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  1. stonewall

    Can the Chiefs Do the Impossible?

    Is Edelman's presence really that important? KC dusted them 42-27 in Foxboro in 2017. Amendola and Cooks stepped up with 100 and 88 yards, respectively. Also, although in KC, we all remember when KC sent Brady to the bench with a 41-14 spanking in 2014. Yes, Pats could win this game, but I don't think it will hinge on Edelman's presence. It will likely hinge on whether The Hoodie can get the ground game going, and copy the recipe for success that other teams have implemented successfully against the Chiefs....and whether or not Mahomie shows up with the 2018 version of himself.
  2. stonewall

    Dalvin Cook says he is fine....Dr. Chao disagrees

    Removed from final injury report. Bizarre....
  3. stonewall

    Dalvin Cook says he is fine....Dr. Chao disagrees

    It's a Festivus miracle!
  4. stonewall

    Dalvin Cook says he is fine....Dr. Chao disagrees

    Bottom line: It's a worst case scenario for owners of both Cook and Mattison. Many owners are in must-win games this week, and the matchup doesn't get much more premo. So, the only relevant question is whether you believe Cook and Zimmer.....or do you believe what your eyes saw just 3 days ago?
  5. stonewall

    Dalvin Cook says he is fine....Dr. Chao disagrees

    I'm flexing him in 2 must-win games, over the likes of Hyde, Scarborough, Laird, and Darwin. FF is all about reading the tea leaves, using your best judgement, and then just rolling the dice....and hoping for snake-eyes.
  6. stonewall

    Week 14 Scoop and Play WR

    Yup, didn't include him because I figured that he was probably not available in most leagues. I am actually starting him in one game this week (not a must-win), and holding him on the bench in another in favor of Ashlon. Mostly just hoping that he returns to form. He was a beast in the first two weeks of the season. If he does, he will probably be in my championship game in week 16 (if I win week 15). That 4.2 speed is nasty.
  7. stonewall

    Dalvin Cook says he is fine....Dr. Chao disagrees

    That's the point. Vikes have been very misleading about this entire situation. His injury was listed as a 'chest' ailment on Wednesday's report, which differs from his initial shoulder diagnosis — notable since he was limited from a lingering chest injury in practice last week. Most probably a SC joint injury, as Dr. Chao initially pointed out Monday night after seeing Cook's reaction to the rather bland hit he sustained that caused the fumble and for him to writhe around on the ground for several minutes. The SC joint is in the front where the collarbone meets the breastbone. There's not much cushion there at all, and it is said to be extremely painful to take a direct hit of any kind. This is also an area of the body that is considered quite risky to give any pre-game pain injections, because there are both arterial and airway structures in that immediate area. Lions will be quite aware of this. Maybe he will pull an Emmitt Smith and rub some dirt on it and play well. Frankly, I will be surprised if he plays at all. In other words, both he and Mattison are risky starts....but I'm rolling Mattison unless I see Cooks taking full practices.
  8. stonewall

    Week 14 Scoop and Play WR

    Hard to believe that the playoffs are upon us, and that this is the last regular season game in many FF leagues....but, alas, it is true. Therefore, I will run one more 2019 Scoop and Play WR thread. As always, feel free to add your own. (Caveat: I often don't know what I am talking about) Parris Cambell - Colts A blue-chip second rounder outta Ohio State and pre-season fantasy darling, Cambell has had a mostly forgettable rookie season. Well...let's just say downright forgettable.....albeit injury plagued. In fact, he has managed exactly 15 receptions for 115 yards and a TD. However, his last game played before a hand injury sidelined him for a month was also his best game, catching 5 of 5 targets for 53 yards. He is back to practicing in full this week, and right in time....the Colts receiving corp is getting super-thin. Campbell has a shot to overtake both Marcus Johnson and Ashton Dulin immediately upon return while T.Y. Hilton (calf) remains sidelined for the foreseeable future, and Chester Rogers is on IR. Pascal, a former scoop-and-play nominee from earlier in the season, is still there and had a great game last week, but has been wildly inconsistent. Not to mention, Cambell gets the favorable draw of Tampa Bay, who have been sieve-like against opposing WR's, having given up 16 TD's to WR's in the last 7 games. And for those of you that don't know, he ran a 4.31 forty at the NFL Combine, so he has the long-speed to take the top off suspect secondaries....which from a fantasy standpoint is Mmm-Mmm good. Prediction: 5/89/1 Deep Dive: Allen "Hit Man" Hurns - Dolphins Ah, yes, let's not forget about The Hit Man. Of course, DeVante Parker has been getting all the press, and rightly so. He has finally shown some of that ability that we have all been waiting years for. However, with Preston Williams long gone, Jakeem Grant on IR, and Albert Wilson being a total non-factor outta the slot (4th in routes run last week), that leaves Hurns in a potentially good spot against the Jets secondary, whom you might recall gave up 4 TD's at home to the Giants just a couple of weeks ago. Fitzmagic is feeling it right now, in what could possibly be his farewell tour, and the Dolphin run game is nonexistent. You might also be surprised to know that Hurns led all Dolphin receivers with 36 routes run in week 13. So, if you feel like throwing a hail mary in the last regular season game, turn to Hurns....even if it burns. Prediction: 4/63/1
  9. stonewall

    Dalvin Cook says he is fine....Dr. Chao disagrees

    Well, fortunately, Cook obviously has a high pain threshold!
  10. stonewall

    What do you need tonight ?

    Heck yeah....and won, to boot. I saw you recommending Carson to the naysayers in a few threads last week. Good call.
  11. stonewall

    Yahoo commish help? Locked teams?

    If that doesn't work, there is another way (at least in my league): Click "Commissioner" then "League Settings" then "Edit League Settings" then "Lock (or Unlock) Eliminated Teams"
  12. stonewall

    Yahoo commish help? Locked teams?

    In my Yahoo league in which I am also Commish, I always have the option of locking/unlocking teams from adding/dropping. From league home page click "Commissioner" then "Manage Other Teams" then "Lock (or Unlock) Teams" Hope that helps.....
  13. stonewall

    Darwin Thompson, RB Chiefs

    KC backfield = NE backfield
  14. stonewall

    Dalvin Cook says he is fine....Dr. Chao disagrees

    I deem Mattison as a top-priority add where he's available. As a non-Cook owner, I have had Mattison stashed in 4 of 5 leagues, since Cook does have an "injury history". I could be wrong of course, but I'm smelling a potential Conner/Howard-like situation here. Even if Cook tries to go (which he unsuccessfully did this week after two-weeks post-injury), he could be knocked out of a game easily......and defensive players will be trying to make a point of it. If so, Mattison could be a league-winner. Vikes have a great o-line and he has proven to be more-than-capable in his limited duties thus far. I would advise anyone on the fence to go go all-in to secure him.