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  1. Super Cubs

    Covid IR spots for your league?

    Our commish is trying to keep things as simple as possible We are expanding rosters from 16 to 20. Waiver still go worst to first. He thought about other options but decided this is the easiest and less confusing.
  2. Super Cubs

    Where are you getting supplies?

    only things I'm finding hard to find are black eye peas, green beans, and rice
  3. Super Cubs

    All year long Buy/Sell thread

  4. Super Cubs

    All year long Buy/Sell thread

    This is my original keeper league 22 years old. Started out with a great team but when it got old. It got old all at once. It took awhile to rebuild. Now I try to rotate and trade players while they still have value and try to keep a younger team. My main reason for trading Adams is I think Rogers done. He's no longer a great QB. Plus Adams has had only one great season. The others have been good. I don't think the drop off between Adams and Cooks will be that great this season. If I'm wrong, I'm wrong.
  5. Super Cubs

    All year long Buy/Sell thread

    traded Davante Adams and 2020 & 2021 5th round picks for Brandin Cooks and two first round picks 2020 1.4 and 2021
  6. Super Cubs

    The Daily List - Top 5 Old School Pron Stars. Pre 2000

    Ashlyn Gere, Ashlyn Gere, Ashlyn Gere, Victoria Paris, Ashlyn Gere
  7. Super Cubs

    Dalvin Cook threatening a holdout

    I can understand him being upset and wanting more, but you don't pay RBs long term. You franchise tag them.
  8. Super Cubs

    Debating replacing fence

    electrical wiring no ground? You might want to ask your neighbors before you put up a wood fence. It might cause some bad blood. Then again they might want to do the same and pay half.
  9. Super Cubs

    All year long Buy/Sell thread

    Good luck. I tried trading Rogers last year preseason and no takers. I went below market value and no takers. I was told by several owners needing a QB that he was too old.
  10. Super Cubs

    Automatic double spacing

    I'm not a fan of it
  11. Super Cubs

    Pabst Blue Ribbon

  12. Super Cubs

    Favorite Song - Bad Company

    All right now
  13. Super Cubs

    Give me something in Netflix to kill 2 hours

    If you want to laugh try Death at a Funeral it has Martin, Chris Rock, and even a little Kevin Hart
  14. Super Cubs

    Car Exhaust : Doosh move or no?

    I had my banana in you mom's tailpipe can size - 36 D left side, 32 A on the right