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In Topic: 2017 Off-Season Dynasty Trades

Yesterday, 03:45 PM

traded pick 1.09 for Kelce


26 man rosters... keep everyone, no contracts or anything...  need  a tight end


very cheap IMO, nice trade for you...........if you needed a TE you should have been made to pay more for a clear top guy, in his prime no less

In Topic: Todd Gurley 2017

Yesterday, 03:04 PM

"Rams coach Sean McVay expects to use Lance Dunbar as a third-down back.

Dunbar should have a role similar to Chris Thompson in Washington. It's a downgrade to Todd Gurley's outlook, with Dunbar likely to play in all pass situations. Dunbar was phased out in Dallas last year, but averaged five catches per game before going down in 2015."
Full ESPN article

In Topic: Vikings sign Latavius Murray

24 March 2017 - 04:36 PM

I looked around but couldn't find anything other than he ran a 4.5 back at his pro day. He certainly didn't look slow in games I watched at the end of last year, and had considerably more pop between the tackles than Washington. JR was undrafted while DWash went in the 5th or 6th iirc so it's not like he's competing with a 1st rounder.


Yep, I'm gonna agree with Ralphster on that point. JR may not have a great speed/size ratio, but I don't think he is too slow. He actually plays a lot faster than his time would indicate because his cuts are quick and crisp and he has above average acceleration. I don't know if he's big enough to claim a feature RB role and I like Dwash to develop as a better passing down RB eventually so not arguing JR is the man, but I don't think speed is going to be something holding him back. 

In Topic: Doug Orth's NFL Draft Player Profiles

22 March 2017 - 08:36 PM

Kind of like Tyreek Hill?


I have to admit, I didn't see much of KC last year so I'm not sure. Was he a regular starter or only in certain packages? 

In Topic: Doug Orth's NFL Draft Player Profiles

22 March 2017 - 05:27 PM

There is a good chance that his OC does have his head up his ass, like many OCs, and doesn't use him right. Like you said, his best use may be out of the slot more as a receiver. I like his value better as long as his designation remains rb.

I doubt any team tries to feature him as a between the tackles type runner. Devonta Freeman only weighed 4 more pounds coming out of college (I am still baffled by that dudes success), and he has held up. Although he must have a freakish ability to remain healthy.


Devonta is only 5'9 and 210..........5 lbs heavier but more importantly, squatly built..........as one notable commentator likes to say, "...... he is all hair and ass." Its a very different body build to my eyes, as is Woodhead for that matter, who is 5' 7 ish but weighs the same as the 5' 11 McCaffrey. 


I'm sure guys are going to be confused by my H-back comments or more likely think I'm clueless, but I'm not suggesting he would be what we currently think of as a traditional H-back. For a time, when we thought of slot WR we all thought of Wes Welker types who could use quickness and agility to get open underneath....until Marcus Colston came along and we saw there could be more than 1 body type with different uses of the same position.


I'm thinking of him more as an offensive weapon (which has mostly been code word for can't figure out how to use him so far in the NFL) which plays H-back.


Anyway I think as an H-back he would allow my team to keep its primary RB on the field, which I would prefer to do. In my hypothetical offense the sacrifice of blocking you would normally see from an H-back could be made up........sometimes you are motioning him out and by design taking a tackler out of the play. He could be used on reverses, jet sweeps, and screens........ and of course for the other routes you normally see an H-back running.


If a team would use him as an OW at least part time instead of trying primarily as a RB, I would be more confident of his future FF success........this is a tough rookie class to justify using a top half of the first round rookie draft pick. If "my" team has a package we run with him as an OW/HB and we use him as our obvious passing situation RB, 3rd and long-two minute drill, catch up mode..........then maybe I can justify taking him where is going to end up going in rookie drafts but I suspect we would be paying for reward ceiling without sufficiently accounting for the risk floor.