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  1. Super Cubs

    David Montgomery Headed to Detroit

    as a Montgomery owner I kind of like this move
  2. Super Cubs

    Favorite Country Music?

    Cody Johnson and Jon Pardi are my favorites of the current crop.
  3. Super Cubs

    Asian chicks

    only down side is most seem to stuffer from noassatall syndrome.
  4. Super Cubs

    Your Covid Story— survivors check in

    I had it 2 and a half times . For me the body ache is the worst part. My acupuncture said to do push ups. They help expand the lungs.
  5. Super Cubs

    Asian chicks

    they know how to give a good massage
  6. Super Cubs

    Bands you saw the most times Live

    Johnny Lee and the Bellamy Brothers close to 20 each
  7. Super Cubs

    Greatest SongWriters

    Hank Cochran Willie Nelson Dean Dillon
  8. Super Cubs

    Greatest vocalist of all time

    Ronnie Dunn (of Brooks and Dunn)
  9. Super Cubs

    QB's go 1& 2 in '23 Draft?

    When was the last time the #1 pick was traded? If Young falls to two Houston takes him. Not sure the Texans are in on Stroud. If they stay at two and young is gone Carter or Anderson may be in play. Then maybe trading up from twelve to take Richardson depending in the flow of the draft.
  10. Super Cubs

    A.J. Green hangs em up

    The year was 2011 and I was at my keeper draft (7 players). My co-owner was not going to make it to the draft but gave me instructions to draft either AJ Green or Julio Jones with our 1st round pick and the rest of the draft I could do what I want. Knowing better than him I drafted New York Giant stud WR Mario Manningham in the 1st round. Then guilt of going against my co-owners wishes set in. Lucky for me both Green and Julio made to the 2nd round and I drafted Green.
  11. Super Cubs

    Favorite songs that tell a story

    regulate - nate dogg and warren g
  12. Super Cubs

    Dynasty Rankings

    thanks for the list. until proven otherwise Kelce should be #1 TE