. I'm saying people are correct there was no passing game in '17 but what they will be missing is Crabtree WILL BE THE PASSING GAME now that he is there.

In Topic: 2018 offseason fantasy offer/trade thread

16 March 2018 - 12:15 PM

No, but his only other TE is Greg Olsen. And I think Olsens retirement talk today scared him.

That said. The Kelce owner also has Delanie Walker and Jonnu Smith. So while good this year, they could be in the same position themselves next year.


I love Kelce more than most IMO, and for a good long while now, but I think the MT side of that trade is decidedly better in a dynasty, start 3WR (at least) format with no TE premium scoring.................but what say you Kopy?

In Topic: 2018 offseason fantasy offer/trade thread

16 March 2018 - 09:44 AM

In strict dynasty roster value terms I'd take the MT side of that trade unequivocally. I think MTs style transcends Brees and he will be productive with his next QB. MT is 4 yrs younger than Kelce, not even in his prime vs Kelce who is in his prime and maybe has a 3yr window at a position that tends to break down earlier than WR for high touch players.


That said, I get the deal for an owner who is otherwise set at WR and just needs the cherry on top of differentiation at TE to make a dominant run.


Is it a TE premy league?