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  1. bostonlager

    Buttigieg eliminates O'Rourke

    He never should have won the first election, but the dems put up the worst candidate in the history of everything. I could go on forever about how ugly, butch, and kunty Hillary is, but I won't. All they had to do was select someone without as much baggage and it was theirs. Now this time around they are going about it a different way, albeit a stupid way once again. Look at this dog and pony show of female and minority candidates that are so far left or like cack in their ass they chase off he true moderate voters.
  2. bostonlager

    Buttigieg eliminates O'Rourke

    Can you imagine if this butt pirate or any butt pirate for that matter was voted in? -white house painted pink -american flag replaced with rainbow -everyday would be pride day -End of the straight white male as we know it and they feel fine -hot lesbians would be outlawed I would rather have another black one than a tinkerbell.
  3. bostonlager

    Would you notice if you were being followed/tailed?

    If the evidence he collects will be thrown out in court because he acted illegally he should be concerned, right?
  4. bostonlager

    Would you notice if you were being followed/tailed?

    Are we talking law enforcement or a PI, here? I would think it would be illegal to install a GPS device on a vehicle without permission or a warrant.
  5. bostonlager

    Anybody watching Jeopardy?

    Are you in Europe? I checked my local listings (eastern time zone) and it doesn't come on until 7:30
  6. This comes from @BunnysBastatrds PI story before he got a BJ and off topic. He said he tailed a hoe for 4 days and caught her cheating. That sounds good and all, but I don't think I could be followed or tailed by a PI without noticing what was going on. Maybe I am just paranoid and always looking over my shoulder/in my rearview, but I do not think anyone could be sneaky enough to catch me unless they were special ops type motherfockers.
  7. bostonlager

    Shot thru the heart...

    Focking Canada. I hate those guys
  8. Buttplug, . Stupid phaggot needs to realize the USA isn't voting a cacksucker into the WH. ETA: I should have said another one. I'm sure Obama sucked on Michelle's tranny cack.
  9. bostonlager

    Notre Dame on Fire

    I bet it was done but muslims, but the french being the homos they are will cover it up. No way they will admit it was wrong to let all those fockers invade their country and all of Europe.
  10. bostonlager

    **2019 Masters Thread**

    Tiger looked like he was back on the steroids. Any record of his drug testing over the past year?
  11. bostonlager

    PI Stories By Bunny

    Did you get to meet Little Wayne?
  12. As long as there is a heads up given for when it starts. I would like to piss on minorities and gheys at the last minute to get it all out of my system.
  13. bostonlager

    Has anybody ever hired a private detective?

    How about a separate thread with PI stories?
  14. I'd rather shoot him and exterminate his entire religion.