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  1. Old School

    So... I got a job $#@!$@#$!@

  2. The park wasn’t taken over by homeless- they are now called campers.
  3. Is she getting re-elected today? Or is she finally entering her 3rd And inevitable career path? Bartender< politician < porn star
  4. Old School

    25 yr Macallan

    15 year- mmmmm 18 year- hey guys, I splurged a little for this occasion- hope you enjoy it 25 year- HEY look at me!!!
  5. Old School

    Jenna can ball

    I haven’t watched the video I’m still staring at that ass
  6. Old School

    MLB top story lines of a 60 game season

    Hate to say it- I stopped following baseball during one of their other strikes. The money was hey make seems d astronomical compared to my earnings at the time.
  7. Old School

    Jenna can ball

    Drive. Take it to the post. Get some penetration.
  8. I always assumed it was a dude in a dress.
  9. Yeah. I get that. Just can’t believe so many in power are caving to anarchy
  10. I believe the city is in “negotiations” to close the Chaz Chop area. I have no idea WTF that means, nor how anyone expects that to work.
  11. Old School


    You can do it.
  12. Old School

    I sold my soul about 20 years ago

    Should have gone to the crossroads and picked up a guitar.
  13. Old School

    One man pontoon

    That’s actually pretty cool. I was going to make the comparison of moving from a bicycle to a trike, but decided to keep it classy.