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Kid screams for entire 8 hour flight.

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59 minutes ago, wiffleball said:

I'm sorry, this pisses me off on a regular basis. Rules are rules. There are very strict rules about behavior on flights. We seen people dragged off for no good f****** reason. But this kid gets to stay? Oh hell no. If he can be old enough to fly, he has to be old enough to abide by the rules.

Either that, or stop cutting my liquor off. I'm not the one losing my chit and acting like a child, dammit.

Or this one... you or I have strict carry on limits in terms of how much sh!t we can bring.

But parents with a kid? Sure, bring the stroller, 47 bags, whatever.

And the people who buy a bunch of sh!t at the duty free store, doesn't seem to apply to them either (this is very common in Asia).

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13 hours ago, Cloaca du jour said:

Did anyone think he had maybe an ear infection and and the pressure change hurt like hell?

With really young kids, bring a pacifier and a bottle.  The sucking helps relieve the pressure in the ears caused by ascent and descent.

With older kids, make sure you bring gum for them to chew on during ascent and descent.

Kids don't normally cry unless there is an issue.  Now tantrums, that is a different story.  

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