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  1. stonewall

    L Murray top 12 rb this week?

    Tough calls. Personally, I would roll with Lat over both.....based on projected volume, and the fact that he dos catch the ball outta the backfield. He should be the bell cow, whereas both Coleman and The Motor will be sharing. With that said, I get the feeling that Singletary could really go off Sunday.....so nothing is cut and dried in my mind.
  2. stonewall

    1 DEF for ROS ??

    I'm not....but lost bets can be heartbreakers.
  3. stonewall

    1 DEF for ROS ??

    Always the hardest part...
  4. stonewall

    L Murray top 12 rb this week?

    Career -137 /463 /1 (3.3 ypc)
  5. stonewall

    L Murray top 12 rb this week?

    .....or it could be 38-35
  6. stonewall

    Lazard. Flex-worthy-or-better?

    Kumerow is the add. Stars have finally aligned.
  7. stonewall

    1 DEF for ROS ??

    Careful Weeps.....nobody wants to hear that.
  8. stonewall

    1 DEF for ROS ??

    With all due respect, that hardly seems worthy of a mic drop after 6 weeks......and lest you forget, FF is not about "what have you done for me lately", but rather about "what will you do for me ROS" Don't count your money just yet.
  9. stonewall

    L Murray top 12 rb this week?

    I'd roll Murray. Think he's more likely to score than Breida....with Coleman back in the mix.
  10. stonewall

    1 DEF for ROS ??

    Back to ROS defenses. Don't have any shares of NE, but am rolling Bills and SF in all leagues.
  11. stonewall

    1 DEF for ROS ??

    Well, if Jamal Williams stays healthy, good luck with Jones being a RB1 ROS. Come on, man....are you suggesting that? I'd be looking to sell that sum buck like a Buick that has started shifting hard. After the way Williams played last week, he is gonna be a constant part of that offense. Yes, Jones will still have some good games....but even low RB1 status seems very far fetched. Yes, schedule is pretty decent, except for SF in week 12....but FF playoff schedule looks rough, with Bears and Vikes. Raiders this week are not necessarily pushovers either. (Edit: Warning....I have thus far been unsuccessful in prognosticating RB's named Williams.)
  12. stonewall

    L Murray top 12 rb this week?

    Guys, Lat Murray is a competent RB. I only own Kamara in one league, but have Lat in all them....drafted him for this very scenario, didn't you? He has proven to be quite capable of RB1 fantasy days when fed the rock. No, the Bears aren't the greatest matchup in the world, but he is gonna get plenty of work.....which is what we hope for in this age of many RBBC's. Starting with confidentiality.
  13. stonewall

    Darnold ROS

    Seems a little overly optimistic up in here, but am gonna be rolling him and/or Josh Allen whilst Mahomie is out. Anderson, DT, Crowder and Bell are legit weapons. However, that defense is also capable, so I don't foresee many shootouts. Bell is getting ready to eat.
  14. stonewall

    Patrick Mahomes - Dislocated Kneecap

    One factor that I haven't heard discussed is the fact that a Mahomie-led KC offense was struggling mightily to run the ball or keep him upright long enough to be Showtime. The line has been a sieve, and very poor at run-blocking, as well. Yes, having Hill back certainly helps matters....but as a Mahomie owner in nearly every league, I will not be rushing out to snag Moore. Not to say that KC won't steal a game or two in his absence, but I believe that this offense struggles in every area....except Buttkicker.
  15. stonewall

    Instant Fantasy Analysis - QB Patrick Mahomes II, Chiefs

    New Player Note Thu, Oct 17 Patrick Mahomes has been diagnosed with a dislocated right kneecap. Advice: NFL.com's James Palmer reports that Mahomes has avoided a fracture, but that further testing is required to determine if there's any ligament damage. A short absence is in play, but the same remains true for a lengthy one. Mahomes should undergo an MRI on Friday, and we figure to know the results within the next 18 hours. More: James Palmer on Twitter (Rotoworld.com)