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  1. stonewall

    Fantasy Guru

    Same to you. Came back to see if you managed to pull out the win.....and saw in another thread that you did. Congrats on the comeback victory for the Ship. Forty points is a deep hole to dig out of, but those make for the sweetest victories.
  2. stonewall

    Miami isn't ready for prime time.........or

    Lost their magic....their Fitzmagic.
  3. stonewall

    Fantasy Guru

    Woulda been nice in week 14, when I needed him in another league, but better late than never. Glad he came through for you. Sounds like you have a fighter's chance now. See you homies in a few months, Lord-willing. I'm out....
  4. stonewall

    Fun Fact

    ....but apparently not very 2021. McCarthy not challenging the "catch" by Pettis that put NYG's in FG range in the 4th quarter sunk the Boys, putting them behind 4 points instead of one. Cost me $20....but easy come/easy go, as they say. Now, I just need to figure out how to waste the other 1,180. Maybe bet on the Giants to win SB before the Redskin game tonight, lol.
  5. stonewall

    Need one QB and one RB????

  6. stonewall

    RBs and Team Def picks

    Would be Dobbins, Gordon, and Redskins for me
  7. stonewall

    Flex help

    That is actually a very tough choice. Tonyan has only 2 and 3 targets the last two games, but had scored in 5 straight before last week, and gets the Bears who bleed points to TE's....including giving up 67 yards and a TD to Tonyan a few weeks ago. Bernard got outshined by Perine last week on the ground, but still had a good fantasy day, including 6 catches on 7 targets. So, it looks like Perine may have snagged the gig of goal line carries. Coin flip. I suppose that I would probably roll out Bernard since he will most likely touch the ball more, thereby giving him a statistically better chance of breaking one.
  8. stonewall

    Fantasy Guru

    He could very well have a great game....if The Hoodie will just feed him. Good luck to you
  9. stonewall

    Fantasy Guru

    I did, indeed. Doesn't help that TyMont played for the Jets last year, only to be replaced by TyJohn....good grief. Roll out TyMont for the upside play, Weeps....unless TyJohn is available, of course. Heck, where's Pierre Thomas or Tim Hightower when you need them? Chris Ivory?
  10. stonewall

    Week 17 Bench List

  11. stonewall

    Fantasy Guru

    Fixed. Researching TyMont at the same time....been a long season
  12. stonewall

    Week 17 Bench List

    Well, averaging -4 yards/carry this season isn't that terrible.... However, let's take our minds back to week 15 of 2016, when he was a league winner...16/162/2 against Da Bears. So, you're saying that there's a chance?
  13. stonewall

    Fantasy Guru

    Well, I'm no Guru, but I'll take a stab. Darwin Thompson worries me in KC and Mattison worries me in Minny. One (or both) of Ty and Sony are gonna have a good game. I think Michel is the more talented back, and he has averaged 7.4 and 6.9 yards/carry the last two weeks, but because of game script has only gotten 10 carries each game. They shouldn't fall behind too badly against NYJ's, and Damien Harris is out, so he could produce big if given 20 touches. The drawback is the possibility of Cam stealing goal line touches. On the other side, Ty Johnson should have the show to himself this week with Gore and Perine out....with the only possible monkey wrench being Josh Adams. The only time this season when he was the featured back and received double-digit carries, he went 20/104/1, and added 2 catches for 13 yards....but it was against the Raiders. I have them basically even.....with maybe a slight lean towards Ty, but only because The Hoodie hasn't shown any willingness to stick with the run, even with a guy averaging 7 yards/carry the last two weeks.
  14. stonewall

    Logan Thomas worth a play this week?

    I like Hilton and Thomas equally....
  15. Sounds like a real tool. He may be celebrating Boston Scott too, with Sanders out. Scott has shown some late-season heroics before.