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  1. dave32

    Chicago Bears D/ST schedule. ::drool::

    Also- fully prepared to eat crow when they let up 40 to the cardinals and 35 to the dolphins.
  2. dave32

    Chicago Bears D/ST schedule. ::drool::

    In a San Diego minute. Or a regular minute. Either way. Yes.
  3. Just wasted my waiver claim ranking to get the Bears D/ST, look at this beautiful schedule- vs. SEA @ ARI vs. TB BYE @ MIA vs. NE (sit) vs. NYJ @ BUF vs. DET vs. MIN (sit) @ DET @NYG (possibly sit) I'd maybe try to sell them before that MIN game, their playoff schedule isn't great with LA Rams, Green Bay, and San Fran. But man, that regular season lineup is juicy.
  4. It's basically even, but since you have a couple players on PIT O already I would go Santos
  5. Similar to my question, I think the top options are Gore and CAP. Look at your opponent's lineup though, how did they do in the previous two games this week? Do they have consistent players or go-for-broke players? Based on that, I think you go with Gore for a safer floor or CAP if you need to make up some points and gun for a breakout RB1 candidate.
  6. dave32

    QB Wrinkle

    Palmer, just because I love doing what you mentioned and negating other teams points
  7. dave32


    I like you have but I'd put Benjamin in the flex over Walker, I don't think he goes bonkers 2 weeks in a row
  8. dave32

    Shoelace or Baldwin

    I'd go shoelace even if baldwin was completely healthy. shoelace almost a lock for 10 points vs NO
  9. dave32

    *solved* thanks!

    Standard League. Pick one- Matt Forte @ TB Cameron Artis-Payne @ ATL Frank Gore @ MIA Forte has been getting less than half the touches lately otherwise he'd be the easy choice, Gore and Payne both should get lots of touches against easy matchups though. Whatcha think? Also, Pick one- Gore @ MIA Christine Michael vs. STL Jeremy Hill @ DEN EDIT- Thanks guys, going CAP and Gore. I think they have the highest floors of all the options. Appreciate all the help!
  10. dave32

    UFC 194: Aldo vs. McGregor

    I think faber just lost
  11. dave32

    The Official Week 3 FU Thread

    GAR-BAGE TOUCH-DOWNS!! *clap clap clapclapclap*
  12. dave32

    The Official Week 3 FU Thread

    FOOOOOCK YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUU RYAN TANNEHILL, hot garbage so far. Here's hoping this antijinxes you into at least 2 touchdowns and 200 yards in the 2nd half.
  13. dave32

    Lynch a game time decision this week

    Doesn't make sense. Just sit him! oh well