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  1. Super Cubs

    Later round lotto Tickets-WR

    Jarvis Landry seems to have a decent shot at the top 40 ppr. Who knows what to expect from Michael Thomas at this point? Olave is a rookie that could have a Chase like impact or he might be Sammy Watkins. For the most of his career Landry has been very dependable.
  2. Looking at different sites for being a starter Jacobs rankings does not seem as consistent as others. He's not 2 or 3 spots off. He's all over the place. Then looking at dynasty ranking for being a starter and at his age there seems to be little confidence in him.
  3. Why what? Why is he interesting? Why has he been good not great? Why did the Raiders not pick up his option and draft a RB? Why is it make or break? Why what?
  4. Josh Jacobs is interesting. He's been good not great. Raiders did not pick up the option and drafted a RB in the 4. Its a make or break season for him.
  5. Michael Pittman has me curious. The Colts are a run first team but I view at Matt Ryan as a improvement over Wentz. Last years numbers 88/1082/6 seem easily repeatable. I assume he can add to those and maybe finish the year in the lower end of the top12.
  6. Super Cubs

    Tractor owners

    I got a older 65-70 hp Zetor and a bulldozer.
  7. Super Cubs

    If you were single

    I am single and have zero standards. Those days have never ended.
  8. Super Cubs

    Dynasty valuation thread

    14 teams with 36 roster spots? That's 504 players. Are you drafting o-line and punters too? Because once we hit 200 out of the 240 we draft there are a lot of who is that and who does he play for? to your original question Jacobs, 1.09, Cooper, but I am curious of the Watson Cooper combo might be able to do.
  9. Super Cubs

    Njoku gets paid

    or in 2 years Watson will force his way out and the Browns will get serval high draft picks for him. Avoiding cap hell and kicking off the rebuild.
  10. 2022 are they still studs or duds? How do you rank them? Do you think there is any chance of any of them returning to elite form?
  11. Super Cubs

    Justin Jefferson or Najee Harris?

    As much I love me some WR I think Harris is the pick. What kind of draft is it straight or snake?
  12. Super Cubs

    Anyone work in their job for over 20 years?

    28 years in Oct. New owner bought out my old boss 2 years ago. The work is the same but a lot of other changes. Not all of them good. Myself and another guy are the only originals left the rest are his people. If not for the convenience of it being of being really close to where I live I think I would seriously look at other options.
  13. Super Cubs

    Etienne in 2022

    Any thought on Travis Etienne going into 2022 season? Is he healthy? How long does it take to recover from a Linsfranc injury? Is he some one you would take a chance on? What tier do you have him ranked? He's one person I have not heard a lot about since his injury and don't really have a clue about him in 2022.
  14. Super Cubs

    Keeper league…Renfrow or G. Davis?

    No disrespect but if your down to either Renfrow or Davis as a keeper I think you may have bigger problems. Not to take anything away from Renfrow, but he had a career year that I don't see him repeating. Davis is more of a homerun hitter that does not hit may homeruns. I would happily welcome either to my bench. Just not sure I would want either as weekly starters at this time.