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  1. Super Cubs

    What Movie Title Describes Your Last Sexual Encounter?

    Best Little Whorehouse in Texas
  2. Always look at your poop.
  3. Super Cubs

    Looking Ahead To Redrafts 2020: First Four Rounds

    Fournette seems a little low Montgomery, AJ Brown, Drake seems kinda high
  4. Super Cubs

    Actors I'm sick of seeing anymore.

    de niro, will ferell, pete davidson
  5. Super Cubs

    Other Things Coal Miners Can Do

    Deputy US Marshal
  6. Super Cubs

    New years resolutions...wrong answers only

    i'm gonna stop going to strip clubs
  7. Super Cubs

    Just when you think it cant get any more kooky

    This kinda reminds me of a transgender comedian I saw opening for Brad Williams. If I remember correctly he was born a chick, but was really a boy trapped in a girls body. So she transed in to a boy, but not just a boy but a gay boy. Who hooked a with another gay boy. Now the Trans gay boy did not go full trans. He just grew a beard and dresses like a boy. So I guess you could say he's really just a girl with a beard going out with a guy that like girls that looks like boys. If this aint enough for those who don't know Brad Williams is a really dirty little person. There was also a black guy. The comedy show consisted of a black guy, a trans, and a really dirty little person. Talk about a night hard to top.
  8. Super Cubs

    A truly great idea: Give back to fantasy

    I went the fantasy basketball route and donated to James Hardens favorite. Its called Treasures.
  9. Super Cubs

    Carlos Hyde traded to Texans

    It maybe a cool thing to say now, but that actually seems like a foolish thing to do. Cook was out scoring Drake by a pretty good margin through week 14.
  10. yes he is, but for some here that just is not good enough. Check out the Chubb threads.
  11. I think Chubb is the obvious answer.
  12. I think Gus is a free agent. I'm kinda curious where he might end up..
  13. Super Cubs

    Carlos Hyde traded to Texans

    but what did you say about Chubb?
  14. Super Cubs

    Best grilled cheese sammich

    I like doing grilled ham and cheese. Sometimes adding a fried egg to it.
  15. Super Cubs

    Ok Chubbies

    where exactly was Chubb being drafted that makes him the epic "I told you so" failed draft pick of the year?