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  1. scottybo

    All in for QB or WR?

    In a dynasty auction ppr with $100 cap, my team going into the draft is as follows: QB- Lamar Jackson RB - David Johnson, James Conner, Aaron Jones, donta Foreman WR - Beckham Jr, Smith-Shuster, Sterling Shepard TE - George Kittle, Hunter Henry Should my target be a top end WR or QB (Rodgers, Ryan will be available and A Brown and AJ Green are best available)?
  2. Who you think has better dynasty value in a PPR (dion lewis or christian Kirk)
  3. scottybo

    #4 in PPR today

    Elliot kind of scares me this year. Oline is banged up. No WR or TE that scares anyone so more 8 man fronts and force dak to pass. I would say i'm torn between antonio brown, kamara, bell or elliot. If I go bell, forces you to take connor earlier than expected. 7th or 8th round in 12 team league?
  4. scottybo

    #4 in PPR today

    assuming Gurley and Johnson go 1 and 2, who is your number 3 and 4 pick?
  5. scottybo

    Trading for Gronk

    In a full point dynasty auction ($100 salary cap) ppr, would you trade 2 of the following for Gronk ($15). Sterling Shepard ($3) Jamaal Williams ($5) Corey Davis ($11) Alex Collins ($7) My Team QB - Rivers - ($4), L Jackson ($1) RB - David Johnson ($9), Jordan Howard ($10), Alex Collins ($7), Jamal Williams ($5), Aaron Jones ($4), James Connor ($1) WR - OBJ ($13), Amari Cooper ($21), JuJu Smith Shuster ($7), Corey Davis ($11), Shepard ($3) TE - Kittle ($3) So definitely weak at TE so Gronk would be a big upgrade. But his health scares me. So giving up 2 potential long term keepers for a one year rental in a dynasty could be risky. Thoughts?
  6. Dynasty PPR ($100 salary) Would you trade tyreek hill $9 for Jordan Howard at $9? My keepers are David Johnson, Alex Collins, OBJ, JuJu Smith-Schuster, S Shepard, Hill Trade Partners team Kamara, Dalvin Cook,($15) J Howard, Brandon Cooks, Robert Woods, Mike Williams
  7. scottybo

    David Johnson Trade Value

    In a dynasty auction ppr, I have DJ at $9. A team selling now has just offered me Fournette ($19), Doug Martin ($4) and J Landry ($14). Being 1-2 this year, this move would put me all in to try to win this year. Is this a fair offer for DJ knowing its a dynasty keeper league?
  8. In a Dynasty PPR auction league, I have David Johnson at $9. We have a $100 budget so johnson at that price is a steal for years. He would normally go up $3-4 a year. But with his injury, may go up 1-2 this year. Unfortunately, my team could compete this year even though i'm 1-2 QB- Rodgers ($20), RB - Riddick, J Rodgers, Perkins, Ellington, David Johnson, Vereen, Allen Robinson (IR) WR - Beckham, T Hill, D Parker, Moncrief, Shepard, TE - Henry, Doyle K - Tucker D - JAX Start 2 WR and 3 RB I've been offered - Fournette ($19), Doug Martin ($4) and Jarvis Landry ($14). He is 0-3 and already trying to pick up pieces for next year. Would you consider this trade knowing that i'm giving up my future to go for the win this year?
  9. scottybo

    Need to pick 2 keepers

    definitely powell. 12th round is good value for graham. Depends how much you value a TE. I'd probably go with Snead.
  10. scottybo

    Pick 1 to Drop

    yes definitely matthews
  11. scottybo

    Start 3WR PPR

    In a PPR league, which 3 WR's would you consider your starters O Beckham - must start if playing Allen Robinson - don't like his QB but extremely talented Tyreek Hill - Is he a boom or bust type of player? Devante Parker - With Cutler, everyone is predicting his breakout Donte Moncrief - Depends on Luck's health S Shepard - If Beckham or Marshall is out, would see solid numbers Going into the season, I was thinking Beckham, Robinson and Hill. But now with Parker I'm not so sure. Thoughts?
  12. scottybo

    Riddick, Ty Montgomery or Tyreek Hill?

    For me, it's between Montgomery and Hill. Montgomery is a starting RB who was pretty solid late last year. Hill exploded late last year and is now the #1 receiver in KC. He will now be shadowed by opposing teams #1 CBs. Id lean toward montgomery since RBs are harder to come by these days.
  13. scottybo

    All in for Rodgers (Auction Dynasty League)

    Had the draft this past weekend. I needed to draft 7 spots including K and D (bold). Here is who i ended up with QB - Rodgers ($20) RB - David Johnson, Paul Perkins, Jacquizz Rodgers, S Vereen, Theo Riddick ($2) WR - OBJ, Allen Robinson, Tyreek Hill, Moncrief, Devante Parker ($5), S Shepard ($2) TE - Hunter Henry, Jack Doyle ($1) D - Jaguars ($1) K - Justin Tucker ($1) Going into the draft, i thought i would spend most of my money on a RB but Aaron Rodger's price seemed to be a great value at 20 so i went for it. Wasn't really targeting Parker either but for $5, at that point, his upside was worth it. Same with Shepard (probably because i'm a Giants fan) Think i got solid value in Riddick and Doyle. I'm still concerned with my RBs as Perkins is unproven and don't have a legit starter behind him. Riddick could be solid in a PPR. How do you think i did?
  14. In an auction ppr dynasty draft, with $32 going into draft ($100 total budget), would you go all out for Aaron Rodgers or try to pick up some solid bench guys knowing i need at least one more starting rb? RB - David Johnson, Paul Perkins, Jacquizz Rodgers, S Vereen WR - OBJ, Allen Robinson, Tyreek Hill, Moncrief TE - Hunter Henry QBs to be available - Rodgers, Luck, Winston, Wilson, Eli, Rivers, Stafford Best RBs to be available (slim pickings) - Gurley, Abdullah, AP, Ingram, Rookie Rbs Max i can spend on a one player $26, rodgers will probably go for $20-24. My gut says go for Rodgers and hopefully find a sleeper RB. But have a bunch of question marks are RB after David Johnson.
  15. scottybo

    Hunter Henry (PPR)

    It's a 12 team league. What makes it harder to gauge is that this dynasty league is in year 9-10 of existence, so some teams will have alot of money going into draft (lots of holes to fille); while some teams will have little (but only need 1-2 impact players). So if you want someone, you may have to overpay. Definitely keeps the league interesting. As teams who know they are in a rebuild year may overpay for talent (during the draft) to use the player as trade bait at the end of the year for younger, cheaper keepers. I think we are at the point where its really hard to get great bargains in the draft. Best bargains usually have come from FA or a guy coming off an injury.