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  1. What?!?! Those insenstitive pr!cks!! Who are they to deny people the right to sh!t where they please......horrible white patriarchy
  2. RLLD

    Children of color make up the majority........

    Yep, I think you captured us there
  3. God that is such a fell good moment, Nadler needs to go the fock away, corrupt pr!ck
  4. Uhm, from what I can see SHE wants to pick the president more than anyone else.....
  5. RLLD

    Children of color make up the majority........

    Peenie is not some hot cheetos at 7am girl....
  6. Well, he did give up a ton of cash in the NFL to be a dooshbag, so he might need some $$
  7. To be fair, she already outed herself as a liar, then doubled-down by using the mechanism of feminist hate against him and he called her out on it, what is he supposed to just sit there and let her sa what ever she wants about him? fock her.....
  8. It's like, how can we get even more people of wealth to move out of our welfare state, like hey....there is still more space to live on the street, so lets get some poor people defecating out there!!
  9. RLLD

    Oceans Are Warming People!

    It should cool it somewhat, Pinatubo cooled the planet for maybe a year or so, rather drastically. But eventually planetary processes take over again, there is a balancing effect that tends to arise if the planet cools or warms too much whereby natural processes "right the ship", the problem typically arises when a singular massive impact event happens, then the system can take a long time to self-right
  10. RLLD


    It's friggin hilarious......
  11. Denny's sucked period, I stopped going there years before that event because I had the same experience as well, but I didn't cry about it, just stopped going there.....I think this world needs a large meteor hit, honestly.....
  12. RLLD

    Children of color make up the majority........

    Not a bad ploy....if you can use it, use it, the system is built to allow it
  13. Right, it cant have anything at all to do with his character, irrespective of his color.....