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  1. Torn

    Two possible changes for 2019?

    For Morgan (Talent Scout) - Votes NO to move to 5 keepers - strong opinion that he built his trades and roster with a 4 keeper limit in mind. He's fine with it for 2020, but doesn't want to change for 2019. He would be out if this changed. Votes YES for NA slot - he noted that he's never been in a keeper league that didn't have one (or an equivalent method to hide a prospect/suspended player).
  2. ... it's time to start looking towards the next Fantasy Baseball season! I have received some sad news that JMU88 and Tucker will not be rejoining this season, so we are down two managers. So, I'd like to see how deep of a hole we are in and take a roll call for the remaining managers. If you happen to know a possible replacement or two, please let me/us know! Referrals are always the preferred way to bring someone new into the mix. IN: Torn, Ghost, Happyharry, Strombn, Kysar, WhiteWonder, Godfather, Gratefulted (via text) OUT: JMU88, Tucker TENTATIVE: Talent Scout
  3. Torn


    I came so close to choking with a significant lead heading into the final day. Still came up short in the end, again... Sigh...
  4. I have received a couple of requests for 2019 changes and wanted to get them out there for consideration.... 1. Change keeper count from 4 to 5 ... Since the first 60 plyers drafted can't be kept anyway, it rewards good drafting/roster management - as always, this is a max #, so fewer than 5 can be held as well. VOTES - 4 for YES, 2 for NO 2. Add a "NA" slot to the rosters so a favorite prospect can be held on to without sucking up a bench spot. VOTES - 2 for YES, 4 for NO
  5. My thanks to posty for keeping the records going. It's great to see the long history of the league captured with this much detail. Greatly appreciated!
  6. I have submitted all lineups on the Yahoo League site and we should be ready to start the season! Please take a moment to ensure I captured your team accurately. Let me know via this thread or by text if I mistakenly added an incorrect player to your team. (Make sure you look one day ahead on the calendar to see your populated team list.) Good luck!
  7. Torn

    2018 Complete Draft

    Thanks, posty! I added in the final 2 selections...
  8. Torn

    Rounds 29 & 30: DONE

    Proxy for Varga 30.12 -- David Peralta, OF, ARI
  9. Torn

    Rounds 29 & 30: DONE

    Proxy for Kysar 30.04 -- Joe Smith, RP, HOU
  10. Torn

    2018 - Draft Discussion

    As we wrap up this season's draft, I just wanted to take a moment to thank everyone for their efforts to get this done with time to spare! I know we hit a few snags along the way, but overall, everyone came through in the clutch! Good luck to all this season!
  11. Torn

    Rounds 29 & 30: DONE

    30.03 - Adam Duvall, OF, CIN I just couldn't let him go undrafted...
  12. Torn

    Rounds 29 & 30: DONE

    Proxy for FoulLine: 30.02 -- Bo Bichette, SS, TOR
  13. Torn

    Rounds 29 & 30: DONE

    Proxy for FoulLine: 29.11 - Triston McKenzie, SP, CLE
  14. Torn

    Rounds 29 & 30: DONE

    29.10 -- Zach Britton, RP, BAL Stash and see...
  15. Torn

    Rounds 29 & 30: DONE

    Proxy for Kysar: 29.09 -- Max Kepler, OF, MIN