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  1. stonewall


    If so, he sure coulda used them last night.....
  2. stonewall

    Patriots @ Chiefs AFC Championship Thread

    Well, the Hoodie did take out Hill and Kelce, Watkins was the best KC WR and Williams had a decent day, esp catching the ball. However, KC could get NO real pressure on the Goat.....none. You don't hit Brady, you don't beat Brady. Gronk and Edelman really came through, and Mahomie had far too many errant throws. However, the Pats victory can directly be attributed to four things: 1. The refs. That phantom roughing call on Brady was brutal, and very likely changed the outcome of the game. 2. The idiot KC defender, Dee Ford, lining up way offsides on the late Brady int. He was looking right down the line at the ball too. Inexcusable. 3. The luck of an OT coinflip. When NE won the flip, the game was over. KC defense was gassed and demoralized....and we've seen this movie before. 4. KC o-line couldn't protect Mahomie, but Pats o-line kept Brady untouched all night...on the road against the best sack team in the league, no less. Those hawgs, though mostly overlooked, are the true reason the Pats advance. They had a stellar performance.
  3. People said the same thing about Arian Foster after his late season showing in 2009.... Of course, you may be right....time will tell. However, I believe that 10 yard TD run against Indy in the 1st quarter last week was a glimpse of just how special he could be.
  4. Would love to own D. Williams next season, but maybe I'm the only one who thinks that we haven't heard the last of Spencer Ware.? He looked pretty good post-Hunt, before his injury. if I draft Williams, I will also need to own Ware...assuming no drastic changes in the KC backfield. Although his biggest supporter this year, I certainly feel you are justified in dropping The Tasmanian Devil, Phillip Lindsay. I simply can't ignore his startling drop-off in production during the last few games, and Freeman is still lurking around. Also, absolutely love what Carson did in Seattle this year, and the first pick of round three sounds okay.....although Penny really dulls the Carson shine for me a bit. Penny is a legit talent and, if healthy all year, I gotta believe he will eat substantially into Carson's production (as compared with this season). Again, one would need to own both backs in redraft leagues, making ownership of the Seahawk's backfield pretty pricey.
  5. stonewall

    Patriots @ Chiefs AFC Championship Thread

    Keys to a Chiefs win: Offensively - Sammy Watkins and Damien Williams. The Hoody can't take out all of KC's weapons, but will likely focus on Hill/Kelce. Now healthy and rested, Watkins has the skillz to dominate, and must step up big in this one. Conley/Robinson/Benjamin must also take advantage of any opportunities they get. Williams (with some Ware mixed in) must establish the run game early, not only to keep the clock running, but to also make the Hoody cheat the safety up and make him think twice about blitzing. If a KC lead is established....keep the hammer down. We all saw what happened to the Falcons in the SB a couple of years ago. This shouldn't be a problem with Reid coaching. Defensively - Must take James White out as much as possible. He is Brady's security blanket. Must also have success getting in Brady's face right up the gut.....A and B gap pressure must get home to disrupt the GOAT. He is obviously not mobile like Mahomie, and that weakness must be exploited. It's his only real weakness (along with no longer being able to deliver the long-ball). Obviously, Brady is playing with a major chip on his shoulder for motivation, which makes him extra-dangerous. The few times that he has lost in the post-season resulted from defenses contacting him early and often. KC 34 Pats 30
  6. Let's face it....like the Cowboys, the Chargers simply are not capable of meaningful post-season success, as currently composed and coached.
  7. stonewall

    Rams/ Boys

    CJ's the man. Anyone who can keep Gurley on the bench is da man. Panthers should be horse-whipped for not using him more to spell CMac, who they ran completely into the ground for nothing.....and then turned around and released CJ. Of course, you would expect the Raiders to lack the foresight to use/keep him. Anderson carried me to 5 week 16 fantasy Championships in the last 2 seasons...so, of course, he will forever be da man as far as I am concerned.
  8. stonewall

    Josh Rosen

    Maybe Kingsbury can talk management into drafting Kyler Murray at #1, then trading Rosen for a mid-1st draft pick...in which they can use to get a good offensive tackle, like Greg Little. If he is gone, they could draft Cody Ford, who was Murray's teammate at OU. They could even make a play for another Sooner, WR Hollywood Brown, to pair with Kirk. (I don't even like the Sooners, but they just happen to be sending out some talent this year) Some will slam me for suggesting Murray at #1 overall.....but were doing the same for my suggesting Mayfield #1 last year, as well. Even being a bit "vertically challenged", I believe that he can be something special if in the right situation....and playing under Kingsbury with DJ as his back could definitely be that situation.
  9. stonewall

    Cardinals set to hire Kliff Kinsbury as head coach

    ...and Johnny Football! ...unfortunately, they still have Rosen. He is not good. They should make a play for Foles.
  10. stonewall

    Chargers at Ravens: In-Game Discussion

    BTW, that Gordon ball was clearly coming loose before he hit the ground. Extremely questionable call.
  11. stonewall

    Chargers at Ravens: In-Game Discussion

    Chargers win.....unless they put Flacco in and he somehow pulls off the miracle
  12. stonewall

    Chargers at Ravens: In-Game Discussion

    Fumble.... but they won't get the TD because it was blown dead
  13. stonewall

    Ke'Shawn Vaughn - And Some Other Names To Remember

    Another RB to keep in mind is Benny Snell Jr. outta Kentucky. In the right situation he could definitely flourish. The only knock I see with him is the fact that he doesn't catch the ball much outta the backfield. However, on the plus size, he has great size (223), superb vision, and excellent power through the hole. The averaged 5.2 ypc in his 3 years as a Wildcat, gaining over 1,000 yards on the ground each season, and played the pivotal role in defeating Penn State in the Citrus Bowl (26/144/2). I also like the fact that he decided to finish with his team in a "meaningless" Bowl game. In fact, they wouldn't have won without him.
  14. stonewall

    Blake Jarwin - Take Note

    So was Derrick Henry...
  15. Well, he did keep HOF'er Kurt Warner on the bench.....