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Week 17 and my studs are likely resting

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So, my league has a 2 week championship cumulative scoring that is for weeks 16 and 17. As of now, I have a 24 point lead over my opponent; however, I think I'm in big trouble next week.


Standard scoring and my current starters are Winston, Zeke, Bell, DMurray, Bryant, Inman, Brate, Janikowski and Pats D with Cooper, THill and McFadden on bench. I have others, but they all were injured this week.


My studs are likely resting: Zeke, LBell, DBryant and it was those three that catapulted me into the lead over my opponent.


I have McFadden to play in place of Zeke and I have THill or Cooper to play for Bryant. I'm stuck on Bell's replacement. I can pick up D'aWilliams, but I see a lot of talk that Toussaint may get the majority of play next week, so, I'm not sure who to go with there. Not to mention, I also lost Hyde and Lockett and it looks like AJGreen will not play as well. I have a number of players I can drop: Green, Hyde, Lockett, Mariotta to pick up FA


Here are some FA available for me to pick up: Toussaint, Rodgers, Blue, Rainey, Draughn, Booker, DLewis, ACollins, D'aWilliams, TyWilliams, CMeredith, Watkins, Jeffery, Thielen, JJNelson, Marqise Lee.


I am already planning on picking up Watkins, Steelers D and thinking of picking up Bortles to start instead of Winston.


I would really appreciate the help and I will answer your questions, if you have them.

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Jj Nelson.





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Wouldn't be afraid of DWill.


Like Colins also,


Basically, focus on teams that still have something to play for, or backups for teams that don't.

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Picked up the following on waivers: D'aWilliams, Toussaint, JJNelson, AThielen, JRodgers and Collins


So, please help me pick my roster....1QB, 2RB, 2WR, FLEX, TE, K, DST...standard scoring


Winston (Bortles, Bradford, Moore on waivers)

Zeke, LBell, DWilliams, Toussaint, Collins, Rodgers, McFadden, DMurray

Hill, Nelson, Thielen, Bryant

Davis (Cook, Fiedorowicz, Uzomah on waivers)

Janikowski (Bailey, Sturgis, Santos, Novak, Forbath, Aguayo on waivers)

PATS D (WSH, TEN, DAL, BUF, PHI on waivers)


Thanks in advance

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The dreaded week 17 lineup. Hate trying to select who is going to play and who ends up getting the additional week of rest, but this is how I would currently look at it:


QB: Winston

RB: D. Murray (keep an eye on this)

RB: D. Williams or Toussaint (whichever they say is expected to see the bulk of carries leading up to game time)

WR: Hill

WR: Nelson

Flex: Thielen

TE: Cook

K: Santos or Forbath

D: Tenn

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