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  1. Old School

    Debating a flat-earth moron

    Takes all kinds to make the world go round.
  2. Old School

    Anybody reading the Miam RB Tea Leaves?

    T-H-I-S But I did pick up Walton as a gamble.
  3. Old School

    Name something Chiner does right.

  4. Old School

    Why some US cities are banning drive-thrus

    Probably a mandate in California within 12 years, or the world will end.
  5. Sometimes civil war begins slowly, by a breakdown of basically everything. What if the assault on police officers increases? Antifa? I still don’t know what the hell they are all about. Demonstrations that block roadways increase, disrupting our ability to get to work, or to the grocery store? What if unions increasingly strike and impact food production or transportation of goods? Food tampering? An attack on a large water supply, or on the electric grid? Currently stores can run out of food from the threat of a snowstorm. No one really has enough food to last more than a week. What happens when the basics break down? i won’t go back to 1776, but governments around the world have been turned over in recent history and it hasn’t been pretty. The goal was change, and destruction seems to be the means that justified the end. Venezuela is a change that many want to scoff at. Beirut was a thriving city before it was destroyed. The China revolution really scares me if that is the course that is followed. Wealth was stripped from anyone with money. Where is the line drawn on who exactly is “wealthy?” Educators were sent to the fields and replaced by those who followed the new party line. What concerns me is what happens when chaos erupts? How will your neighbors react if basics are in short supply, communications are spotty and they need food or water for their families?
  6. It won’t let me preselect and says Pennie has 2 picks ahead of me- I sent a DM to Volty with my selection
  7. Well hell- it’s says waiting on peenie- but won’t let me set my last selection. I DMd Voltz with my last selection Sorry guys- im fricken sick as hell- pretty much trying to sleep off a nasty summer cold. I totally screwed up a couple rounds by not having preselected.
  8. It won’t let me make my last pick
  9. Old School


    I thought Pennie was on board? Voltz gave good instructions on how and when to drop. Taco gave good advice who to drop. You might need to do a mercy cut for her and at least drop the free agents? IDK. peenie- wake up and log in.
  10. Old School


    Sunday Morning- Looks like a couple teams still need to make their roster cuts- Q- can I still drop a couple more bums?
  11. Old School

    Andrew Luck retired

    Got to agree- can’t fault the guy for hanging it up due to so many injuries- but to quit on your team at this point of the preseason? No bueno
  12. Old School

    Welcome Ray and peenie

    Welcome RLLD & pennie. Both bound to do better than my one win season when I joined last year.
  13. Old School

    Sign Language Interpreters

    Widespread Panic will have an ASL interpreter on stage for their 3 night run at the Ryman Auditorium this week.