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  1. ...........you're starting 3 Texans thanks to injuries and bye week I'm starting Cooks, Ingram, Mills
  2. Super Cubs

    Why Can't 5.6 Dudes Get Laid?

    as long as you got the girth that moves the earth all should be fine
  3. Super Cubs

    Here's my problem with B cups

    as long as hers are bigger than mine I'm happy
  4. Super Cubs

    Who plays the lottery?

    Had a chick ask me for a cigarette. I said I don't smoke I play lotto. She said people go broke doing that. I said people get cancer from smoking and I think I'd rather be broke. She said so your broke and don't have a cigarette? I said yes. She walked away.
  5. Super Cubs

    Buy low WRs (week 6)

    TY is coming back and playing Houston
  6. Super Cubs

    Jets at Falcons: SMF Discussion

    did not realize this was a early game. I got Michael Carter in at flex.
  7. Super Cubs

    Myles Gaskin

    I did not know if there was a injury or if he just sucked
  8. Super Cubs

    Myles Gaskin

    what happened today?
  9. Super Cubs

    Allen Robinson and Montgomery

    does Robinson want out of Chicago? unless I missed something he's a FA in 2022. Might be worth taking a shot at in keepers and dynasty leagues
  10. Super Cubs

    Updated: Deshaun Watson Drama

    if there are no criminal charges the Texans will most likely get better trade return this coming off season
  11. Super Cubs

    Hot Waiver Wire adds after week 3

    Michael Carter
  12. Super Cubs

    Anyone sitting Hopkins today?

    if he's playing. never bench your stud.
  13. Super Cubs

    which rookie did you draft this year

    dropped one of my rookie Wr Nico Collins for KJ Osborn.
  14. Super Cubs

    Panthers at Texans: TNF Discussion

    Well It’s Finally Here I’ve Been Waiting All Week Just To Kick This Thing Off I’ve Been Rocking Away On the Edge Of My Seat Now I’m Ready To Roll. Here they come to mix things up. Bet Your Boots They’re Tough Enough Let’s Get Ready To Root For Our Team All You Texans Get Up And Scream. It’s Football Time in Houston And We’re ready to Play You’ve Got no time to lose now It’s Red White And Blue Today Welcome to the greatest city of all Houston Texas Are you ready for some FOOTBALL Go Texans!!!!!!!