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  1. Old School

    An old lady just comes in the store...

    Titans- would you believe they built a Waffle House in Cool Springs? Right over by Bonefish Grill, the Acura dealership. Right there in the midst of the Franklin $$$
  2. Old School

    Tortillas are racist. Coach fired

    You know why they served refried beans? Cause they couldn’t get them right the first time.
  3. Old School

    An old lady just comes in the store...

    Come on Titans- give us the how do they call this one? Browns w onions, cheese, ham, diced, peppered, shrooms, chili & gravy? I’m not even close. The awful waffle has its own language when the servers bark the orders. It’s actually quite amazing.
  4. Old School

    John McAfee Dead

    Didn’t he move to some island jungle and just go totally batshit crazy off the rails?
  5. Old School

    Is this legal?

    They sure as fock didn’t film it in Tennessee.
  6. Strange story. Championship game. Overtime. Harsh words at the end. And then the tortillas come out. https://apple.news/Am0HhXTLmQReU_yyt55MPvA
  7. Old School

    Fock Chicago

    Except- that isn’t what actually happened.
  8. Old School

    Team GB Olympic prep- new bras

    Technology at work. https://apple.news/AaafOPIV9RMOtFWbc0AkykQ
  9. Start taking questions from white reporters?
  10. Old School

    Another leak at a Chinese facility

    In China R&D means replicate & duplicate.
  11. Old School

    Olympic COVID Condom Controversy

    Not this time
  12. Did this story even make the news? Nuclear power in the hands of the inept. https://apple.news/A3Z7DmM-3QVyQn9a7QCPY6w
  13. Old School

    Olympic COVID Condom Controversy

    https://apple.news/ArHRf8PiAQsy_huph99HICg Can’t do anything these days without adding an apology- or bowing to someone who is butthurt. Only the thick ones. Not the thin ones. Can’t use them because of social distancing. They weren’t really for the athletes. Take them home to raise awareness for AIDS.
  14. And the mayor weights in https://thespun.com/nfl/nfc-north/chicago-bears/chicago-mayor-responds-to-latest-tactic-from-bears