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  1. rottytiny

    PPR- Hooper or Higbee? Leave a link 4 yours

    Thanks. No McLaurin?
  2. rottytiny

    .5PPR Start 2WR and flex WHIR

    Mclaurin and Perriman and Washington at Flex
  3. PPR: LEAVE A LINK FOR YOURS!! Hooper or Higbee at TE? Need 2 of these 3 at WR- Woods, McLaurin, Theilen Debating playing 2 guys against 49ers defense, woods was garbage last week (Goffs fault). Theilen was not used much. Higbee was great but Everett back and vs niners def(held Hooper in check). Hooper hasnt been great lately but good matchup vs Jags Decisions, decisions!! LOL Thanks!!
  4. Drop Zuerline or a position players to grab a kicker or hes just a kicker, cut him for another guy?
  5. rottytiny

    Which TE? Hock, McDonald,Ebron...

    I think id roll the dice with Brate today
  6. rottytiny

    PPR flex-McKissic or Anderson

    PPR Flex McKissic or Robbie Anderson today? Thanks in advance
  7. I have Mattison and Pollard on my bench, dont have Elliot or Cook, but drafted them late as potential lotto tickets if theres an injury to Elliot or Cook, I need to grab a waiver guy because of lineup injuries, but not sure which guy to drop? Tried to trade both to the elliot/cook owners but no dice. Who you keeping Mattison or Pollard? Thanks
  8. rottytiny

    PPR trade assistance

    PPR salary cap keeper league. Without showing rosters, just strictly on players involved in the trade and salaries are about even. Which side is getting better of the deal? Mixon/Golladay for Davante Adams/Cohen Thanks.
  9. rottytiny

    PPR- mixon for adams??

    PPR i trade mixon and get adams Start3 wr and 2 rb Currently have: rb-david johnson, henry, white, mixon,hyde Wr-Golladay, woods, boyd, fitz, robinson (kc) Also have kyler murray as my backup, been offered damien williams Thoughts on mixon for adams
  10. rottytiny

    Ben Watson, worth a grab?

    Thoughts on Ben Watson coming back, worth a roster spot in TE mandatory league?
  11. rottytiny

    Draft today, 5th pick, Zeke?

    Draft today, have what is turning out to be dreaded (IMO) 5th pick in PPR league. 12 teamer. Roll the dice with Zeke as it seems 1st 4 are Kamara/CMC/Barkley and DJ or possibly D Hop at 4. To Zeke or not to Zeke?
  12. After the 1st four guys in PPR I think theres some debate on the next tier, in PPR who would you rather have Conner or Mixon??
  13. Looking at ideas on players to grab and stash for next season in a dynasty league. We have a league with one more week left that allows waivers through friday. Looking at guys that may have been injured or buried on depth chart that may be worth a shot. Its a keeper/salary cap league. For instance 3 weeks ago i snagged hunter henry to hope for a rebound next season and picked up foreman sp? (rb texans). Who else you have? Guice was rostered all year.
  14. rottytiny

    Championship Advice for RB and Flex

    Williams, McGuire, Ingram. Id roll out all 3 rbs, you know they will get touches. Good Luck!!!
  15. rottytiny

    Championship Rivers or Mayfeild (Will answer yours)

    Im not positive but isnt weather going to be a factor in the Browns game? Id lean Rivers I think, but could argue either way. Just think Chargers are going to move the ball on anyone