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  1. Patriotsfatboy1

    The Great Mariano

    I think that he had two pitches, sinker and cutter. Both had similar velocity, but had very different movement. Is that what you mean?
  2. Patriotsfatboy1

    The Great Mariano

    He was definitely the best closer of all time. I don't buy the theory from old people who required more than 3 out saves in order for it to matter. Even if they did, Rivera had plenty of 4+ out saves in his career. It must sting a little that he had the blown saves in 2004.
  3. Patriotsfatboy1

    Put in for 7 jobs...

    Tell them you hate black people. You will be hired for sure!
  4. Patriotsfatboy1

    Which foods give you gas?

  5. Patriotsfatboy1


    I tend to look where I spend the most money and where I can make the most difference. I spend the most with my family and then the Federal government. However, I can make the most impact with my own family and then in my own town. Like many things, these memes are an over-simplification of real life and associated issues.
  6. Patriotsfatboy1

    Trying my hand at smoking...

    Yup. Malcom Reed is good to watch.
  7. Patriotsfatboy1

    Trying my hand at smoking...

    With smokers, you want to have a thermometer. The temp is likely not going to be consistent enough to just go off of time. Also, instead of (or in addition to), I like to use a spray bottle with apple juice in it. Helps with some of the carmelization on the outside.
  8. Patriotsfatboy1

    Maybe instead of vilifying Tyreek

    The NFL is a joke. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2019/07/19/nfl-decides-not-to-discipline-tyreek-hill/
  9. Patriotsfatboy1


    I didn't say that the fear was rational. I was saying that is the reason. However, we will just build one near you and that should be great. NOT IN MY BACKYARD!
  10. Patriotsfatboy1

    Trying my hand at smoking...

    Tenderloins and loins don't have much fat in them. Shoulder or Boston butt in the smoker. Since you are doing something that won't take much time, try throwing on some sausages at the same time. Only take a couple of hours, but a good appetizer if you slice them up with a nice mustard.
  11. Patriotsfatboy1

    How much pain and suffering could you take for a fat check

    Somehow, I don't think that this is happening on a regular basis.
  12. Patriotsfatboy1

    What Urban Myth Will Turn Out To Be True Next.

    Semen on women's faces prevents wrinkles
  13. Patriotsfatboy1


    I am going to go out on a limb and say that people are concerned about Chernobyl and Fukushima disasters when it comes to nuclear energy.
  14. Patriotsfatboy1

    **2019 British Open (Open Championship) Thread**

    Glad I picked David Duval to win.
  15. Patriotsfatboy1


    You must be new here.