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  1. rholio

    Ron hudson

    Sorry to inform you that Ron Hudson passed away this afternoon. He wanted me to let you know. Thanks for all your generousity and the fun he had on this site. His wife Joyce
  2. rholio

    Rholio Update

    Appreciate it man, already have a stack of books people want me to read. I can barely put a post together...
  3. rholio

    Rholio Update

    No surgery, again. My blood is too thin. There's some factor they use, but basically don't cut myself shaving. Or, standing. Or, in a dream. Normal is a 1, on blood thinners is a 2, I'm at 4.04. Liver is getting worse, and I should bleed to death long before the cancer is an issue. Starting singing Christmas carols to the wife on the way home, because she wants me around at least through Christmas.
  4. rholio

    Rholio Update

    Try this for a signature...
  5. rholio

    Rholio Update

    Hi everyone, new update: Got me a hospital bed, they suck. Docs and nurses are playing with my meds, they suck. Having surgery on my liver tomorrow, early prognosis... it'll suck.
  6. "jumped the shark" is woefully outdated.
  7. Tell us more about the poptart casserole...
  8. Sent a link to my boss on this. Another small security company, going to end up folding due to one employee. Deservedly.
  9. rholio

    Post whatever you know about Rholio thread

    Thought I could win this thread, but I think Reality did... thanks amigo.
  10. rholio

    Post whatever you know about Rholio thread

    Not a single "He groped me" comment? For shame, gentleman, for shame.
  11. rholio

    Big Day Tomorrow

    Low, low, and yes, mainly by not asking too much.
  12. rholio

    Big Day Tomorrow

    Started the new meds. Still haven't touched the morphine, but it's been tempting. Current weight: 215. Went from CBF status at 267lbs to 215lbs in 2.5 months. My 'normal' weight for a couple of decades was around 225. Gained about 10lbs, then quit smoking 4yrs ago and gained another 30. Didn't come off until... recently.
  13. rholio

    Deadpool 2 new trailer

  14. rholio

    random death pool prediction

    Just didn't want someone else getting him first. An actual Geek Bored Geek, there's gotta be some sort of bonus there. Plus, it'd be a little awkward at the water cooler... "Hey, Jerry." "Hey, Ron. How you feeling?" "Yeah, you'd like to know that, wouldn't you?" *backs away*