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  1. Super Cubs

    FU week 10

    FU David Johnson and F me for starting him
  2. Super Cubs

    Ways to tell you are in the ghetto

    in Houston if you see a Timmy Chan's wings and rice
  3. Super Cubs

    FU week 10

    FU Philip Rivers
  4. Super Cubs

    Best QBs to never reach a SB

    #1 in your programs #1 in your hearts Warren Moon
  5. Super Cubs

    David Johnson this Sunday?

    I'm starting him over Coleman.
  6. Super Cubs

    Dynasty Dissly or Hockenson

    Of the younger TE who do you think is the one to own in a dynasty Dissly, Hickenson, other?
  7. Super Cubs

    Edmonds still worth a roster slot?

    I'm more curious iF DJ is worth a spot? I know he's worth a spot but how much will he be used. With the injury and Drake I see no reason to give him a full work load.
  8. Super Cubs

    Chubb/Hunt, this oughtta be good..........................

    I'm still not sure if Hunt isn't just a product of the KC system.
  9. Super Cubs

    MLB 2019 Season Awards...

    Now for the if the Astros had only held on to Morton
  10. Super Cubs

    FU Week 9

    FU Erin Rogers
  11. Super Cubs

    When do you start decorating for Christmas?

    I haven't taken down my tree from last year.
  12. Super Cubs

    opponent QB and your WR matchup-ever do it?

    don't over think it. just start the player you think give you the best shoot at winning the game.
  13. Other can do or not do what they want, but I wouldn't turn it down.
  14. Super Cubs


    Too many unknowns with Drake but I think I would rather have him over Ridley.
  15. Super Cubs

    Who to start 0.5 ppr

    White and ARob