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  1. Super Cubs

    Deshaun Watson in Miami, Tua in Houston?

    It would take a Herschel Walker like deal to get the Texans to move Watson.
  2. Super Cubs

    Deshaun Watson in Miami, Tua in Houston?

    As a Texans fan I hope not. Until Watson actually says something publicly I would not put much faith in the reports.
  3. have TB been saving Fournette for the playoffs or just a lucky game? 19 carries, 93 yards, 1TD, 4 catches, 39 yards
  4. Super Cubs

    Coaching Changes

    Hope Houston goes with more of a defensive minded coach.
  5. Super Cubs

    UPDATE: Brandin Cooks Inactive

    He quietly had a good not great season. I like to see what happens next season with a actual preseason and hopefully a real coaching staff.
  6. Super Cubs


    what happened? rookie wall?
  7. Super Cubs

    Atheists: How stupid are people really?

    The few atheist I know mostly believe that there is some form of higher power at work. They simply do not believe in the Bible.
  8. BJ and the Bear The Phil Silvers Show Laredo
  9. Super Cubs

    Dynasty & Keeper League End of Season Snags

    Keeper league I was in playoff hunt and dropped my stash for players that might help more this season then next. That was a mistake. I guess you can say I stashed Sutton on IR Dynasty I grabbed Hurts, DJ Dallas, AJ Dillon, Vaughn, and Pittman Jr. Hoping one might work out. And Sutton on IR in this league as well.
  10. Super Cubs

    Week 15 F.U playoff edition

    myself, pittman jr, fournette
  11. Super Cubs

    Week 15 Scoop and Play

    Scooped up Gabriel Davis and starting him. My team sucks, Finished 2nd to last in fantasy points by 4 points but snuck into the playoffs. Playing against the juggernaut team that scored the leagues most fantasy points. I'm swinging for the fences. He's projected to put up the same amount of fantasy points as any one on my bench or still on waivers. Just a gut feeling he'll have a big game today. Then again that gut feeling maybe the tacos I had last night.
  12. Super Cubs

    Ronald Jones placed on COVID-19 list

    Fournette took a prove it deal this season with TB and now's his chance.
  13. Super Cubs

    Ronald Jones placed on COVID-19 list

    this is exactly why I held on to Fournette all year
  14. Super Cubs

    David Montgomery: Buy Low ?

    This season in a league where you keep 10. He's not worth a 3rd. 10+3=13. So you are saying he's not worth a 13th round pick?