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Eli Manning, scammer? Not a good look

13 April 2017 - 03:35 PM

I can't tell the difference between fake news and the real thing any more but if this is real its not a good look for Eli and I think it could actually turn into a pretty big deal for somebody, if not him. Steiner was the biggest, not sure if they still are................ just  depending how far people want to push this it could include potentially federal crimes including mail fraud IMO. As a former dealer/collector...appalling.






‘Proof’ Eli Manning was in on Giants memorabilia scheme



"Giants quarterback Eli Manning was in on a scheme to sell phony game-worn gear — sending an email asking the team’s equipment manager for “helmets that can pass as game used,” according to blockbuster court papers obtained by The Post.

The legal filing also alleges that Big Blue failed to produce the smoking-gun request — sent from Manning’s old-school AOL account to an official NFL account — even though “they claim to have no document destruction policy.”

But Manning turned over the incriminating email last week in connection with a civil racketeering suit that accuses him, his team and others of conspiring to fleece collectors of authentic athletic uniforms worn on the playing field.

Manning’s email is contained in a pair of exchanges that allegedly began when his marketing agent, Alan Zucker, asked Manning to supply “2 game used helmets and 2 game used jerseys” as per the two-time Super Bowl MVP’s contract with memorabilia dealer Steiner Sports.

Several hours after Zucker sent the request on April 27, 2010, Giants equipment manager Joe Skiba sent Manning an email saying: “Let me know what your looking for I’ll try to get something down for you…,” court papers say.

“2 helmets that can pass as game used. That is it. Eli,” Manning allegedly responded from his BlackBerry at 2:08 p.m.

At 2:25 p.m., Manning wrote back to Zucker, saying: “Should be able to get them for tomorrow.”

“Thanks Eli,” Zucker responded.

The emails were filed Tuesday in New Jersey’s Bergen County Superior Court by three memorabilia collectors who are suing the Giants, Manning, Skiba, Steiner and others, including team co-owner and CEO John Mara.

In related court papers, plaintiffs’ lawyer Brian Brook alleges that the emails prove “Manning was looking to give non-game-used helmets to Steiner to satisfy — fraudulently — his contractual obligation.”

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“Since it appears that the Giants failed to preserve any emails between Manning and Joe Skiba, and the Giants are keeping Skiba on the payroll and paying his substantial legal bills, the above email exchange may be the only direct evidence that Manning knowingly gave fraudulent helmets to Steiner for sale to fans,” Brook added.

On Thursday, Brook told The Post that the Giants “have not clearly addressed the issue” of the emails between Manning and Skiba that the team didn’t turn over.

Brook further alleged that “it appears to be the case that someone at the Giants organization deleted” those emails, as well as another, previously disclosed 2008 exchange.

In those emails, Skiba allegedly admitted to plaintiff Eric Inselberg that Manning had asked him to create “BS” versions of a game-used helmet and jersey because Manning “didnt want to give up the real stuff.”

“The first we have since Eric saved it on his AOL account and the second we have since Eli apparently saved it on his AOL account,” Brook said.

“I do give Eli and his lawyers credit for not destroying evidence.”

The Giants, Manning and Steiner did not immediately respond to requests for comment."



Off-season dynasty, worst offer recieved

08 April 2017 - 02:38 PM

My official worst offer received of the off-season..........so far anyway



Michael Thomas was the 7th highest scoring WR in this league, he is 22 yrs old, uninjured, and his situation seems to have gotten even better with trade of Cooks.  Thomas is going in the 1st round of dynasty startups at this point.


Those are rookie picks 2.12 and 3.02 being offered, not startup picks.



Whatcha got?

Torrey Smith released, where will he land?

06 March 2017 - 04:58 PM

According to reports he will be released. Gotta figure any team looking at Djax has to consider Smith as well.


I think he may go from undrafted in early off-season drafts to a trendy sleeper as high as the 8th/9th round with the right landing spot by the time summer rolls.


What say you?

Colts lose coin flip, Chris Ballard on hot seat?

03 March 2017 - 11:57 AM

The Colts will now pick behind the Eagles at 15 after losing the coin flip to the Eagles who will pick 14th.


I know he was just recently hired but clearly the franchise is going backwards so far in his term.


Fans expect immediate improvement, losing coin flips is no way to go through life son.  

Help me win the NFL playoff challenge AND beat Doug Orth

04 February 2017 - 05:58 PM

I am in 1165th place (out of maybe 500k entries) but I have most of my lineup at 4x since they started in week 1 of the competition, think maybe I have a shot) I got Atl / NE right as finalists and worked backward from there picking players. 


I did not choose a Falcon or Patriot for my RB2 and TE slots because I thought Bell could total more than any RB in 3 rounds, so was willing to accept a 1x RB in this final round. If Bell had played much in the AFC divisional round it would have worked better but I'm probably still OK.


I was going with the same thought at TE and thinking about a different guy in every round but after I swung and missed on Fiedrowicz in round 1 I switched to Martellus meaning he is only 3x this round for me. If he doesn't score much again it won't matter.


So who do I choose as my RB2 (Freeman is already set at 4x) .............. Dion Lewis or Tevin Coleman. Blount probably doesn't make sense as he is the highest owned and probably lots have him at 4X meaning I'd be falling behind by picking him.


And, do I switch out of Martellus at 3x, into Hopper or Toilolo 1x just hoping for a lightning strike knowing its doubtful many entrants have one of those two at 4x.



So 1 RB and TE...............please and thank you



As a secondary consideration I would love to outscore Doug Orth since my dynasty league, named after this site, and containing many board participants tried very hard to recruit him for an opening last year but he declined. He declined gracefully and with class, but I still wouldn't mind sticking it to the man.   :)


(It looks like Doug is sitting on 599 points total so far and I'm at 615, only lineup differences is he will have Blount at 4x against whoever I go with at 1x band he has Bennett at 4x while I have him at 3x............if only Bell hadn't gotten hurt early in the game I'd be well ahead)