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  1. Random takes on Nashville hosting the NFL Draft. Look At Me. Rats Ass All Around. Holy Sh!t- that’s a lot of people! The city actually seems to be handling it well. Another excuse for a huge party- possibly the biggest to date. A major guitar manufacturer is based here in Nashville. I haven’t seen a single one of their guitars on stage or as props in the studios. Typical missed opportunity. Not that I’m still pissed about being let go last year along with 20 other long term employees. Fock em. Those Fender Stratocasters sure look good.Nice job by Fender getting the most out of the op. The ATT tower- what they call the Batman building is unmistakable in the skyline- their garage is where I park 4 nights a week when I’m working at the Ryman Auditorium. I walked down to Broadway after work Thursday night as the first round was winding down. Pretty cool. I checked into Margarettaville where a friend was playing guitar. Good times. I expect to hang for an hour or two On Broadway again Saturday before checking into work Saturday afternoon. Cops were cool. Directing traffic and not being d!cks. Thursday night I say a group walking towards hotels around 11:30 at one night. One drunk Denver fan almost fell into the street into an unmarked car- they lit up the blues lights- but just told his friends to take care of him and get him out of there. I’ve seen a ton of local cops, state troopers, and swat types in body armor and automatic weapons walking around just off broadway. All have been cool. Did the Titans really take a guy with a blown ACL who was caught on video punching out a woman as their 1st rounder?
  2. Old School

    Ariana Grande. Brain scans. PTSD.

    So- she was just going to work, like any other day, when the explosion happened. She knew what it was immediately and ran- not away, but towards to explosion. But she didn’t get very far and ultimately went to her parents apartment, where she also lived in their spare bedroom. Mom made her a sandwich while they watched tv. She then declared herself a hero and self diagnosed PTSD meaning she really can’t work a regular job any longer. Sad story. Sounds vaguely familiar.
  3. Old School


    I’ll be back if you guys will still have me. My team was pretty bad but my QBs are in good shape and my RB situation should be much improved - but not great. Still lots of work to be done. Im willing to throw $20 towards keeping it on MFL- I like that site.
  4. Old School

    AAF suspends operations in first season...

    Heard the players had to book and pay their own way home after the league folded
  5. Damn man. D!ck Dale. The King of The Surf Guitar. Focker was a bad ass guitar player. I met D!ck afew years back through some mutual friends. He asked if I could get him and his son into our booth at the trade show. No problem. The room came to a standstill when they picked up 2 acoustic guitars and began playing- but when they sat down at a Baldwin piano and played, the place went crazy. D!ck was always very gracious and approachable. RIP my friend.
  6. Old School

    Rusty Syringes

    Fock Off seriously
  7. Old School

    Daytona 500

    If any of you guys are familiar with Sam Bass- the artist who designed many of the paint schemes for the drivers and did the program cover art work for Charlotte and other tracks- Sam passed away yesterday. Great guy who managed to live his dream, combining his love of NASCAR and his artwork to earn a living. The 600 at Charlotte was always special, hang at Sams art gallery during the day, walking distance to the track.
  8. Ummm...isn’t the VA Governor actually a democratic?
  9. Pretty focked up- shot outside his home- he made it inside and died
  10. Old School


    And now the rebuttal- from a non elected person who holds no political office- “I hate Trump” that is all
  11. Old School


    And why won’t they show the mooslum during all this talk about anti semitisum?
  12. Old School


    So clue me in- what exactly do the white sheets/ suits/ what ever - what does that represent?
  13. Old School


    Some of these Politicians will not applaud anything. Fighting sex trafficking- increased jobs- lower taxes- nothing!