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  1. I think you and I agree on more than we disagree.
  2. I almost forgot about that. Back then they liked it, but now that its viewed in a negative light and exposes their lying, well, not its a problem...
  3. I do not understand what you mean
  4. RLLD

    Oh, those wacky Nazi selfie takers..

    But the leftists in Russia did these as well, when you are extremist you cannot afford to have an educated and armed population if you are to assert authoritarian control. Hitler knew this and Stalin knew this. Controlling education, the media and arms are integral to authoritarianism, hence the Democrats efforts on all these fronts. You points are valid, but only in so far as the commonalities with all tyrannical movements. Hitler pretended to be socialist, but in practice he was a conservative. Moreover, during the night of the thousand knives, when he had Strasser killed, he showed all that he was no socialist lefty. It is a fascinating topic to be sure. I have read a number of books on this point. Our concern should be less about party affiliation and such, and more pointedly on behaviors.....that is the tell. And every position held by liberals today is heavily tilted toward a Stalinist authoritarianism
  5. Not quite.....they are campaigning on other things that the Democrats have done to ruin this country, like inflation and crime, those are just bigger problems. Its mainly the parents working this one, as we saw in Virginia.
  6. I believe what I type, hence the act of typing it. Occasionally information arises that refutes what I think and then I have to reconsider. I encourage you to try this. Our issues are not that complex, the loudest voices get the most attention, sadly. And too often we are lie3d to by the media who should be protecting the truth, as has been demonstrated over and over. I think most people get along just fine, I think most of America is just happy to conduct their day, but those people are boring. I think the government lies profusely, we should never accept what they say, ever. I do not think there are fringe groups that threaten us internally, just groups of idiots who act out when the opportunity arises. So here we have a moron acting out.....but, now work with me here, what if.....the killer was a conservative and the victim was a liberal.....do you think the media might lose their mind and screaming MAGA and white supremacy ?
  7. You have already admitted to not watching the news so it makes sense that you do not see that Democrats are perfectly happy with harming children, immigrant children, our own kids...and if you dare question them on this harm you are designated a domestic terrorist..... They have become the Khmer Rouge....
  8. Gotcha. Well the original of the entire principle arose from leftists seeking to harm children, it is a creation of the Democrat party. Some of us oppose the harming of children.
  9. RLLD

    Roe V Wade overturned!!! Leaked, SCOTUS SHOULD BE IMPEACHED

    Did he or she say that was on the table?
  10. RLLD

    Oh, those wacky Nazi selfie takers..

    January 6th was not markedly different from the burning and looting of leftists elsewhere. When THEYYYYY were upset they were free to be criminals and seditionists.... So then when their counterparts on the right got upset they need only look back a year or so....and find the blueprint for what was an acceptable action. The problem was that they did not realize there are two sets of justice. They did not follow the proper ideology and as such THEIR actions were criminal What seems to have been lost here is that not everyone understands that there are two instances of justice, these morons followed and copied what they saw. Frankly, I am delighted they were held accountable as they should be. The problem is that if this same action were taken by those aligned to the left, it will be allowed, and we all know it.
  11. Really, because it has been all over the news with plenty of people doing it for over a year now
  12. RLLD

    Roe V Wade overturned!!! Leaked, SCOTUS SHOULD BE IMPEACHED

    You are pretty much spot on correct.
  13. I think the closing of schools did make sense, but the duration did not. The problem arises from the origination of the virus, we now know that Fauci and NIH funded this research in China because we dont allow it here, it got out, and they were afraid of the fallout. Remember, early on Fauci was much softer in his recommended approach before he hardened it up and then he recommended we keep it up even though the data showed that kids were not the ones in danger. Virtue signalling in the currency of leftists. COVID afforded them tons of currency, and they were quickly addicted to it. Then you had DeSantis who understood the reality, did not subscribe and became a villain, and only now do they look back and admit he was right. BECAUSE he did not allow politics to dictate his decisions.
  14. RLLD

    Roe V Wade overturned!!! Leaked, SCOTUS SHOULD BE IMPEACHED

    I think abortion should remain legal and available. The people who need it are lower value people, mostly they are sluts, and as a result we do not want them rearing children. Look at the kind of children they are producing when they actually decide to be parents. It keeps the population under control, lowers crime, I think its a huge win for society. It is murder, I acknowledge this, not going to hide from it. But I accept it.
  15. RLLD

    Oh, those wacky Nazi selfie takers..

    I understand that but in practice they aligned more with far right extremism. Whereas leftists, notably the majority of Democrats today, are Stalinist. Both are bad of course, both have jus terrible ideologies and cause death. The main difference today is the inclination of the Democrats to actually embrace it without restraint, and as a result even normal people are vile and evil to them now.