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  1. lesjroza

    Anybody watching the AAF tonight?

    From the recent replies to your posts, I could see you as the bearer of that virtual jersey here lol Doubtful he is playing as I think he'd be mid-forties. Rod Smart played in the NFL for a few years following "He hate me" days, was later in a movie called "Don't blame the lettuce" and was recently a high school guidance counselor last I read.
  2. lesjroza

    Anybody watching the AAF tonight?

    I saw that and thought it almost looked like something that could be blown up for a flotation device. I only flipped it on and saw the coin toss though, my wife came in the room took control and turned on Netflix for us to watch an episode of "You".
  3. lesjroza

    Role Players That Will Breakout In 2019

    Michael Cohen played a small but important role for Trump and after being sentenced to 3 yrs I think there is a chance he breaks out in '19 or '20.
  4. lesjroza

    Steelers-Bell-Transition tag

    We'll see how it plays out but I can envision a scenario where the Steelers aren't the only ones wield the hammer on Bell in this case because there are bigger picture issues involved. This is going to be a case where collusion would benefit NFL ownership greatly and since RB values have been in the tank anyway it will be hard to prove "collusionary" (not a word I know) low-balling with contract offers. Ownership has the opportunity to send a message about what a players options really are when they are in Bell's situation..............it seldom pays to fight the man, at least for the fool who puts up the fight initially. "No player has ever been in a situation like this. If the league wins the ruling, it will add even more leverage to teams using franchise and transition tags. If the NFLPA wins, it will give players more rights if they decide to skip seasons when tagged. Bell, who turns 27 later this month, skipped the entire 2018 season after declining to sign his franchise tender, leaving $14.5 million on the table."
  5. lesjroza

    Steelers-Bell-Transition tag

    Bell a Steeler in 2019? http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/25910214/steelers-considering-using-transition-tag-leveon-bell The Pittsburgh Steelers are still considering using their transition tag on Le'Veon Bell, which would give them the right to match any offer sheet the free-agent-to-be signs with any other team, a league source told ESPN. The prospect of using the transition tag on the star running back creates an interesting situation, considering the fact that receiver Antonio Brown is likely to be traded, while Bell could possibly be back in Pittsburgh for 2019. Pittsburgh's decision depends on how much another team would value Bell and whether the Steelers would be willing to match the offer sheet.There also is a battle brewing between the NFL and and NFL Players Association over the value of what the transition tag would be on Bell if the Steelers did use it. Bell and the NFLPA will argue that the transition tag is close to $14.5 million based on the escalating value of tags, and the Steelers and the NFL will say it's closer to $9.5 million because Bell sat out this past season. No player has ever been in a situation like this. If the league wins the ruling, it will add even more leverage to teams using franchise and transition tags. If the NFLPA wins, it will give players more rights if they decide to skip seasons when tagged. Bell, who turns 27 later this month, skipped the entire 2018 season after declining to sign his franchise tender, leaving $14.5 million on the table.
  6. lesjroza

    Kareem Hunt's True Value & Talent

    Yes, dynasty value vs rookie crop picks
  7. lesjroza

    Kareem Hunt's True Value & Talent

    Interesting Based on this view I sent out offers for Hunt in all the leagues I don't own him just to see..........all 2nd round picks this year but I also included a "bonus" 2020 2nd with each. One was 2.03, the rest were late 2nds...............I'll let you know how it goes I'd feel pretty good about the risk-reward at that price, and I figure if I get any nasty comments about it not being enough I'll just refer them to you Ralphster LOL
  8. lesjroza

    Kareem Hunt's True Value & Talent

    I verbally offered up my Karrem Hunt for the 1.01 this year Curious what people here think............... though there is obviously risk and uncertainty involved on both sides at this point so its not a clear cut calculation at all, no idea of the right value. Seems reasonably clear Hunt will be back in an NFL uniform barring another incident. Completely unclear the situation (team) he will be returning to and length of suspension though 6-8 games seems to be a middle range. I don't know the rookie pool myself other than it appears there is not an Elliott-Gurley-Barkley type so it seems like its not going to be a stud year. Its way too early but if I had to guess I'm thinking WR Metcalf could end up the dynasty 1.01 with a strong combine and landing spot but both of those could be weak or maybe he gets into trouble himself, who knows? Anyway, rookie Metcalf (or other?) vs Hunt........................ for anyone who cares to opine Appreciate any way too early guesses/thoughts
  9. lesjroza

    KC better win in the next couple years...

    Colts are going to beat them in their window IMO. Indy is a well built roster.......just wait until they add the cherries and whip cream, which they can afford
  10. He is one the guys that came to mind for me too
  11. He truly was widely considered a bust................... as in it had already been determined. I picked him up off the WW in a 26 roster slot dynasty league (pretty deep) the summer after his rookie year because my only 2 QBs were redraft WW types. I felt silly doing it because there were better options at other positions but the roster was QB challenged long term, so I took the flier. He was basically worthless even in dynasty leagues even though some of the owners who drafted him as rookie held because they had invested a pick. Nice turnaround..............makes you wonder about some of the past young QB phenoms, how different things might have been.
  12. lesjroza

    Antonio Brown requests trade

    One of many rumors.......... the Bills may be willing to give up their 2nd in the upcoming draft (2.08) + one of their 4th round picks (10 total picks this year), PLUS their 2020 1st round pick And books have them as the 3rd likeliest landing spot Chris Trapasso ‏ @ChrisTrapassoFollowFollow @ChrisTrapasso More .@BetDSI's odds for Antonio Brown's next team: - 49ers: +200 - Jets: +300 - Bills: +450 - Cardinals: +500 - Colts: +600 7:21 AM - 15 Jan 2019
  13. lesjroza

    Josh Rosen

    The Cardinals are as ripe a team for a trade down from #1 as any I can recall because they need help everywhere but none greater than OL. Rosen needs time in the pocket and DJ needs blockers. Trade down and take 5 OL in the 1st three rounds and hope you hit on a few..............forget about best available crap when you need OL to keep the best players on the team from being completely erased. As an aside I'm not sure anyone can evaluate Rosen as a rookie QB with that OL. (I'm not saying he will be any good, just how can you possibly tell?) What would DJs excuse be.............. lost his juice from one year to the next?
  14. lesjroza

    Antonio Brown requests trade

    Agreed, cut with no compensation is the most likely in part because we know he will say he is retiring unless its a destination he wants to go. Antonio should bring alot of value though which is part of the equation when considering Ben. Browns contract, less the $$$ pulled forward by the Steelers, would be considered very cheap and potentially worthy of multiple 1st round picks IMO.
  15. lesjroza

    Antonio Brown requests trade

    These are the kinds of trades that won't work due to the AB contract situation. Brown no longer on the Steelers in any way means a bunch of $$$$ come due in the current year which were previously spread out as signing bonus/restructure ($$$$$ do not move along with the contract in that case). OBJ '19 salary even if Ben cut would not fit the Steelers without a ridiculous amount of financial gymnastics (a bunch of other player contract restructures) because Brown leaving hits the '19 cap. Only way forward if Brown is leaving is a bunch young/cheap players/rooks and or future assets unaccounted for in the cap like '20 picks. A butt-load (technical term) of cap room would be available in '20 if Ben is gone and AB's $$$$ have rolled off. Sometimes you have to go backwards in order to move forward, at least if you have painted yourself in a corner. How is YOUR favorite teams GM setting your team up for future success or failure?