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  1. stonewall

    Ballege RB

    Missed more than I have hit, unfortunately....but thank you kindly. You've been around long enough, Ray, to understand that weekly lineup decisions are basically nothing more than educated hopes and guesses. Unfortunately, it looks like we may not get the desired clarity on Ballage. Only hazy information available. He remained limited today with a calf and an ankle, and looks like a gametime decision. Seems strange though, since he finished the game last week. The other wildcard is still Ekeler. The coach said today that he "has a chance" to be activated off IR and play Sunday. Doesn't logically seem likely....but who the heck knows. A real cluster, for sure. https://dknation.draftkings.com/2020/11/27/21722974/kalen-ballage-injury-update-game-status-week-12-chargers-vs-bills-fantasy-football-austin-ekeler
  2. Well, now, "most" might be a bit harsh. Although certainly inconclusive, I do know that of the last 5 people that I personally know that contracted the virus (attend the same church...with reduced crowds, social distancing, etc), 4 were full-time mask wearers. I have a theory for that, too. Yes, wearing a good mask can't help but to reduce the chance of viral exhalation/inhalation....but I do notice that mask wearers are constantly jacking with their mask, esp around the nose area. So, I must conclude that that is the most likely reason for virus contraction and infection. An infection that possibly might not have occurred if maskless. I'm just saying that not everything is so cut and dried, and lumping large segments of the populace into a realm of deplorables is probably not justified.
  3. stonewall

    Confidence in Brian Hill?

    Here's an article highlighting his progress, particularly in this year's training camp. Apparently, his pass-catching has been a point of emphasis. https://www.atlantafalcons.com/news/brian-hill-looks-night-and-day-better-entering-2020-season
  4. stonewall

    Confidence in Brian Hill?

    It's true...Falcons just haven't been passing to RB's much this year, including Gurley-man. That being said, Hill is capable of being a receiving back....but most times, a tiger doesn't change it's stripes.
  5. stonewall

    QB 2: Tannehill or Jones

    Jones. His weekly rushing upside is for real....
  6. stonewall

    More upside in the flex: Hines or Slayton?

    Thanks. I was just lucky to be able to grab Hill. Happened to be sitting at my computer when the news came through about Gurley-man. Not super-stoked about it, but he does have some of that upside that I was shooting for....sometimes RB's getting their late-season shot really ball out. It's, literally, their chance at a great future payday. Won't be surprised to see him flop either.
  7. stonewall

    Week 12 Scoop and Play WR

    No doubt. He's not available everywhere, but in shallower leagues he would be a great scoop with Smoke out.
  8. stonewall

    More upside in the flex: Hines or Slayton?

    Now Brian Hill is in the mix. Still say Slayton?
  9. stonewall

    Which two would u play?

    Safe floor - Hill and Sheppard Upside - Hill and Deebo. Tough matchup, but with Aiyuk out, gotta think Deebo will produce.
  10. stonewall

    Brady Or Carr ?

    Would agree with Carr....but it's close. That KC game could become a classic shootout.
  11. stonewall

    Confidence in Brian Hill?

    How about a RB1?
  12. stonewall

    Scoop and play RB week 12

    Some seem to think so: https://steelerswire.usatoday.com/2020/11/25/pittsburgh-steelers-baltimore-ravens-espn-john-clayton-jk-dobbins-mark-ingram-nfl-2020/
  13. stonewall

    Confidence in Brian Hill?

    Cautiously optimistic. Raiders can be run on. Flexing him in in 3 leagues. He's a big upgrade from limp-kneed Gurley-man, and has produced when given ample opportunity. My only hesitancy is the fact that Itto and Ollison are lurking around. You may remember that Ollison was the goal-line man last year, before they acquired Gurley-man to fill that role this season....and he was pretty darn good at it too.
  14. stonewall

    Week 12 Scoop and Play WR

    Warming up to Shenalt this week as a scoop-and-play. I looked up Glennon's game logs since he entered the league. He ain't Mahomie....but he ain't Ryan Leaf either. Robinson is gonna shine, but I could see Shenault making some hay too...esp in the short passing game and YAC. Think I'll plug him in.
  15. stonewall

    Scoop and play RB week 12

    Yup.....X3 You are NEWPOSERGUY!!!