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  1. Just the pictures provided. God, you’re dumb. Have a good night, Ed.
  2. Patriotsfatboy1

    Are Liquor stores “Essential” businesses?

    Boston Globe had an OpEd today about banning alcohol sales to prevent domestic violence during this time. No wonder no one reads that rag anymore.
  3. Because you had no proof that guy was obese. You still don’t. Idiot!
  4. That is from scratching his balls.
  5. Patriotsfatboy1

    Coronavirus - Doomsday

    No objection from me.
  6. Patriotsfatboy1

    What number will be higher?

    Most of those are due to the reaction to the virus and not the virus itself. I thought you were talking about people suing because they contracted the virus.
  7. You should have a standard answer for things like this. I would have just told her "it is the bodies that we keep in the freezer. Sometimes they thaw a little."
  8. Patriotsfatboy1

    Coronavirus - Doomsday

    Clowns to the Left of me. Jokers to the Right.
  9. Patriotsfatboy1

    Favorite Supergroup

    Wasn't that Robert Palmer on vocals too? I think that he was more supergroup than the drummer.
  10. Patriotsfatboy1

    Coronavirus - Doomsday

    Maybe because of this: He is an MD, but doesn't work on the virus.
  11. Patriotsfatboy1

    RIP - Bill Withers

    Don't Lean on Him. https://www.msn.com/en-us/music/news/lean-on-me-lovely-day-singer-bill-withers-dies-at-81/ar-BB127P0h?ocid=spartanntp
  12. Patriotsfatboy1

    What number will be higher?

    How many lawsuits have we seen from the flu?
  13. Patriotsfatboy1

    Coronavirus - Doomsday

    We may be having a different problem. In our state, there was an elderly care facility that had (at the time) 15 deaths over 12 days. Only 3 had listed coronavirus as the COD even though 8 of the people had tested positive for the virus after the fact and the others had not been tested yet. We could be underreporting deaths in facilities that have large numbers and over reporting in other cases. Which is why I heard from an MD (although HT won't consider him one) who studies medicine and numbers like this and he said most of the data is shitty right now. Not even worth trying to gauge because it is so bogus.
  14. Patriotsfatboy1

    Senator insider trading?

    So, a couple of things: 1. The Senate can open an ethics investigation because she can be removed from office as a result of an ethics violation 2. It is illegal for government employees to use information not available to the general public to buy or sell stock. See the STOCK Act.
  15. Patriotsfatboy1

    Senator insider trading?

    I don't have any specifics. I think that it should be investigated before we say that she did it. I just don't believe that you automatically exonerate her based on your lack of knowledge.