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Thinking too much? Double up on TE or RB

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Ok, If and I say if Olsen goes... bare with me on a couple scenarios. I could go:

RB: Jordan Howard, freeman

TE: Olsen or Hunter Henry

Flex: Perine


Or could start both TE (1 as flex) and sit which RB? Perine @ Chargers or Howard @ Cincinnati?


I know there is risk w Olsen and Henry has been hot. Reports said he sat due to the turf and he just needs to work through some pain... the Home grass and playoff push tells me he will go.


What day you on the scenarios? Thx

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I just say to leave it with Henry in and Olsen out.




has only 18 yrds first game, 10 in second before he's injured.

Hadn't played in 8 weeks.

Comes back and only has 1 catch

Skips a game because of his foot


None of those happenings leads me to believe that Olsen is worth a start over fairly decent point scorers . Henry is hard to argue for considering he didn't do jack squat when I had him but if Rivers is hot then you kinda got go with his hot hand in this scenario, imo.

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Right now I would agree with the post above.


Hard too place trust into Olsen.

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