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  1. RLLD

    CEO Pava Marie LaPere

    Oh I see, you think that her being prosecuted makes what’s happening to Trump ok…. well, good luck with that. I might suggest you would few different if it were you being persecuted by government…. but since it’s happening to someone you dislike, you allow it…I wonder if that has happened before in history
  2. RLLD

    CEO Pava Marie LaPere

    It’s an odd thing to raise, since when I posted that she was already under prosecution. i surmise this is one of those instances where you pluck up an example to make it the rule, until that approach later refutes something you believe?
  3. RLLD

    June Mock 2024 - Check In

    I am in
  4. This is great news https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/article/2024/may/23/oregon-district-attorney-election-results
  5. RLLD

    CEO Pava Marie LaPere

    That ###### also fanned the flames around the Freddie grey sh!t too…. but she finally got hers…. https://apple.news/Ag4yhHZvsTeugdIW2Z8LEHA
  6. It may have risen, and I believe that were Trump in there, he would not have lied it away....IMHO..... and dealt with it. This is benefit of having someone not immersed in the political swamp. If we can get back to just simple common sense, I would take that, just an end to ongoing setup for misery.....
  7. Maher is good, but not thoroughly..... Megan Kelly called him out on the standard liberal lies which he has apparently consumed, and he is misinformed on a range of topics.
  8. Inflation may have arisen.....it can arise at any time..... something as simple as threatening the energy sector can cause it. But that is not so bad, as long as you recognize it and deal with it forthrightly.....if instead, you ignore it however, then is progressively gets worse....and then later....if you pretend is just temporary......it gets even worse....it can get so bad that you harm people. Then, any good that may be arising does not matter.....because you have harmed so many people, you cannot win the election.
  9. I get it that you disagree, all good, differing opinions will happen
  10. The economy is doing well....for who....? This is what seems lost on you.....the economy is fine if you are of means, but if you are not is is a disaster
  11. Actually .... First deny <------- WE ARE HERE then when caught.....minimize by saying "its just that one store" or "its isolated" as it spreads declare it to be a "right wing conspiracy theory" as it surges....blame Republicans....rinse.....repeat.... Finally throw out the "what does it matter now" to pretend we should just drop it. Source
  12. Perhaps the worst thing was “Inflation Reduction Act” misnamed on purpose, since it did not reduce, but instead fomented inflation, there were others, and I am frankly surprised you have no awareness of this, but it speaks to your insistence that what is happening is not true... Good Trump things Sadly, I have to head out to get ready for my trip to GITMO....dealing with some ancillary outcomes of the Biden fock up I spent a month fixing over in Syria.....but will catch back up when i get my R&R in puerto rico
  13. RLLD

    This economy is so bad

    Whoahhh....cant use the "R" word, Democrats say we should not use that....
  14. Yep, that is where I see it causing the harm....if it exists in the hills of butfock Arkansas, but is not harming people, we can get to that later. right now defending these people from democrats takes priority
  15. RLLD

    This economy is so bad

    Biden inherited a rather good economy, the economy was generally good under Trump, except for the Covid-induced recession Now, if you are all on on Biden, and consuming liberal media you might have the misperception that the economy was worse, but as with the standard lie from Biden along these lines, the truth ends up not being what you presume. His handling of a COVID-induced economy has no precedent, but his mismanagement of inflation was avoidable, and his lying about it really stands out.