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  1. vuduchile

    Funny Picture thread

  2. vuduchile

    Funny Picture thread

  3. vuduchile

    Funny Picture thread

  4. vuduchile

    Funny Picture thread

    Holy Sh!t
  5. That's the kicker. No guarantee he'd make it to the show. 65% of MLB's first round draft picks go on to play in the majors.
  6. and a Porsche with a quadraphonic blaupunkt
  7. vuduchile

    LeBron is a focking loser

    Clyde was commenting on the fact that he remained seated all by himself at the end of the bench when his team was huddled up. He seemingly didn't care what his coach was saying or what his team was doing. It's not a good look for the de facto team leader and, as Clyde said, the face of the NBA. Did you watch the clip?
  8. Murray was drafted #9 overall by the A' s and got a $4.6M guaranteed contract. There were rumors of the A's upping the ante, but I don't believe they ever made a formal offer. I'm not even sure they would have been allowed to. If he goes #1 in the NFL, he'll probably be guaranteed $25-$30M. Winning the Heisman and being officially measured as over 5'10' have made a huge difference.
  9. vuduchile

    Patriot on Amazon Prime

    3 episodes in. Still pretty entertaining.
  10. vuduchile

    Funny Picture thread

    There's nothing funny about that.
  11. vuduchile

    Zion Williamson hype machine on overdrive

    What are you seeing in his shot that's not natural? Like most, he can refine it, but it doesn't look broken to me.
  12. vuduchile


    Nah. This stuff's not sexual at all.
  13. Reading your posts is a bit like reading a Charles Dickens novel.
  14. Serious question. Do you speak this way in real life?
  15. vuduchile

    Padma Lakschmi

    Also, we've discussed her before. Lots of times. In fact, Padma is so hot, she can actually raise the dead. RIP