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  1. RLLD

    Cancel Target

    It is perhaps less comfortable for liberals to get some of their own medicine.
  2. RLLD

    Russia Issues Arrest Warrant For Lindsey Graham

    Is Clinton collaborating with Russia again?
  3. RLLD

    Marine doing Marine sh!t

    What happend to me focking too? Belive all women, gues that sh!t just gets tossed aside when one of your precios folk get caiught....no sh!t eh....classic simp move, word and shzt, in a forward position, no one else aroudn, I would molest you and when you complained would steal ytour gear, then lock you in the latrine and toss in, lauigh while you cry hehahah
  4. I have been all over, some cool, some shIITholes Blue hole in jamaica is pretty cool. But one of the underrated places is the western adriatic....focking monte negro and croatia and sh!t.....fock yeah, back in the day I did underhganded sh!t in the zone, so focking what, spent time moving thrtough the bush, I can tell you its just gorgous there..... god I am drunk
  5. Dood, cite me when you use my sh!y. fock, I am duink....
  6. RLLD

    January 6th Insurrection = Complete Bull

    Let's talk about that first point. You mention that being attributed to Maoism is ridiculous and offensive, I will now ask you to then repudiate the linkage of republicans in facism in the same way. Now, there are parallels between the two. If Mao had not suppressed dissent and allowed for criticism of his pursuits, things may have gone better. The main reason those people died was that once it was clear the situation was not workable no one said a word, no one dared to challenge.....and that is liberalism today..... Liberals do want to reinvent the world. That is part and parcel, progressivism is the push to change and evolve, and conservatism is to instead retain that which is known to work. Pretending that we can magically change our gender, or that white people are the problem, all of this is just farcical nonsense. Society has improved and will continue to do so, never achieving "perfection". But this business of words being violence, and speaking out for what you beleive in is white supremacy or what ever, its a dark place to be......
  7. If you are waiting for a liberal to admit being wrong, you might want to sit down.....
  8. I believe there is a name for this, and there are plenty of these, they are considered extra holy or something. Somehere there was a child verion of one of these where the eyes seemed to open on their own.
  9. RLLD

    January 6th Insurrection = Complete Bull

    You are first assuming that is what Mao wanted, in truth he did not. He simply felt that he knew more than anyone else, and no opposition to his notions of what was true was permitted. Therefore where opposition arose it was shut down, and people implemented what he wanted. Of course we can see clearly now that he was clearly wrong, as did sane people then....but again, opposition was suppressed. The parallel being that Mao thought he could reinvent humanity, and just decide what it was and what was true. This is the same nonsense espoused by liberals today. So, setting aside your strawman, we need to understand that while it was the bad ideas that led to the negative outcomes......those ouctomes were secured when smart and sane people who objected were silenced.
  10. RLLD

    January 6th Insurrection = Complete Bull

    Agree, the term is widely misused. I think a far more tangible line can be drawn between the liberals of today and Mao ; Ref: Rink Mao killed his fair share with catatrophic ideology, the left seem intent to repeat those mistakes.
  11. Port Chester Whooping Cranes
  12. At least then his life would matter i guess
  13. Don't forget the teachers union, they stated her actions were fine..... You see, when you think the way they like then your violence is more than justified, it is enlightened and moral. Violence against your ideological opponents is emerging as central to liberalism today.