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  1. RLLD

    SI Swimsuit Issue, did we discuss this?

    Agree, and I would welcome that same action from Democrats, but I do not believe they will do this anytime soon.
  2. RLLD

    SI Swimsuit Issue, did we discuss this?

    No i get it. But here is the rub. The expectation that response in kind is just off the table because you object to the behavior does not work for me. The left gets away with too much. I surmise that giving back that which is dished out offers some prospect to deal more directly. And when it has been done I think the results are positive.
  3. RLLD

    SI Swimsuit Issue, did we discuss this?

    Right, because when Democrats/Liberals do it they should have sole access to that? This is one of those early lessons most people learn, that "do unto others thing"....you see when it is done by one group to another, then it that means all can do it. I get that you might not like it, that is unfortunate, but as long as Democrats continue to play the game then the rest of us can too. Or they can stop....and start being rational.
  4. It was as if he knew what he was doing would force them to change those algorithms and they would out themselves. I love it.
  5. Ruh Roh, you start giving the left back what it dishes out and they get to call you hypocrit for calling them out. You see if you object to something you just have to sit back and take it, never say a word and if you do it back then YOU are evil for doing the very same thing being done to you. Classic narcissist behavior
  6. RLLD

    White supremacist murder spree in Buffalo

    The truth keeps hitting this little issue.....
  7. RLLD

    Biden's Ministry of TRUTH!

    I am glad this attempt appears to have been thwarted. I think the Democrats assume they can be as totalitarian as they want behind their fake veil of morality. I hope this has corrected that misconception. I have to imagine there was some kind of up welling of contact to the elected rep's for each state that reached the ear of Biden's handlers. Perhaps they understood that this one would harm to enough of an extent that they have to shelve it. I surmise that this is not over. The Democrats will continue to search for ways to suppress the truth and they will regroup to silence others.
  8. It shows his brilliance. It could lower the value and perhaps help him, I think if he backs out it would cost him what like a billion? I wonder what he is up to. This guy is two moves ahead of everyone
  9. RLLD

    White supremacist murder spree in Buffalo

    Not surprising white supremacy is the go to here, this one fits nicely into that category. You can hate on it but its the right move. And we can hate on Biden all we want, he played this one perfectly, rather the people dictating to him have used this one well. Give credit where it is due.
  10. RLLD

    SI Swimsuit Issue, did we discuss this?

    Yes we are. You have the politicization of everything. And people are easily manipulated, I think politicians across the board understand this. What I think we are now witnessing is the consequence of that indoctrination reaching into the government behaviors across the board. The FBI and DOJ being perverted. The emergence of heavily indoctrinated politicians such as AOC into the mainstream, and with that radical views that divide people more and more.
  11. RLLD

    SI Swimsuit Issue, did we discuss this?

    So then, participating in the discussion is not permitted.... partaking in the discussion is wrong....only Democrats can speak about race. That is truly an inspiring position to take. Mao would be proud.
  12. RLLD

    SI Swimsuit Issue, did we discuss this?

    Keeping pace with Democrats is not easy, but I manage to do so.
  13. RLLD

    SI Swimsuit Issue, did we discuss this?

    I think it is remarkable that we elevate feelings above fact. The inclination toward "beautiful at any size" is notably bad. It really showed during the COVID distribution of risk, and yet, it was actively ignored less one be called "fat shaming". So, let them die but do not harm their self perception. Let African Americans die, but do not police them or inhibit their violence.....less you be perceived as "racist" Pretty inane.
  14. Uhm,,,,thats a Republican talking point you white supremacist you!! I have to say, that the behaviors of those who lean left are pretty dark stuff.
  15. Pretty amazing that Elon Musk has not spent a penny and has managed to out so much of the Twitter corruption, and really out people who oppose free speech. It could also seem credible that he could destroy the company without every actually buying it.