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  1. 100% My first respond would have been "dead"
  2. I like the way Brand approaches how the propagandists at CNN attempt to manipulate by painting the narrative from only one perspective, and I think he really hits the mark. Media has been failing us for some time now.
  3. RLLD

    Meanwhile in Chicago....

    655 deaths..... not one protest, how odd....
  4. Well, in the Broncos you have a head coach who is essentially a defensive coordinator, trying to coach a team with a rash of injuries, an anemic offense and a false sense of being big bad bullies when they are really soft.....maybe Fanzio should misdirect by whining about the Ravens a little more.
  5. The Broncos opinion of themselves as a team is wayyyy out of alignment...
  6. Uh oh, someone is whining about me again....
  7. RLLD

    Gabby Petito

    I think so. There was a movie years back called Teenage Dirtbag that delved into that topic. But yeah, I think there is likely a way to do just this....
  8. To be fair, I don't bother with the NBA....so the WNBA is also not on my watch list.
  9. RLLD

    Gabby Petito

    Have his parents come out yet to declare "he was always such a good boy, he never hurt nobody....."?
  10. I think we should not pollute the purity of Haiti with our whiteness, since they are so adept at managing their situation, we should shield them from our western values....
  11. RLLD

    Alec Baldwin killed a woman

    When virtue signalling comes back to haunt you...
  12. RLLD


    You know it by its former name, Prestige International
  13. I really do not understand why anyone would go to that place I mean, it is THE anus of the world..... If you go to Haiti and get kidnapped that is on you, we arent going to waste time on stupid.