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In Topic: Instant Fantasy Analysis - TE Evan Engram, Giants

28 April 2017 - 05:27 PM

I'm a NYG fan - and I was very surprised they went with Engram over Njoku...  At least Njoku could help block edge rushers / blitzers.


It made sense to me..............Engram already does one thing very well and there is a window with Eli. 


Engram is a natural pass catcher IMO and Njoku is not. Njoku has the higher upside as a complete TE but if you need a screwdriver and its sitting there in front of you, no need to go looking for the cordless drill multi-tool which is cool but would take more time

In Topic: Instant Fantasy Analysis - TE O.J. Howard, Bucs

28 April 2017 - 05:07 PM

My prediction for Howard (which was admittedly very optimistic) is/was based on two things: Howard is well ahead of most rookie tight ends and Winston loves throwing to his tight ends. If the Bucs go heavy with two-tight personnel, then Howard probably isn't going to reach Brate's 2016 numbers. If the Bucs go more three-wide, then I think my rookie projection of Howard may not be far off.


Per PFF below, and I personally expect this number to go way up with the addition of Howard.......OJ motioning, lining up at H-back, out wide, in the slot, and yes in-line too.....the tape vs Auburn is a good approximation of how he will be used IMO, its all right there no projecting how he will translate necessary. 




How much does the arrival of O.J. Howard hurt Cameron Brate? The Buccaneers used multi-TE sets on 29% of snaps in 2016 (NFL average = 20%)

In Topic: Instant Fantasy Analysis - TE David Njoku, Browns

28 April 2017 - 01:30 PM

I don't think I said anything about Barnidge "mentoring" him and I purposely avoid that phrase in 99 percent of my writing b/c most veterans who believe they have more than a year left aren't going to be all that receptive to training their replacement, or at least not giving him all of the tricks of the trade. Njoku is a special talent. Now, it is up to Cleveland to make it pay off.


UPDATE: Barnidge was just released.


You didn't, that was me thinking out loud. One of the things I always consider with a prospect who is clearly not fully developed, is how conducive the environment is to continued learning. I do not know the Browns staff well enough to know if there are suitable teachers for the TE position. The position coach who is truly able to coach up a player like a Rod Marinelli with lineman or Wrs like a Ricky Proehl (before he left Car) is rare. Many position coaches are in reality group leaders relaying information from the coordinator and head coach level and facilitating players day to day situation. Players can and do get coached up by vet players who have the inclination, sometimes at the same position, sometimes with a vet QB like Peyton, but you are certainly correct that many have no interest. Players also seek out and obtain learning from one another on different teams as well such as Larry Fitz' summer camp. Its a tall order to expect even highly talented players athletes to learn what they need to be successful right away if they are not steered in the right direction.

Barnidge being released facilitates another of the requirements for development which is meaningful reps at the position,,,,,,,though I'd still keep an eye out for Seth Devalve in '17 personally. 

In Topic: Instant Fantasy Analysis - TE O.J. Howard, Bucs

28 April 2017 - 10:26 AM


Brate is a very good blocker and pass catcher... no matter what Howard brings, it will be a downgrade.  Brate's numbers last year are better than what any rookie TE has EVER done.  There's a 0% chance that in 2017, the Bucs offense would be better than it could have been with Brate and a slot WR than they will be with a 2 TE set.  TE's always take time to adjust to the NFL, so any upgrade he provides won't happen until later in the season.  I don't doubt he could be great, but as I said, from a Buccaneers (not fantasy), perspective, he's a luxury pick that Tampa really isn't in a position to afford.


Agreed, I like Brate as an NFL player he is a hard worker, has good hands, and is an efficient pass catcher. There is not that much space between what we are saying. I do not think Brate posses the athletic upside Howard does in the future though, and I suspect plan A is to have both on the field at the same time. I think Koetter would prefer to set up the pass using the run rather than the reverse.


The primary difference in our opinion comes down to whether a slot WR can do the things Howard can..................take a look at these clips vs Auburn (whose athletes are nothing to sneeze at). TB might need a Hines Ward as their slot WR in order to be as effective. In fact........................... that's my new comp for what I think Howard can be as a difference maker to an NFL offense...........Hines Ward.




Also FWIW looking at these clips understand this is a single game..............then tell me why some people say Howard was not a focal point of the offense. Those people only look at stats not film, Howard was crucial to EVERYTHING they were trying to do in his time there. He was possibly THE focal point depending how you look at it.

In Topic: Instant Fantasy Analysis - RB Christian McCaffrey, Panthers

28 April 2017 - 10:10 AM

    I do not like this location for what I perceive him to be. There are a lot of smart people who think he can be a RB that thrives running inside regularly at the NFL level and from his comments the Panthers GM is in that contingent. The comparisons to Curtis Martin foretell the initial intent will be to use him in a way that I don't think he will likely to stay healthy. Cam Newton is not an accurate passer that can take full advantage of Mac's ability to rack up R.A.C. and I don't consider the OC to be among the best in football at tactical game planning.


On the other hand, respecting Cam as a running threat means that backside LB can't cheat and Cmac should have ample opportunity to take advantage of running lanes...which he definitely will. Its not all bad, and if I turn out to be wrong about his body he could be a home run. I personally moved him down on the landing spot, but I get it for those who don't, I just diverge on his ideal usage.