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  1. Super Cubs

    Week 2 FU

    FU Joe Mixon and the 200+ yards and 5 TDs you will get while on my bench.
  2. Super Cubs

    Welp....who's rolling out Hollywood this week?

    Marquise Brown Wr Ravens
  3. Super Cubs

    What Do You Need Tonight?

    down by 25 I have Watson and Sutton. They have Sanders. Fun fact Sutton and Sanders home towns are about 25 miles apart.
  4. Super Cubs

    Week 1 best performances on your bench

    TJ Hockenson drafted him in both my keeper and dynasty more so for next year and bye weeks. Week 2 he will be starting TE in one and maybe flex in the other.
  5. Super Cubs

    Fellow Gurley drafters....let's face it. He's done.

    I sold him this off season. I was not really worried about the injury as much as just wanting to move him while he still had value. I think his top 5 days are most likely behind him but he's still top 12.
  6. Super Cubs

    The Official Week 1 FU Thread

    FU everyone on my teams that have, are, and will be playing except Zuerline.
  7. Super Cubs

    Indooor TV Antenna?

    I have one also. I'm 50+ miles from Houston and I can get most of the channels. I have to have it on the Houston side of the house and above a window for it to work best.
  8. Super Cubs

    Diggs owner what are you doing

    Last I seen he's questionable with a hamstring. Are you going to wait it out and make a game time decision or to heck with it I'm rolling with someone else or never bench your stud or #2 WR? As a owner he's a game time decision but right now he's on the bench just in case I run out of time and don't get to make roster adjustments.
  9. Super Cubs

    God help me. I traded kelce

    good for you, but shouldn't rate my trade be on the help board.
  10. Super Cubs

    Carlos Hyde traded to Texans

    I thought Hyde was decent while with the Browns and I think he'll be decent In Houston. Right now as far as fantasy goes he's a bye week filler at best. Who's the 3rd string RB for the Texans?
  11. Super Cubs

    Which board does this question belong?

    just ask and prepare for the worst
  12. Justice Hill slot of rb were kept and everyone was going rb. I fallowed suit.
  13. For me its WR in my main league. Which is usually my strongest position. I kind of blew my keeper team (6) up this off season trying younger. Adams, Gallup, Geronimo, Sutton, KeeSean, Keke
  14. Westbrook he was there and I passed on him in the 7th thinking he'll make it back to me in the 8th. Wrong.
  15. Super Cubs

    Who is your 'Mr. Irrevelant' 2019?

    Keke round 16 12 team