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  1. RLLD

    We all Knew it, but now CNN is Saying it Out-loud

  2. RLLD

    ***Official Chauvin Trial Thread***

    Nah, not sure that should happen. I think he missed the opportunity to handle the situation better, and his disregard for the welfare of this guy requires accountability. I would say manslaughter is on the table here and suitable.
  3. RLLD

    Poll: 72% of Americans support voter ID laws

    I support the Democrat position from 2016 through 2019, the our elections are sacrosanct and we must protect them.
  4. I expect kids to act up, most parents suck, so yeah......
  5. Holding China accountable is racist, pointing out what they do wrong contributes to Asian violence and is a Fox talking point.
  6. Everything about the idiots in the Democrat party is amusing, they say things to appease the people in front of them, never realizing how it can come back to them
  7. I do find it hilarious that Tucker mostly points out the racist things that liberals say, and then they paint it as white supremacy
  8. Look, they either burn it today or they burn it tomorrow. I just hope the entire place burns to the ground, and takes the idiots who stay with it....
  9. RLLD

    Bill Maher nails it AGAIN!

    It is fascinating that Maher has always been mostly common sense with a tilt toward the left, and now is reasonably "right" in his positions.....be he did not change....
  10. This "movement" is predicated on virtue-signaling better than the last person, and because that is at its core the only possible trajectory is ever increasing radicalization and more and more violence.
  11. I am impressed with the ability of radical leftists to frame discussion into the notion of white supremacy so as to silence alternative points of view. I see Tucker as one of the few voices of reason out there, I hope Fox and Tucker both stand up to the attempts to bully them into silence.
  12. Disagree. Why fight the US? Get the US t fight itself, which is working. The build up makes sense as the vacuum created by a socialist collapse in the US is something both Russia and China will need to be preferred.
  13. RLLD

    MLB Pulls All Star Game from Atlanta

    Sometimes it is really heartbreaking to see people claim a group is too stupid to achieve because of their skin color, one would hope this would be an ideology lost to the past.....
  14. I think it is every bit as stupid as BLM. But when you push people, they will sometimes push back, as we already know.
  15. Wash, Rinse, Repeat...... Time to stop following false prophets. The world is there for the taking, anyone selling you the "woe is me" mantra and that white people are the real problem is just scamming you.