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  1. bostonlager

    Wagering thread

    Jesus Luzardo o 5.5 Semi-hedge Phillies -1.5 +140
  2. bostonlager

    ***2023 Fantasy Geek Balls League*** Season Thread

    Your team name wouldn't be Deeeefeeending Champ had we not went H2H last year.
  3. bostonlager

    Wagering thread

    Fock baseball. Back to the drawing board
  4. bostonlager

    Making a murderer

    I want to watch it. Is there a way to without subscribing to DW?
  5. bostonlager

    Wagering thread

    What sucks is they quit offering receptions on college football all together and for NFL they no longer offer even numbers. Everything is now .5 with adjusted juice. It saved me money last night as I would have taken Metcalf o5 -120, but I'm not touching 04.5 -180. Overall though, it has cut into profits.
  6. bostonlager

    Wagering thread

    Kevin Gausman o 7.5 K
  7. bostonlager

    Wagering thread

    Week 1: 11-7 Week 2: 7-14 Week 3: 20-11 Week 4:14-13 Season to date: 52-45 (.536)
  8. bostonlager

    ***2023 Fantasy Geek Balls League*** Season Thread

    @Alias Detective @Bier Meister scores updated in OP
  9. bostonlager

    Wagering thread

    Live bet o 96.5 penalties
  10. bostonlager

    Wagering thread

    Sanderson Farms Championship Harry Higgs +20000 Hopefully the Big Rig gets his card back this year.
  11. bostonlager

    Wagering thread

    Adding Wandale Robinson o 19.5 receiving Matt Brieda u 63.5 r+r
  12. bostonlager

    Wagering thread

    Seahawks at Giants Matt Brieda u 47.5 rushing As soon as I placed this bet DK put locks on the entire SEA/NYG game and took it off the board. Will take a look later if they put it back up.
  13. You can bet your ass it would be in mine had I won.
  14. bostonlager

    Wagering thread

    Good week, bad week, good week, bad week. I can feel a heater coming on soon.
  15. bostonlager

    Wagering thread