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  1. Old School

    UPDATORED: Oh, it is focking ON!

    Damn bunch of long gone quality posters in these old threads.
  2. Old School

    Hello From Sober Geek Bunnysbastards

    Meet any cute fatties in AA? And good to see you on the forearm.
  3. So American Citizens who lost their jobs are not eligible? This is what infuriates me- laws aimed at only one group, while specifically not including everyone experiencing the same situation. Total BS- and I have not even mentioned the part of providing tax dollars to NON FOCKING CITIZENS
  4. Old School

    2021 Wood Memorial Horse Race

    Another plague?
  5. Almost seems like there was a reason behind the attempt to destroy all small business
  6. Old School

    Happy Easter All

    Happy Easter all. Working today. If you want a little Gospel music- check out Carrie Underwoods FB page- streaming a new album, filmed at Nashville’s Ryman Auditorium.
  7. (South) America First!
  8. Old School

    Anchor for screws in a hollow post?

    Fences are racist
  9. I could see her actually winning as a candidate for POTUS. Half this country is dumb enough to vote for her.
  10. Of only elected. Re-elected.
  11. Old School

    Kamala Harris said what?

    Pretty much cements the fact she only got this far in politics by spending so much time on her knees.
  12. Old School

    MLB Opening Day- any locks?

  13. Old School

    MLB Opening Day- any locks?

    Thursday is opening day? Anyone have a lock? MGM has a promotion bonus- bet $25 on any game with odds -200 or better - receive a bonus $1 for every home run on opening day, weather your team wins or looses. Here were 48 home runs on opening day 2019. I honestly don’t follow baseball but might throw $25 on the Braves against the Phillies. -105 ML or +150 -1.5
  14. I haven’t wasted any money on Nike for decades- this story is just focked up. https://apple.news/AxCn-F1awQxW0jg4TU2DgWA