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  1. bostonlager

    Wagering thread

    I’m torn on the Cam over. They cannot pass the ball so they must run. He can fall forward 16 times for 3 yards and get it. I just don’t trust ANY Rams. I may join you
  2. Do you know why sharks don't eat black people? They think they are whale sh1t.
  3. bostonlager

    Fantasy Geek Balls League - Season Chatter

    I used to play in a 50/50 league. Half of the season pot was paid out using H2H and playoffs. The other half was paid out on a roto basis with top scoring teams for the season winning the money.
  4. bostonlager

    Fantasy Geek Balls League - Season Chatter

    It ain’t over til it’s over. Sh1t happens and when it does, it seems to always find my FF teams.
  5. bostonlager

    1st person to attain age 150….

    Chris Traeger
  6. Married with Children not on the list?
  7. bostonlager

    Fantasy Geek Balls League - Season Chatter

    Brock throws a Purdy spiral.
  8. Can we delay until after The Masters?
  9. bostonlager

    Heading to Memphis

  10. bostonlager

    Wagering thread

    Thanks, man. Join our wagering contest. Its free and I hear they have prizes.
  11. bostonlager

    Wagering thread

    A few Wong options out there today Browns -2 Giants +8 Bengals +8.5 Chargers +8.5
  12. bostonlager

    Dr Pepper Challenge

    Dr. Pepper Grape
  13. bostonlager

    Wagering thread

    Gus Johnson just now said “Iowa gets the first down!!!” Immediately bad to correct himself. Worst announcer.