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  1. RLLD

    Salad toppings

    I do like some japs on mine
  2. RLLD

    Favorite wing sauce

    Franks for sure, mix in some butter..... yum
  3. RLLD

    Bucs @ Packers

    I am glad they lost after that little stunt. But, Tom Brady is the biggest pvssy dooshbag in the history of the NFL, it sucks to see him win because he is such an insufferable pr!ck
  4. RLLD

    Life/College advice for teens

    My kids have been through it a bit, the eldest was the athlete and recruited by over 36 schools, but there is very little money for kids who are not. Our chip football or basketball stars. the big money is in scholarships, and there is tons of it out there, start research now, go after everything, it’s amazing just how much you can capture. do not go to the big popular schools, complete waste of money, find something inexpensive and just get that undergrad, he’ll even if it’s in general studies that is fine, then specialize with the masters degree. There are a small set of labor categories that want the undergrad to be technical if the masters is, but that’s not the norm Staying on campus is ok, so long as it’s not some liberal school with sjw focus, stay far away from that sh1t
  5. It’s my daughter she will probably end up entering the JAG program, no combat for her I have spent some time with the SEALS, combined training exercises during a CAX, good people, I applied but was denied after a psych eval
  6. 1) when Jamie sommers died in the parachute jump (six million dollar man) 2) final episode of China beach 3) when colonel Blake’s plane crashed and he died (mash) 4) when bay watch ended
  7. RLLD

    Coronavirus - Doomsday

    Social media has really failed us, allowing China to lie, allowing democrats to lie and promote violence and muzzling non leftists sick
  8. Eventually the government will run out of other peoples money
  9. Hard to say, the only chain of command that mattered to me was within the battalion. anyone else was just excess in my opinion. I served for the idea of America, which despite its many imperfections was still the best thing going i don’t have a problem with people working to improve it of course, but the current approach to tear it down bothers me
  10. RLLD

    Russia is about to have a civil war!

    The people of this country have become the biggest pvssies in the world, it’s really discouraging. even those chords in antics are secretly punch you and run away pvssies
  11. Democrat leftists have been able to enact vile actions without repercussions, and it has emboldened them. Eventually the hubris they are showing will lead to them overstepping, and the people might just wake up
  12. RLLD

    Russia is about to have a civil war!

    The Russian form of cancellation, death. Our leftists haven’t progressed there yet.
  13. Why would Biden capitulation to the Chinese be a surprise, we all knew this about him going into this thing. He was already bought by them years ago.
  14. I did my time in military service, each branch has its nuances, but the simple truth of being used as a tool for the powerful remains. One of my kids is entering the Naval Academy this year and I hope for the best, but also acknowledge that politicians like Biden are the worst kind of leaders.
  15. RLLD

    [** Official President Joe Biden Thread **]

    I do have low tolerance for liars, especially ones who hurt the least fortunate