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  1. Super Cubs

    Derrick Henry

    He was a product of the system . Look at his early years he was just ok. Once he picked up the system that's when he took off.
  2. Super Cubs

    Third Year WR's

    are you sure you don't have Nico mixed up with someone else?
  3. Super Cubs

    Draft Grades For Your Team

    Texans not sexy but fills needs.
  4. Super Cubs

    Third Year WR's

    Nico Collins just had his 3rd year breakout, but I curious how much of it was him and how much was Stroud?
  5. Super Cubs

    NFL In Brazil

    it suck for the fans and local economy, but I got a feeling (woo-hoo) the NFL will make more money with game being in Brazil.
  6. call a bee keeper. most will come out for free.
  7. Super Cubs

    Gus Edwards to be the bell cow for the chargers?

    is he really a goal line TD machine? 13 TDs last year and in the 4 healthy seasons before he had 13 total with 6 of those in 2020. Could his 13 TDs be because defenses did not know who to focus on Lamar or Gus?
  8. Super Cubs

    Favorite lesser known bands

    Randall King
  9. Super Cubs

    Draft Trade: Vikings / Texans Swap Picks

    I think the Texans are in on the financial side and that there is a bigger move on the way. They have been freeing up cap space. They feel the cap hit on a 1st round pick vs a 2nd is enough of a savings to make a difference in a bigger move. I've been seeing rumors of a Texans Bills trade for Diggs . And that maybe this a deep enough draft that the move does not really make that big of a difference to their draft plans.
  10. Super Cubs

    Bengals trade Joe Mixon, expected to sign Zack Moss

    as a MIxon owner I like it. as a Texans fan not so much.
  11. Super Cubs

    Top 5 Fantasy Football WRs for 2024

    More so just throwing a random rookie prospect into the mix.
  12. Super Cubs

    Top 5 Fantasy Football WRs for 2024

    who is getting creative with their top 5. Most list have the same 3 or 4 players Hill, Jefferson, Chase, Lamb, and only the 5th and sometimes the 4th changing. if it is about being creative I would like to change mine to Puka AJ Brown Higgins Evans Odunze
  13. Super Cubs

    Top 5 Fantasy Football WRs for 2024

    The top 5 are kind of boring only because we all have a pretty good idea as to who they should be the next five is where the fun starts Jefferson Hill Chace Lamb St Brown AJ Brown Wilson Puka Adams Waddle