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  1. stonewall

    A truly great idea: Give back to fantasy

    I would really like to.....but during the Festivus holiday, on behalf of my family members, friends and coworkers, already donated all my available charitable money to The Human Fund.
  2. stonewall

    I refuse to call it “The Ship”.

    Went down with the ship, eh?
  3. stonewall

    Thanks FFToday !!Champion Back to Back

    Congrats, my man......makes it all worth it.
  4. stonewall

    Packers at Vikings: In-Game Discussion

    I feel you, Mike. That's friggin' rough......for crying out loud. That dropped TD by Adams at the end of the 1st half cost me a game. Lost by 4 points. He catches that pass 9 times outta 10.
  5. stonewall

    What's the thoughts on David Montgomery?

    Congratulations to Axe on winning our $25 bet. DMont, indeed, will not finish top12. Flirted around with top 20 off and on, but simply couldn't get it done, plain and simple. No excuses necessary. As a man of my word, I will pay you your winnings....simply PM me your paypal address. Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.
  6. stonewall

    Packers at Vikings: In-Game Discussion

    All the sudden the GB defense is looking like the 85 Bears.
  7. stonewall

    Packers at Vikings: In-Game Discussion

    In his defense, the blocking has been horrid. LaDarius Smith is 3 yards in the backfield every play.
  8. stonewall

    Packers at Vikings: In-Game Discussion

    Good grief....snoozer Let's see some offense, for crying out loud.
  9. stonewall

    Packers at Vikings: In-Game Discussion

    Break one to the house, buddy....
  10. stonewall

    Mike Boone anyone?

    Mattison inactive. Fire up your Boone's https://www.twincities.com/2019/12/23/vikings-rb-alexander-mattison-inactive-against-packers-with-ankle-injury/
  11. In two championship games and, oddly, need almost the exact same thing in both. Opponent is done, and I have Boone. About 70 total yards and a TD will win both titles. 50/50 chance. (special tip of the hat to D. Washington who filled in admirably for Derrick "The Wuss" Henry)
  12. stonewall

    DeAndre Washington - FF Playoff Hero or Zero?

    Hero. Well, kinda. Suitable fill-in for wuss Henry.
  13. stonewall

    Championship weekend FU thread

    So.....Carson is averaging 5 ypc and you give him 8 touches in the first half??
  14. stonewall

    Mike Boone anyone?

    This ^ https://www.rotoworld.com/football/nfl/player/50161/alexander-mattison ESPN's Adam Schefter reports Alexander Mattison (questionable, ankle) is not expected to play Week 16 against the Packers. Now assured of a playoff spot (San Francisco eliminated the Rams with Saturday's victory), there's no reason for Mattison to push it at less than 100 percent. Schefter confirms it will be the Mike Boone Show when the Vikings renew their long-standing rivalry with Green Bay Monday in Minneapolis. Slated for workhorse usage against a Packers defense that has allowed the ninth-most rushing yards per game, Boone checks all the RB2 boxes for Week 16. RELATED: Mike Boone SOURCE: Adam Schefter on Twitter Dec 22, 2019, 9:12 AM ET
  15. No worries, mate Perhaps.....although I tend to think it could possibly help him or, at worst, be a net neutral. Brees has been on fire, and without a reliable running game to keep him off the field, Tanny may have to sling it around a bit more, and also throw mare passes to RB's like Lewis and/or Blasingame. Best of luck to you.