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  1. RLLD

    Silent Majority Becoming a Bit More Vocal!!

    We need a viable third party, honestly.....
  2. Isn’t it interesting that the party of slavery, Jim Crow, planned parenthood, and criminalization of black men.....pulls back police....the main obstacle to blacks murdering each other in large numbers? i mean, could they make this ANY more obvious??
  3. https://youtu.be/CJKHL4X0Ifs she changes as she goes.....no hiding
  4. People who hate Jews are entertaining, but why do they burn crosses all the time?
  5. Luckily, he wont need to, the entire premise of the Patriots system is to negate the inadequacies of the players, worked well of other Qb's not named Brady as well, no reason to believe it cant make Newton look better than he actually is.
  6. I thought both made some solid points. Good discussion.
  7. I think this is also true, our net outcome from the Obama-era divisiveness is that we no longer talk to each other.
  8. Mine has been defending much over the last few months, and was a little defensive about it all, within the last three weeks, MAJOR shift.......she really dislikes guns, but does not give me grief about my collection.....she asked me if I felt like I had enough rounds......and then told me she was calling around to see where we could get more....I am like.....HHHOOOOLLLLLLYY SHITTTTTT
  9. I sorta want to have an NFL season, but if it were to be true that all those players who want to kneel for a terrorist group (BLM or Antifa) were to starve in the street, I could live with that too. It would suck, but I can live without sports.
  10. My wife is a staunch liberal, and we do not always agree on political factors.....lately, she has looked at the Democrats/Liberals with disgust, its a startling transformation.
  11. Meh, he would likely win only 8 or 9 games, dood is not the guy to dump the ball over and over, Cam is still a better option. I think Cam is a decent fit, not sure he is the man from a fantasy perspective. My main issue with him is how will he be used in the red zone, if he gets some run-touches, then I think we know he has some decent value.
  12. He need not run, if he can shot-put a football he will do..... I think it will work, it would seem that Billy may have seen enough of other RPO Qb's to want a taste himself....
  13. THIS I say we gift California to Mexico, but ONLY if all the people have to stay there.....I think they deserve it....
  14. It wont, Newton should be able to win at least 10 games in that system, it will negate his flaws well enough.