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  1. Old School

    : Christmas List Ideas

    Some Old Milwaukee beer
  2. Old School

    bostonlager on permanent vacation?

  3. Old School

    Gilligan's Island Reunion

    Mary Anne>>>> Ginger
  4. Old School

    Did Digby peenie his Roomba thread?

    Seems like a mature response. Alsonotreally
  5. Old School

    Was Terrell Pryor in London??

  6. Old School

    Penn State Main News Picked Up Megateeth Story.

    Very cool Bill
  7. Old School

    Survivor; brutal Week 10..

    Thought NO was was the play until Sunday morning. Changed to Indy and watched my dreams ride off to next year.
  8. Old School

    Clash of the Titans

    Cliff notes?
  9. Old School

    Draft Buddy Survivor Contest

    Thanks for providing the Survivor Pool. I don’t think I’ve ever survived this far into the season. I was one of the 150 eliminated today. Best of luck to the 7 still alive
  10. Old School

    Happy Football Day Week 10!

    Wtf? 10-0 10-12 13-12 now 16-12?
  11. Old School

    Happy Football Day Week 10!

    Yeah- changed to the Colts this morning. sweating this one out. Either way, I’ve never made it this far in a survivor pool before.
  12. Old School

    Is this anything?

    Wait a minute- I thought this was still Sunday?!?!? An Edjr post. On the weekend?
  13. Old School

    Happy Football Day Week 10!

    Holy Sh!t- the last 2 minutes of this Chiefs Titans game is amazing
  14. Old School

    David Johnson this Sunday?

    I started DJ this week. I may start Frank Gore over him next week.