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  1. bostonlager

    **2021 Masters Thread**

    He’s DOA but in bounds
  2. bostonlager

    ***2021 EdEx Memorial - Masters - TEAMS***

    He was my last pick and made the cut, but I expect excellence out of my team. Add Billy Herschel to the never again list.
  3. bostonlager

    **2021 Masters Thread**

    The only thing that makes me hesitant is he has sprayed some tee shots and was lucky to get out of some trouble. I can see someone going low and him struggling. His putting up until this week has been bad as well.
  4. I’ve been trying this for a while. So far I’m a few thousand in the hole with a pile of sh1t I don’t need stacking up in the garage.
  5. bostonlager

    Firearms spin-off

    10k - .22LR 5k - .223 1k 9mm 500 - .38 2500 - 12g 00 buckshot
  6. bostonlager

    ***2021 EdEx Memorial - Masters - TEAMS***

    This might be favorite day of the year. A case of Coors Light, grill getting hot, and round 4.
  7. bostonlager

    Who taught you to use a firearm?

    Father and grandfather. I have a CCW and take a gun everywhere I go.
  8. bostonlager

    ***2021 EdEx Memorial - Masters - TEAMS***

    I hope this doesn’t jinx my sh1t. Check out fumble’s Masters thread. I put $25 down on Zalatiris on Wednesday at +10000
  9. bostonlager

    ***2021 EdEx Memorial - Masters - TEAMS***

    What makes this interesting is we all have guys that have no shot at winning this tournament playing a role in our score. Our guys at the top are important, but that 3rd score can easily make or break this.
  10. bostonlager

    Deadpool Update: DMX

    I held off posting in this thread. Celebrity deaths don’t usually impact me, but this one hit deep. Pouring out some 40s for my dog bmx.
  11. bostonlager

    BLM Co-Founder Buys 1.4 Million Dollar Home...

    She’s just taking one for the team.
  12. bostonlager

    Selling used car payment questions

    That will be the true test. If the guy accepts his same money orders for payment of narcotics, then we are closer to knowing it is legit.
  13. bostonlager

    Selling used car payment questions

    Cashier check or straight cash homie. Fock that guy and his ghetto money orders.
  14. bostonlager

    ***2021 EdEx Memorial - Masters - TEAMS***

    I said those exact words a dozen times last year. Avoiding the situation all together this season.