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  1. Super Cubs

    Mostert FTW!

    I got a claim in on Hasty, but not sure if he'll make it to me at 4.
  2. Super Cubs

    Marquise Brown: FFToday #17 WR rest of way?

    I sure hope he does if not better. He's all I got left at WR. Currently paired with Cooks. The injury bug is real.
  3. Super Cubs

    Kareem Hunt - Sell or Hold?

    Its only been 4 weeks isn't everyone a contender. Good luck getting two 1st round picks. If I'm rebuilding in a dynasty I would be targeting young future stud WRs.
  4. Super Cubs

    Any in season trades going on?

    I'm soon to be 0-4. I've been offered Saquon Barkley for Kelce. I feel like I need to get more.
  5. Super Cubs

    week 4 FU

    same here
  6. Super Cubs

    week 4 FU

    I gonna start with F-ME because wow I suck this year. So does Deshaun Watson and most all healthy player on my team.
  7. Super Cubs

    Never bench your studs

    after 3 weeks and a 0-3 start I have come to the conclusion that I have no studs on my team. Thee for everyone is benchable this season
  8. Super Cubs

    Julio Owners - What are your plans?

    I think father time is catching up with Julio
  9. Super Cubs

    Any in season trades going on?

    A lot of waivers but no trades
  10. Super Cubs

    Fournette to Bucs

    plus 4/13 for 27 total ppr
  11. Super Cubs

    Hayden Hurst

    I have him benched and rolling with Fant this week. I have Hurst as a wait and see and not drop
  12. Super Cubs

    RB week # 2

  13. Super Cubs

    Snell or Cohen?

  14. Super Cubs

    Fournette or R. Jones II

    flip a coin and hope for the best