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  1. Old School

    I got a new dog!

    Hell yeah! That’s great man. My ex kept the dog in the divorce. Found out she wanted to put him down, so my step took him. I’m looking to adopt from a shelter/ rescue once I retire.
  2. I think they called her to go make em a sammich but all they got were cookies.
  3. Old School

    Okay Want To Get Back To Holsom

    I’m calling BS
  4. Our local “news” outlet had a different take on it. ”Jill Biden thanks guard members with chocolate chip cookies.” https://www.wsmv.com/news/us_world_news/jill-biden-thanks-guard-members-with-chocolate-chip-cookies/article_f1908b0c-a556-5ffc-b186-7770d438daef.html?fbclid=IwAR2SCblI-IrVQBZwrKuWcqH45j6pv2kOBYwjb64s5Iv13iYYz67UvqTFsI4
  5. Old School

    and away we go!!!!...

    The future of this country. Or the end of our nation as we knew it.
  6. Old School

    Jets new coach - how do you pronounce his name ???

    Hence the fascination with the NY Jets
  7. Old School

    Alright... alrighty last one. Cash deals?

    You staying or selling? Selling? Take the low bid. Staying? Take the guy who can actually measure the correct amount of shingles and will be around to honor the warranty.
  8. Old School

    CIA releases thousands of UFO documents

    Well done! Wasn’t sure anyone would catch the reference
  9. Old School

    CIA releases thousands of UFO documents

    To Serve Man
  10. Old School

    Virtual Inaguration

    Calling up 20,000 troops for a virtual inauguration?
  11. Good grief. Go to work and take a day off the bored and there’s an eight page thread to wade through. No one has a clue just WTF Drobs said to earn a permaban? We can’t keep loosing long time posters like this. This bored is the armpit of the interwebs, but it’s the one place we’re comfortable. I’ve been here longer than I care to admit but I keep coming back. Don’t know how I’d get through a bad day without reading your dumbass rethread ramblings.
  12. Old School

    ***Happy Football Day Wild Card Weekend Edition ***

    Working today. Bet Bills & Hawks. Will be home to watch part of the TB vs WTF game.
  13. Old School

    Antonio Brown

    TB threw to Antonio 11 times yesterday, in order for him to record 8 receptions and a $250,000 contract bonus.