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  1. He is banging livy dunn. Who cares what happens to his arm. As long as he can still pound that like a drum he will be golden.
  2. This is 100 percent correct. As long as that person who earned it is not white or indian it is acceptable. If they are. They go to the back of the line.
  3. kilroy69

    Black on Black Violence: Darwin Style

    I would like to have sympathy, I just do not. This is not gang violence. Not a brutal crime. He was just stupid. Let that gene die from the pool
  4. kilroy69

    Caitlin Clark debut

    The only thing impressive about that is the 3 plus 3s made a game but she is literally a long ball shooter so that is not a shock. 15 points per game is trash
  5. kilroy69

    Woke Jeebus

    Is that kinda like the buddy Christ? George Carlin would approve
  6. kilroy69

    What’s the worst fast food chain?

    I have a theory about this. Did you know that the avg LJS location makes 3 MILLION bucks a year? The parking lot is always empty and so is the drive through in every one I have ever seen. I believe LJS is a front for the mob to launder their money.
  7. kilroy69

    Caitlin Clark debut

    Like a little girl that is out of place?
  8. kilroy69

    Another Win Against DEI

    Depends on what function they are in. The HR function is 80 percent minority... because women are automatically counted as a minority for cooperate purposes
  9. kilroy69

    Another Win Against DEI

    Good question. I am seeing them push them no matter what. I basically have 2 different job descriptions. One for a "perfect candidate" which is a white guy who walks on water and then I am seeing the HM say.. well we do not need ALL of these if they were a underrepresented minority group. Which is anyone not a white male or an Indian male. I had to reject candidates that were very well suited for the position because their focus is on getting minorities in. Someone mentioned it in an earlier post. These URMG do not have the talent pool to support the insane dei policies that most of these places have.
  10. kilroy69

    Another Win Against DEI

    We have had vastly different experiences then. Mine has been almost exclusively in the tech space and in that space and what I am describing has been at every single one. Extremely liberal. Focused on DEI but ONLY dei that cuts out the white male. I am seeing this internally from a recruiters point of view.
  11. kilroy69

    Another Win Against DEI

    No. YOUR company works differently. Look up DEI on Linkedin and go to people.(in the first 3 pages of people you can find 1 that is a straight white male) What you will see are VERY few white men in the DEI space. Your company is absolutely the outlier here and coming from someone who has done rpo work for multiple large companies that are very well known I assure you that what I am telling you IS how DEI works. If you do not believe me try talking to a recruiter from another company other than yours. See what they have to say. I am 100 percent confident that this is standard practice based on the companies I have worked at.
  12. kilroy69

    Another Win Against DEI

    I have witnessed it with my own two eyes. I have literally had a female hiring manager look at me and say "we are looking for people who do not look...like you. And then she used her finger to circle her face to make it a point of emphasis what she was talking about. I have been a recruiter for over 10 years now and believe me when I say this 100 percent happens..all the time. It may not be as blatant as my example but it is there. Always. If you CHOOSE not to believe this go ahead. Weather you believe or not. This is how DEI works in the real world My favorite part of the BS that IS dei? The HR department and the recruiter you talk to about a job will tell you how important DEI is with a straight face. When you ask them what % of their HR department and Recruiters are male they fall silent. 80 percent of HR is female and 71 percent of recruiters. So they do not even practice what they preach. It is a good ol girls club.
  13. kilroy69

    Caitlin Clark debut

    I understand she rolled her ankle last night but man she is not HER. She may have been her in college but in the pros she is avg at best. 17 points a game and leads the league in turnovers? She had to come out firing for people to keep the interest. The WNBA is proving to be way harder to play against than girls who will be doctors, or teachers or moms 3 months from when you last played them. If she can not avg 25-30 a game she is not a star.
  14. kilroy69

    Another Win Against DEI

    DEI is just another name for "no white males allowed" policies. It is discrimination paraded around as being equity.