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  1. kilroy69

    Favorite Black tv show

    family matters.
  2. kilroy69

    Presidential pardons thread

    Kwame Kilpatrick got 2 decades of his sentence commuted. Cmmmonnn man
  3. Streep is incredibly over rated. The critics love her though.
  4. kilroy69

    Anyone using Duolingo?

    No. But this seems interesting. Ty
  5. kilroy69


    I am not sure if I ever mentioned this. I was running an online store when bitcoin was around a dollar and used to have people routinly wanting to buy with bitcoin. I always said no because I just did not see the value in it as opposed to cash or at least paypal and then cash. I turned down thousands and thousands of bitcoin. Not even kidding. Not in the slightest. I look back and laugh. I would have sold long before now without question but to think at one time I had access to what is now probably millions in bitcoin is crazy to me. I had one lady that would order the same thing each time 2 times a week. Around 300 bucks worth each time and try each time to pay me in bitcoin. Each time I would laugh and tell her I want real money. hahahahahaaha.
  6. kilroy69

    Black National Anthem...America's Hymn

    That is Blacist or Wacist. I can not figure out which.
  7. kilroy69

    Black National Anthem...America's Hymn

    The blanthem. Kinda like black twitter or Blitter.
  8. That would be my bet.
  9. kilroy69

    protesters tear down barricades and storm US Capitol

    Ok but almost all who were released and not charged unless they were tossing molotov cocktails.
  10. kilroy69

    Bucs @ WFT

    McClauren is just going to throw it on an angle and catch it downfield himself if anything happens.
  11. kilroy69

    protesters tear down barricades and storm US Capitol

    Funny. We just had literally months of riots and looting and the cops didn't arrest hardly any of the people doing it. Yet you expect the white people to be treated differently? Yea. Sure. That's not racist at all. Also after months of protesting police brutality you now think the police should be brutalizing people...because they are white? Again. Completely racist statement and line of thought. I would argue that the Capitol police failed in their job because they did not want to be the next cop to be put in the national spotlight for killing unarmed people. Kinda what ya wanted cops to stop doing. Right? I absolutely do not support what happened at the Capitol. It was a riot and it should be treated that way. But so was Kenosha.
  12. kilroy69

    protesters tear down barricades and storm US Capitol

    Legit question. How is it that the capitol police did not lay waste to the people breaking into the capitol? 5 people are dead? There should be dozens of people dead at the hands of the capitol police. We have 2,300 capitol police. say they work 12 hour shifts. There should have been 1000 capitol police on hand that along with DC police whose job it is to protect congress. If our congress is so badly defended that all it takes is a crowd of people to almost get to our lawmakers what makes anyone think this can't be used as a roadmap for other countries if they ever invade? Or a roadmap for other disenfranchised groups to follow?
  13. kilroy69

    Black Help

    Hi Adam.
  14. kilroy69

    Trade Carr or Trade Mariota?

    Carr is not good. He does not challenge downfield and if you can't at least attempt the deep shot to take the top off the defense they are just going to sit on the short routes and collapse the defense. Its like infielders shading in for a terrible hitter in baseball.
  15. kilroy69

    Trade Carr or Trade Mariota?

    I am betting that chucky would trade carr in a heartbeat. He brought IN Marriotta while he was stuck with Carr.