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  1. RLLD

    War in Israel

    I applaud Israel for not being "proportionate" and embracing their animal instincts so as to respond in kind. Leave the animalistic behaviors to the Palestidiots. That being said, the more Palestinians they can kill the better off the region will be
  2. RLLD

    War in Israel

  3. I think we can all agree that mental health is something of an issue for our culture. In part there is some elevation in social status, this incentivizes people defining themselves with these mental illnesses. But I also think we have lost our identity as a culture, and with it the kind of bonds that help us feel good in general. I surmise that many of those who are the most vocal and "out there" are those craving attention that normally would have been fed through other means.
  4. I did not detect the joke Carry on.....
  5. I have daughters. And perhaps one day, grand daughters. Purposeful exposure of them to men pretending to be women, is a bridge too far.
  6. JMHO....it was mostly fine, until they went after the kids....to me....that appears to have been the place where people stopped acquiescing.....
  7. I am absolutely, and without nuance, opposed to allowing men to compete with women, no matter how they feel about themselves. It is wrong.
  8. RLLD

    Elon Musk - Anti Semite

    I always appreciate your candor. I only wish more folks were able to see the world so clearly. I am non-plussed about watching the term anti-semetic be used so much at the moment. I think it infers intent where it likely should not be. Some of these folks I think ARE clearly hateful and anti-semetic, but if we look more closely, we can see plenty of liberals pushing back on these people. Which is warmly welcomed.
  9. The arrogance of people to assume they can control climate is just....remarkable....
  10. RLLD

    January 6th

    BLM is an insideous organization. Built upon a lie, it exploits fears that reside in marginalized segments while never lifting a finger for them. It was originated as a marcist entity with pointed opposition to western culture, a culture that has raised more people out of poverty than anything else seen in history. BLM is a blight on our society. Regardless of the manipulative usage of the moniker.....
  11. RLLD

    Elon Musk - Anti Semite

    I mostly agree with this. You have some reservations as to the application of "anti-semetic"....that it perhaps is being a little misused. I get that. Have you considered, from where this inclination to take a term and slop it around without restraint may have arisen? Does the act seem at all familiar?
  12. RLLD


    I agree with this.
  13. This is not correct. They are free to pretend to their hearts content. Thier biology, and with it the natural factors involved, will not change. Sure they can take pills, or desicrate their bodies...or just dress up.....that is just fine.... But they remain as they were created, regardless. I mean, its mostly harmless. But don't expect everyone to play along with the pretend stuff....
  14. RLLD

    January 6th

    I suspect it might be true that the Democrats were so keen to hide the full video to avoid the minimalization of those who did engage in acts that were inappropriate. I surmise that would likely be their rationale..... I do hope that for them(Democrats), there is some effort to exclude exculpatory evidence if THEY ever face prosecution..... unless it is of course....."rules for thee"