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  1. Patriotsfatboy1

    Kobe Bryant - Dead in helicopter crash

    casket? Probably more like a thimble. too soon?
  2. Patriotsfatboy1

    Bands with a distinctive guitar tone

    U2 Green Day Eagles SRV - could tell it was him on David Bowie album
  3. Patriotsfatboy1

    Coronavirus - Doomsday

    I thought Strike was Asian.
  4. Watching the Celtics game last night and they had one of the woman refs doing the game. I had not seen her before. She is definitely the worst ref I have seen and I thought the other women refs were absolutely awful. I am sorry, but if Adam Silver wants to have diversity in their workplace, it has to be done on merit. It is not like they force the teams to have a set number of white or Asian guys on each team to maintain diversity.
  5. Patriotsfatboy1

    Anyone getting their taxes together yet?

    I enjoy my tile in my bathrooms and hallway. Add some radiant heat and it is great and looks very nice. The hardwood is good too, but the variety is good. Sorry, I can’t do an RV long term. I like space.
  6. Patriotsfatboy1

    Anyone getting their taxes together yet?

    Depends on where you live and how long you will stay. I redid my kitchen and one bath (kids) last year and it was worth it.
  7. Patriotsfatboy1

    Super Bowl Commercials

    Some other leaked ones https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/2020-super-bowl-watch-the-leaked-tv-commercials-that-will-air-during-super-bowl-liv/amp/
  8. Patriotsfatboy1

    Super Bowl Commercials

    My favorite so far with a really high bah! Several locals. Best part is that Hyundai thought Bostonians might be offended.
  9. Patriotsfatboy1

    Anyone getting their taxes together yet?

    I think he meant that the real father is letting you claim the 3 bastard children.
  10. Patriotsfatboy1

    Anyone getting their taxes together yet?

    I will be taking the standard deduction because of tax law changes last year. Had a good year, so I am going to get hammered in taxes. I just have to figure out how hammered I am going to get. I paid a chunk in December as a quarterly payment, so hopefully I avoid any penalties. I have no clue what the AMT is going to look like, so I am just waiting around for the 1099's to show up and for my wife's W2 to come in.
  11. Saw this last night and meant to post here given the discussions we have had about her suckitude. I then got distracted with your mom.
  12. Patriotsfatboy1

    Is it time to get out of the market?

    Lots of people have that theory. There is money on the sidelines, but I am not sure how much of it is really there and how much would actually be put in the market during a dip because they may be holding onto it in case the market continues to drop to recession levels.
  13. Patriotsfatboy1

    What do you do Immediately after sex?

    This is supposedly one of the most important things to do to help prevent disease and UTI's. I think it is more for chicks, but you never know what sort of things could happen.
  14. Patriotsfatboy1

    Is it time to get out of the market?

    I still think that there is another dip in the making after today. The increase today is not as big as yesterday's drop, so I think that we are just in a period of volatility. Definitely good to have a plan that you stick with and steer clear of impulse buys. Almost every time I rush into something, I get burned.
  15. Patriotsfatboy1

    Is it time to get out of the market?

    MMM taking a big hit today. I will probably look to jump in if it gets to $165.