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Justin Blackmon SUSPENSION legnth Poll

16 March 2014 - 04:32 PM

I saw Justin Blackmon listed as a "buy" by at least 1 person in another thread which along with a Rotoworld blurb a few days ago got me to thinking.

How long do people think his current suspension from the NFL will last?


I am sometimes a "buyer" of select risk such as AP the year after he was hurt a couple of years ago, Gronk coming back from his injuries last year etc. 

I'm not sure how to quantify or calculate the risk with Blackmon in 2014 redraft but at this point I'm more curious about what the general community thinks the legnth of his suspension will be if you had to guess.


Please play along and give me a guesstimation, no research necessary or even desired.



To be clear the idea here I'm not looking for anyone's legal opinion just trying to get an idea of what the "market" perception is of the FF community