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Have someone interested in Mike Evans. I'm actually not a big fan of him, so I'm interested in potentially making a trade deadline move. My team in signature. His team is:



r: Elliot, Gurley, Fournette, Chubb, Sony, Malcolm Brown

w: Corey Davis, J Gordon, S Watkins, C Kirk, DJ Moore

T: Njoku


We're in a 2 team keeper league and both of us struck some gold and have made some trades to get to these rosters. Currently he's #1 in scoring and I'm #2.


Thoughts on floating Evans/Jones for Chubb/Watkins or Sony/Watkins. Chubb would be a 10th round pick in next years draft, Sony a 9. So i would get great value for the future if i can pluck one of them from him. But i have a team that can win this year with a little better luck than i've been having.


Thoughts on Evans for the ROS? I've only had him two weeks now and the first week was great, but last week....oy vey.


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Your trade partner does not have any WR comparable to EVANS. So look at it as a huge improvement for his team. Look at a starting RB & WR for Evans/Jones and see how he reacts and/or counters.




Don't overlook the fact that AJ Green will be out a few weeks, so u may need to keep Evans.


Also your team is solid. #2 in scoring and bye weeks for best players past. So your scoring may go up


IMO..the above offers you may propose improves his team more than yours. Remember Fitzmagic with Evans first few weeks?


Good luck

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He is weak at WR and you are strong. So try Woods or DThomas for Chubb or Sony(Hurt). Don't overpay because Sony/Chubb will be no better than RB #4/5 on your team. Also, he will want to keep one of Chubb/Sony for Gurleys' bye wk 12.

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