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  1. And taxpayers keep paying these a holes to “teach” our children.
  2. Old School

    Vaccine mandate blocked

    What happens to all the folks who have been fired by their employers for not taking the jab?
  3. Old School

    Merry Christmas 2022!

    Who brings the presents, Comrade Christmas?
  4. Old School

    Tiffany ~ I think she's alone now

    There’s a reason those tickets were free…
  5. Good lord. What a hate filled POS.
  6. Fock. This should be the leading story on the “news.” Instead, it’s not newsworthy.
  7. Old School

    Time Athlete of the Year- Simone Biles

    Antonio stepping up and says the line starts here for the 2022 cover.
  8. Old School

    ***Not so Happy Football Day Week 17****

    Quits on team during an actual game? Time magazine’s 2022 Athlete of the Year.
  9. Old School

    ***Not so Happy Football Day Week 17****

    Titans clinch the Division and become the new, weekly, #1 Seed in the AFC.
  10. Old School

    ***Not so Happy Football Day Week 17****

    Free Agent. My dumb ass.
  11. Old School

    New Years Eve What you Doing ?

    Working. Old Crow Medicine Show.