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  1. bostonlager

    Match play

    What needs to happen is bring back the stableford for a main tournament once per year.
  2. bostonlager

    General beginner gambling…

    I am interested to see what you find. My game plan is to find numbers that are set too high. The college numbers that get posted are way over inflated and easy to pick off. NFL has always been tighter, but I am struggling this year with them. Like I said, going to take over approach next week and see what happens.
  3. bostonlager

    General beginner gambling…

    I’ve never looked at it that way? Is it working?
  4. bostonlager

    *** EdEx Ryder Cup ***

    Good win, Clocaine. Good money finish AD. happy thanksgiving and merry Christmas to all EdEx guys. PM me when it’s time to draft for next year.
  5. bostonlager

    General beginner gambling…

    I will give it one more week but focus on overs. If that doesn’t work- college only
  6. bostonlager

    General beginner gambling…

    I apologize on the NFL plays fellas. I’ve nailed them in past years and for whatever reason, the numbers are tight this year and I’m pooping my pants on those. I know most of you like to play things on the legal side of the law, but if you decide to go offshore and find other books that offer the college props let me know.
  7. bostonlager

    General beginner gambling…

    Done with NFL props for now. I will continue to max bet all NCAA props and hopefully don’t get cut.
  8. bostonlager

    ***2021 Ryder Cup***

    Geez, Tony Finau likes them thick. His old lady could swallow Paulina whole.
  9. bostonlager

    Match play

    I’m for any and all match play. The amateur every summer is awesome.
  10. bostonlager

    General beginner gambling…

    I’m in.
  11. bostonlager

    *** EdEx Ryder Cup ***

    If Berger 3 putts I will fix the scores. Its over in terms of who won the money either way
  12. bostonlager

    Match play

    They say it is boring and if you look at the one event they do in the spring you will see that rarely do the big names make it to the end. I enjoyed watching Horschel vs Scheffler this past year, but the casual fan likely doesn't.
  13. bostonlager

    Gabby Petito

    I feel like I had a good day when I see The Dog agrees with me. https://www.foxnews.com/us/gabby-petito-dog-the-bounty-hunter-brian-laundrie
  14. bostonlager

    General beginner gambling…

    Night: 7-2 College week: 30-17 I am giving the NFL one more shot tomorrow. If it's a dud, I'm going strictly college the rest of the way. It's free money and no need to bleed it back. Season total: 178-122-5 College season: 106-55-4 NFL season: 72-67-2
  15. bostonlager

    Match play

    Match play sucks for television and sponsors, so we can keep wishing.