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In Topic: Expanding the # of teams in the NFL playoffs.... terrible idea....

19 March 2014 - 06:09 PM

Alright we are here on an FF board so somebody explain this to me, and I am serious about this, how can people who play in 12 team ff leagues where 6 teams make the playoffs get upset about expanding the NFL playoff system. If its Ok for your league why not the NFL?


6-7 teams or 5-8 teams make the playoffs all the time in FF, I've even seen 5-7-1. Not only do they make it, but the teams they are matched against in the playoffs who have much better records do not even get an advantage in most leagues such as the homefield in the NFL.


Isn't this hypocritical?


Please tell me why I'm wrong. Incidentally I've always liked the idea of no more than 4 teams making the playoffs in a 12 team league but just never wanted to rock the boat on that particular issue.

I've done my share of rocking so I have to be careful not to capsize whole leagues.  :wave:

In Topic: Cam Newton Out 4 Months - Ankle Surgery

18 March 2014 - 03:42 PM

I've always been a little bit low on Cam relative to his FF production so I never ended up with him in any leagues but last year during the little bit of football I was able to watch I thought he had improved in some of my areas of concern. The throws seemed a bit more on target and his body language and attitude seemed better. I was a bit torn between the idea he may have developed and the idea it was just that the Panthers were winning so in 2013 there were few struggles to test him.

Cam will be on my do not draft list this year for sure with all that has happened but it will be a great test to see if he has developed in the area of leaderership.

In Topic: 2014 off season dynasty and keeper thread

17 March 2014 - 11:51 AM

why would you be concerned about Romo ? He could have had 35 TD's and 5000 yards if he didn't get hurt. Now he gets Staffords old OC and has his  killer receiver group.


I would be satisfied with Romo as a starter in every league I am in this year.  


Not overwhelmed with joy, not bubbling with expectation, not elated with anticipation.


Fully satisfied is an underrated emotion you cannot fully appreciate until you can't get none



In Topic: 2014 off season dynasty and keeper thread

12 March 2014 - 10:04 AM

So far FA has given my Dynasty team a little boost. My RBs were garbage when i took over last year.....Jackie Battle. Evan Royster. Felix Jones.


I drafted Andre Ellington late last year, and picked up Khiry Robinson, Latavius Murray and Toby Gerhart as stashes late in the season. So far, the FF Gods have been kind to me.


Andre Ellington: Rashad Mendenhall retires, ensuring at the least a time share with Stepfan Taylor

Khiry Robinson: The Saints are openly trying to get rid of Sproles and Thomas, leaving Robinson and Mark Ingram to duke it out.

Toby Gerhart: Just signed with the Jags, and with that contract will be given every opportunity to be the starter.

Latavius Murray: Rashad Jennings signed with the Giants, leaving only He Who Is Made Of Glass between him and starting.


Now if i can just get Ryan Mallett traded to the Texans.....


Congrats! That is a ton of roster value gained in one offseason dude.

In Topic: 2014 off season dynasty and keeper thread

12 March 2014 - 10:02 AM

Me too. I believe that Mathews is 3xs the talent that Donald Brown is. But what a wierd signing by the chargers when you still have R.M. and Woodhead.

Not to sure what this is gonna mean for carries?


I think this signing is similar to the Greene signing by Titans last year from the Chargers standpoint. Flakeout insurance against the starter for 2014 and isn't Mathews in a contract year?

So they make sure something is in the cupboard for 2015 also. I disagree on the talent disparity as it seemed it clicked for Brown last year as well and the PFF grades show it beyond the FF relevance.

Unlike Greene last year I do think Brown is a serious threat for significant carries this year even if Mathews stays healthy but at least Mathews can't possibly have any greater motivation at this point.