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  1. RLLD

    If you're man enough

    Wait a minute, so lefties are now supporting cops? I will take that, thank god the insanity is over.
  2. Such a shame that all the progress put forth by conservative values is being eroded.
  3. RLLD

    Obesity is a much larger issue than Covid

    I self identify as a skinny person.....
  4. And people will probably send them stuff...... sigh
  5. RLLD

    Will Biden finish his term

    No, Trump was a dooshbag who said frat-boy stuff......but the economy was strong, prices were low, unemployment was low....and so I dont care...... If Biden were half the president of Trump I would have no issues with him, but he is a disaster by every tangible measure.
  6. Sofia Milos was half greek and I take her
  7. RLLD

    Tucker Carlson Thread

    He is effective at calling out liberal stupidity and hypocrisy. They cannot handle him on logic or facts so of course they turn to other means to silence him. Cannot have someone effective at calling our the ideology.
  8. Yeah, its old as dirt, but still hits....
  9. Oh that, hey, while we are at it perhaps we can create atmosphere on Mars and make it habitable, since we have the power of a god and what not....
  10. RLLD

    Obesity is a much larger issue than Covid

    It is now mainstream to never help people be healthy or better, and to suggest it is apparently a form of hate.....strange world...
  11. RLLD

    Meanwhile in Chicago....

    Maybe enough people will die that idiots are no longer elected.....
  12. RLLD

    Obesity is a much larger issue than Covid

    Liberals struggle with statistics. They sacrifice logic where reality does not further a socio-political agenda. While statistics tend to tell us that people need to be more active and control their diets better to avoid obesity....this might tend to hurt someones wittul feewings....and therefore they should be left to suffer, die early, bloat our medical expenses overall to avoid a huwt feewing.... It makes no sense, but lines up perfectly with their "logic" across all elements where they would rather have ACTUAL harm increase to feel better about themselves that they did something that mattered; when it really was just harmful and in no way helpful.