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  1. scottybo

    WSIS - Brees or Mahomes?

    yeah i'd say mahomes. He is typically matchup proof.
  2. In a dynasty auction league where you can keep all your players if they fit under a $100 salary cap before the year, would you make this trade: David Johnson ($11) for Davante Adams ($9) Start 2 RB and 3 WR Current RBs: David Johnson ($11), Aaron Jones ($6), Josh Jacobs ($18), James Conner ($4) Current WRs: OBJ ($15), JuJu Smith Shuster ($10), Allen Robinson ($9), Sterling Sheperd ($5) I have the depth at RB to trade Johnson and Adams is probably an upgrade over all my receivers, when healthy. Money wise, it would make more sense to trade Jacobs ($18) but he might be the better player as DJ can't stay healthy. Thoughts around DJ for Adams, or Jacobs for Adams? Or hold steady? This is like year 9 of the dynasty league so i have gotten these players pretty cheap before they turned out to be "studs". Most aren't playing like them this year or can't stay healthy.
  3. scottybo

    Trading for Julio

    The only reason he would do this is because the rest his team is pretty poor. He probably needs to start thinking about rebuilding his team and trading high price guys for low price keepers is how you do it.
  4. scottybo

    Trading for Julio

    Yeah thats who i was leaning towards. The dynasty aspect is what makes it more difficult. Aaron Jones price would probably go up to $8-9 next year, while Jacobs would go to $21-22; making jones more keepable. But you play to win this year, and Julio makes my team that much better
  5. scottybo

    Amari Cooper Trade?

    Yes, make that trade.
  6. scottybo

    I did this trade. Would you have done it?

    Yes, getting a starting RB over a TE is usually a good deal. I think you did well.
  7. scottybo

    Trading for Julio

    In a dynasty league ($100 budget), who would you rather trade for Julio Jones ($30): Aaron Jones ($6) Josh Jacobs ($18) We start 2 RB and 3 WR. My rbs are David Johnson, James Conner, Aaron Jones, Josh Jacobs and WRs are Juju, Beckham, Josh Gordon and Sterling Shepard. The julio owner is willing to give him up for a cheaper, younger RB/WR that he will be able to keep next year. I'm in position to make a run at the title this year so who would you rather trade?
  8. scottybo

    All in for QB or WR?

    In a dynasty auction ppr with $100 cap, my team going into the draft is as follows: QB- Lamar Jackson RB - David Johnson, James Conner, Aaron Jones, donta Foreman WR - Beckham Jr, Smith-Shuster, Sterling Shepard TE - George Kittle, Hunter Henry Should my target be a top end WR or QB (Rodgers, Ryan will be available and A Brown and AJ Green are best available)?
  9. Who you think has better dynasty value in a PPR (dion lewis or christian Kirk)
  10. scottybo

    #4 in PPR today

    Elliot kind of scares me this year. Oline is banged up. No WR or TE that scares anyone so more 8 man fronts and force dak to pass. I would say i'm torn between antonio brown, kamara, bell or elliot. If I go bell, forces you to take connor earlier than expected. 7th or 8th round in 12 team league?
  11. scottybo

    #4 in PPR today

    assuming Gurley and Johnson go 1 and 2, who is your number 3 and 4 pick?
  12. scottybo

    Trading for Gronk

    In a full point dynasty auction ($100 salary cap) ppr, would you trade 2 of the following for Gronk ($15). Sterling Shepard ($3) Jamaal Williams ($5) Corey Davis ($11) Alex Collins ($7) My Team QB - Rivers - ($4), L Jackson ($1) RB - David Johnson ($9), Jordan Howard ($10), Alex Collins ($7), Jamal Williams ($5), Aaron Jones ($4), James Connor ($1) WR - OBJ ($13), Amari Cooper ($21), JuJu Smith Shuster ($7), Corey Davis ($11), Shepard ($3) TE - Kittle ($3) So definitely weak at TE so Gronk would be a big upgrade. But his health scares me. So giving up 2 potential long term keepers for a one year rental in a dynasty could be risky. Thoughts?
  13. Dynasty PPR ($100 salary) Would you trade tyreek hill $9 for Jordan Howard at $9? My keepers are David Johnson, Alex Collins, OBJ, JuJu Smith-Schuster, S Shepard, Hill Trade Partners team Kamara, Dalvin Cook,($15) J Howard, Brandon Cooks, Robert Woods, Mike Williams
  14. scottybo

    David Johnson Trade Value

    In a dynasty auction ppr, I have DJ at $9. A team selling now has just offered me Fournette ($19), Doug Martin ($4) and J Landry ($14). Being 1-2 this year, this move would put me all in to try to win this year. Is this a fair offer for DJ knowing its a dynasty keeper league?
  15. In a Dynasty PPR auction league, I have David Johnson at $9. We have a $100 budget so johnson at that price is a steal for years. He would normally go up $3-4 a year. But with his injury, may go up 1-2 this year. Unfortunately, my team could compete this year even though i'm 1-2 QB- Rodgers ($20), RB - Riddick, J Rodgers, Perkins, Ellington, David Johnson, Vereen, Allen Robinson (IR) WR - Beckham, T Hill, D Parker, Moncrief, Shepard, TE - Henry, Doyle K - Tucker D - JAX Start 2 WR and 3 RB I've been offered - Fournette ($19), Doug Martin ($4) and Jarvis Landry ($14). He is 0-3 and already trying to pick up pieces for next year. Would you consider this trade knowing that i'm giving up my future to go for the win this year?