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  1. Old School


    Correct. I thought about that later in the day. That song is almost as old as me- couldn’t remember the lyrics.
  2. Old School


    Riding on the Spirit of New Orleans?
  3. Old School

    Happy FFT birthday to ME

    15 years? You poor bastage
  4. Old School


    Ok- looks like it’s almost go time. And Time for my 20 questions. looks like the draft starts Monday August 19 and I’m the first pick? Twin Peaks looks like it’s set with Old Maid as the owner- I think I can get logged in and change owner- Q- any problem with me changing the Team Name since I don’t have man boobs? How do I get my players off IR? Is it self explanatory once I log in and get to the IR tab? when do I need to drop the bums I don’t want? I’m actually kinda pumped about this league this year. Planning to win more than one game. OS
  5. Old School

    2018 Buddy Failure- For ME

    2018 & 2019 League links sent- thx
  6. Old School


    I’m in
  7. Old School

    What concerts do you have coming up?

    Slash was last night. Ringo Starr tonight.
  8. Old School

    2018 Buddy Failure- For ME

    OK- . So before I cite the problem last year, let me say I work a full time day job and a part time night job. Not a lot of time for research and compiling lists on my own these days-SO- I've used this Draft Buddy for 3 or 4 years. First few years, this thing rocked 2018- sat down on draft day and...nothing happened. I could see the overall rankings customized for my league, but once the draft started- I was toast. My Draft Buddy was not synced to my MFL league and was not tracking draft picks from my league. midway through the second round, it was basically worthless. Ir's a live draft and moving fast so I couldn't keep up. I was toast. My question- What did I do wrong when setting up my 2018 version??? How can I make sure it's synced with my MFL league and will interact accurately this year? I absolutely love this thing when it works, Last year I know I did something wrong setting it up. Can't have that happen again. Thanks
  9. Old School

    Illegal to poke fun at politicians?

    Are they shutting down SNL and locking up Alec Baldwin?
  10. Old School

    Erectile Dysfunction movies...

    The Jerk
  11. Old School

    Deaf Pool Update: The Hefty Lefty

    His college days were fun to watch. Never carried over to NFL level i read he reached 500 pounds at one point? It that right?
  12. Old School


    Any of you focks use a CPAP to sleep? So, I don’t really sleep well. That’s one reason why I work a part time gig in the evenings in addition to my day job. Hell, if you can’t sleep, why not work and make some extra cash? Basically wake up throughout the night, 2 am and 4 or 4:30 every morning- then I’m finally getting deep sleep when the alarm goes off at 6:30. Snore like a MOFO. Finally broke down and did a sleep study- wired up like a robot to a couple machines and the whole deal. Finally got the results and it was actually worse than I imagined. Seems they rate the degree of sleep apnea as mild, moderate, and severe. 0-15 is mild, 15-30 is moderate, 30 and above is severe. It’s some kind of math determined by the number of times you wake up or your breathing is labored or interrupted divided by the hours of sleep. i came in as moderate to severe with a rating of 29.3. Sure looks like knocking on the door of a severe case of sleep apnea. Supposed to get fitted for a mask or whatever and pick up a machine in the upcoming week. How the heck do you sleep with that thing? if you use a CPAP machine- do you notice a big difference? Better nights sleep? Notice any health benefits, like lower blood pressure or more energy during the day?
  13. Old School

    Probably the worst day ever I think

    Decorate the yard with her clothes and the rest of her sh!t
  14. Random takes on Nashville hosting the NFL Draft. Look At Me. Rats Ass All Around. Holy Sh!t- that’s a lot of people! The city actually seems to be handling it well. Another excuse for a huge party- possibly the biggest to date. A major guitar manufacturer is based here in Nashville. I haven’t seen a single one of their guitars on stage or as props in the studios. Typical missed opportunity. Not that I’m still pissed about being let go last year along with 20 other long term employees. Fock em. Those Fender Stratocasters sure look good.Nice job by Fender getting the most out of the op. The ATT tower- what they call the Batman building is unmistakable in the skyline- their garage is where I park 4 nights a week when I’m working at the Ryman Auditorium. I walked down to Broadway after work Thursday night as the first round was winding down. Pretty cool. I checked into Margarettaville where a friend was playing guitar. Good times. I expect to hang for an hour or two On Broadway again Saturday before checking into work Saturday afternoon. Cops were cool. Directing traffic and not being d!cks. Thursday night I say a group walking towards hotels around 11:30 at one night. One drunk Denver fan almost fell into the street into an unmarked car- they lit up the blues lights- but just told his friends to take care of him and get him out of there. I’ve seen a ton of local cops, state troopers, and swat types in body armor and automatic weapons walking around just off broadway. All have been cool. Did the Titans really take a guy with a blown ACL who was caught on video punching out a woman as their 1st rounder?
  15. Old School

    Ariana Grande. Brain scans. PTSD.

    So- she was just going to work, like any other day, when the explosion happened. She knew what it was immediately and ran- not away, but towards to explosion. But she didn’t get very far and ultimately went to her parents apartment, where she also lived in their spare bedroom. Mom made her a sandwich while they watched tv. She then declared herself a hero and self diagnosed PTSD meaning she really can’t work a regular job any longer. Sad story. Sounds vaguely familiar.