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  1. LotsOfMonkeys


    Seems like this league was in doubt pretty much right up until the NFL preseason last year. What's the prognosis this year? If we play, I'm definitely in. But I'm just wondering how much effort I should put in.
  2. LotsOfMonkeys

    Trades 2018

    Everyone should check their trade inbox regularly.
  3. LotsOfMonkeys

    As the 2018 draft starts...

    Don't worry. You get used to it after awhile. Worm I sent you a different offer. If you could accept or decline it soon that would be swell.I need to know what direction to go with my next pick. Edit: wrong owner
  4. LotsOfMonkeys

    As the 2018 draft starts...

    Since that trade created a 5th open roster spot for me can I get my 5th round pick?
  5. LotsOfMonkeys

    As the 2018 draft starts...

    I've got a bunch if trade offers out...you guys should click the trades tab every now and then
  6. LotsOfMonkeys

    2018 Season

    Thats why i asked....the site says he has to be listed as IR before he can be deactivated. Not sure why the Chargers wouldnt have put him on IR already, they get unlimited spots dont they? And its not like he is going to make some miraculous recovery.
  7. LotsOfMonkeys

    2018 Season

    Im pretty sure its any player not on a roster.
  8. LotsOfMonkeys

    2018 Season

    Hey did we ever decide about putting players on IR before the draft? The vote in the poll on the 2017 site was 4-3 in favor of allowing it, with a couple of votes for zucchini. Is that enough to pass the rule? I'd like to put Hunter Henry on the DL if possible.
  9. Carson Richardson Alllsion Cole Godwin Hollins Hooper All on the block. Mix and match to your hearts content.
  10. LotsOfMonkeys

    2018 Season

    Im not going to lie to you, I had pretty much written this league off as dead. Apparently I was wrong. But im still around and it doesnt look like youve given my team away yet, so I guess it would be rude if the Official League Champion just disappeared and whatnot. Sorry of my absense caused anyone any problems. If you have given my team away then disregard this post.
  11. LotsOfMonkeys

    A few Items to vote on

    I vote for free, but I dont care about 12 vs 14 teams. Wont let me vote for just one question I guess if we can find two quality owners then keeping it the way it is would be preferable. Keeping it at 14 teams just to add two scrub owners would be not preferable.
  12. LotsOfMonkeys

    Championship match up not correct

    Ok I finally found that playoff bracket page. The one linked from the league tabs doesn't show anything. I didn't know the other playoff bracket page even existed. Anyway I'll stop whining now. Good luck VictorVictoria. I'm sure it will be an epic Super Bowl.
  13. I won in the first round week 14 vs 6 seed tommyboy, but was left out of the semifinal round week 15, where I would have beaten pulp fiction http://www68.myfantasyleague.com/2017/weekly?L=16444&W=14 http://www68.myfantasyleague.com/2017/weekly?L=16444&W=15
  14. LotsOfMonkeys

    The Future of the CCDL

    Hello Someone got this weeks playoff matchups wrong.....I (Firefly) should be playing Pulp Fiction not Voltaire.....
  15. LotsOfMonkeys

    The Future of the CCDL

    If we did contract to 12 teams, would expanding rosters be something anyone would be interested in? Contracting to 12 teams and increasing roster sizes might be the best of two worlds. I will allow those of us who dont want to redraft the entire league to keep our teams intact, but would give those owners who do want to redraft an opportunity to do kind of a "mini- start up draft". Like I said upthread I'm in 7 other Dynasty leagues and the league with the next smallest roster size is 30 players. 22 roster slots is just really tiny for Dynasty IMO. It allows almost no room for developmental guys, I did a quick count and IMO there are easily 30 guys on the two rosters that would be contracted that IMO should be rostered in a 12 team league. Add that to the incoming rookies and thats a huge talent influx. Some things that we might want to consider: 1) Mild: Contract to 12 teams and bump rosters up to 25. That would give each owner 3 extra roster spaces. For 1 year only, bump the rookie/FA draft up to 8 rounds (5 normal draft picks plus three to fill the extra roster spaces). Such a large talent pool must be drafted, not distributed via the WW afterwards. 2) Medium:: Everything in #1 AND eliminate kickers. I used to be steadfastly in favor of kickers, but after playing in a couple of leagues that dont use them, I am a zealous convert. Kickers add nothing but headaches and in those leagues i dont miss them a bit. This would give everyone 4 extra roster spaces (Rookie/FA draft would need to be 9 rounds). 3) Hot:Everything in #1 and #2 plus eliminating DST's: What i said about kickers in #2 i could say about DSTs as well. A couple of my other leagues dont use them, and its very freeing. This would give everyone 5 extra roster spaces. (Rookie/FA draft would need to be 10 rounds) 4) Ghost pepper infused insanity: Everything in #1 thru #3 plus we add in IDP's. Im playing in my first season in a league with IDP's and its pretty fun. Not for everyone, but im enjoying it. You'd have to open up rosters and the draft even more. Maybe a lot to do all at once, but damn it would be pretty awesomely chaotic.