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  1. scottybo

    Etienne in PPR

    What's your thoughts on Travis Etienne this year? Going into auction draft dynasty league, I'm very weak at RB, with just AJ Dillon and JK Dobbins. While I have some solid depth at WR. AJ Brown, Jeudy, Waddle, Pittman, G Davis, Josh Palmer, Start 2 RB and 3WR. What do you think a fair offer for Etienne would be? He's the 3rd RB on another team and I want to see if i can snag him. I also will have some decent money going into the auction to pick up a top rb so not exactly desperate.
  2. scottybo

    Aaron Jones for AJ brown

    I agree with your assessment. However, I think my team team is still a year a way from competing with the dominant teams of the league unless a few things go my way. By that team, i think Jones value is much lower, (will be 28 years old and probably leaving GB based on his contract) so I think i maximized my return on A Jones. I would need Pittman, Jeudy, or Waddle to turn into studs next year. definitely possible but asking alot. Right now I project going into the draft with $66 dollars to spend with needs of RB1, TE and QB plus backups. High end RB available in draft usually go $25-$32. Top WRs, if available go for high teens to mid 20's usually. High End TE's usually 8-15. Kelce was kept at 17 this year and he's the ceiling. No one really wants to spend a ton on a QB in the league so deals can be had. So will have decent amount of salary to build out the rest of my team. Keepers QB - Watson (1) RB - Dobbins (4), Dillion (3) WR - AJ Brown (11), Pittman (6), Jeudy (9), Waddle (10) Definitely made some risky trades but wasn't winning with my core so changed my whole team up.
  3. scottybo

    Aaron Jones for AJ brown

    Just made a trade deadline deal in dynasty auction ppr league, where I’m rebuilding for future. gave up aaron Jones ($11) for AJ Brown ($9). Start 2rbs and 3wr. $100 cap now have dobbins ($4), Dillon ($1) AJ brown (9), Pittman (4), jeudy (8), waddle (8) Think I got most value possible for a declining dynasty asset. Thoughts?
  4. scottybo

    AJ Dillon Dynasty Upside

    yeah this league, our trade deadline is always around the NFL trade deadline. Makes you have to choose rebuild early or wait and see but then its too late to trade. My team is middle of the pack but lowest scoring so decided rebuild time.
  5. scottybo

    AJ Dillon Dynasty Upside

    trade deadline is this week Contending teams this year already have Waller, Andrews, Goedert, Fant/Schultz, Higbee. Higbee team was only team interested. So decided to do it. Ultimate rationale was: Protect Jones in case of major injury Watson is a pure lottery ticket Save $7 going into the draft next year, which can be used to replace TE or upgrade another position Next year, my team going into the draft right now looks like: QB - Watson RB, Jones, Dobbins, Dillon WR - PIttman, Waddle, Jeudy Potential Keepers Allen Robinson - depends on where he ends up Bryan Edwards - does he show enough with suggs gone.
  6. scottybo

    Kittle for Watson (Dynasty Auction) to Rebuild

    I accepted the trade. My ultimate rationale was Protected against a major injury to A Jones Watson is a lottery ticket Go in next year's draft with $7 more dollars (top TEs in our league typically go for around $10) so can get a top TE next year Kittle has been injured the last 2 seasons and keeps killing my team Team going into next years draft so far QB - Watson ($1) RB - A Jones ($13), Dobbins ($4), Dillon ($1) WR - Pittman ($4), Waddle ($8), Jeudy ($8) Potential Keepers Allen Robinson ($14) - depending on where he signs B Edwards ($2) - Will he show enough with Suggs gone
  7. scottybo

    AJ Dillon Dynasty Upside

    I own Jones as well. So obviously looking to protect him. But i do see some standalone value for a RB typically getting 10+ touches a week. Then factor in if Rodgers is gone next year, will packers be more inclined to run it more? Have an offer on the table of Kittle ($8) for Dillon ($1) and D Watson ($1). Auction league $100 budget. I'm intrigued as Kittle is a very frustrating player to own and dillon and watson do offer some upside but risks as well. Been shopping Kittle and this is the best offer.
  8. scottybo

    AJ Dillon Dynasty Upside

    What's your thoughts on AJ Dillon value in a dynasty league?
  9. scottybo

    Barkley for Jeudy (dynasty auction)

    Whats your rationale for trading Kittle for Dillon? I'm so close to saying yes. But my rationale for not doing it, is Kittle is keepable at that price and is a starter If he comes back strong this year, his trade value will be higher in offseason Dillon is a great handcuff for jones but mostly likely wouldn't start over Jones or Dobbins next year (start 2 rb, 3wr, no flex) Watson situation is iffy and would take up a spot on roster To do it: Kittle keeps getting hurt every year / very frustrating player to own Alot more TEs getting involved in offenses. Easier to find a replacement TE then solid rb Dillon is great handcuff and can be used for spot starts. Take what you can get for Kittle now (only 1 contending team needs a TE and thse are his only keepable assets he would trade. 7 more dollars to use in draft next year
  10. scottybo

    Barkley for Jeudy (dynasty auction)

    I keep going back and forth. Am i selling Kittle at an all time low and his value in the offseason would be higher? Or what happens if Deshaun Watson doesn't play. Is Dillon at $1 enough to trade Kittle at $8 I did get confirmation that the owner would trade both dillon and watson for Kittle.
  11. scottybo

    Barkley for Jeudy (dynasty auction)

    This is why dynasty auction is fun Amanda challenging. Reason I got Jones at 13 is cause I got him like 3 or 4 years ago for $4 before he broke out. I also have kittle at $8 who I can trade for deshaun watson ($1) and Aj Dillon ($1). Knowing that I have Jones, would you do that trade? Kittle keeps getting hurt but Watson potentially not playing is a risk
  12. scottybo

    Barkley for Jeudy (dynasty auction)

    Yes exactly, you go into every year with a $100 salary cap. You can keep your entire team if you could fit them under the salary going into the season. So Barkley will probably go up to $26 and Jeudy maybe $9. It's all dependent on how many fantasy points they scored the year before. That mean i would have $17 more dollars o spend going into draft next year. Currently my other keeper rbs are Aaron Jones ($13) and JK Dobbins ($4) My keeper wide receivers are most like J Waddle ($8), Pittman ($4) and potentially Allen Robinson ($14) depending on what team he signs with.
  13. scottybo

    Which giants wr this week?

    super tough. I'd say Shepard has the higher floor but Toney has bigger ceiling. I think it would determine how many points you think you need to win. If you are behind alot, i'd go Toney. If it's close, i'd go Shepard.
  14. Would you trade Barkley ($25) for Jerry Jeudy ($8) in dynasty ppr auction league; if selling for next year. Budget is $100.
  15. scottybo

    Grab multiple giants?

    As a giants fan, Jones loves to throw to shepard alot. Unfortunately shepard can't stay healthy. I prefer shepard over slayton. Sterling should be coming back soon...until he gets hurt again Can you answer my question as well?