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  1. kilroy69

    Brand new Reels

    I have always fished. I just never took it serious. I would grab whatever fishing gear was handy. Now that I'm ahead a little I want to retool so I can be more serious about catching the big Pike. The lake I fish is not conducive to Texas rigs. I like to put these fat Albert's on a spinners hook and induce the Pikes predator response. It's shiny. It looks like food. It's making noise. Let's kill it.
  2. kilroy69

    Brand new Reels

    I was so happy with these when i got them I ordered 80 more of the 4 inchers before the mailman even was out of view.
  3. I am also ok with banning them for life. This is disgusting.
  4. If they do not get the death penalty it will happen again. Its that simple. I would be ok with suspending the entire astros team for 2020. NO ASTROS. They do not exist for 2020
  5. None. None at all. He can't. Not after seeing a change the pitch prior .
  6. JUST sitting on an off speed pitch it not guilt. But when you weigh the evidence against what we know and look for cheating I bet you can find anomalies that should not be there. Also it was not one. it was back to back off speed pitches from a flamethrower. You HAVE to protect yourself there and sitting on a second changeup is fishy.
  7. No. You break it down. What are the ones you are sure are cheating. What are the ones you believe are cheating. And then you press the players to flip.
  8. Busllshit. I was talking to my dad about this last night. Both of us are lifelong diehard tiger fans. I 100% assure you that you can get an intern to do this type of for free. You look at every single at bat. You look for visual clues that are obvious. But you also look for anomalies that should not be there. Like sitting on an offspeed pitch from chapman not once but twice by altuve. I don't care who you are. You either have balls of steel to sit on an offspeed pitch from someone who cranks it past 100mph or you knew it was coming.
  9. Fock it. BAN them all. Make them ALL an example. Let kevin costner direct and star in 47 men out
  10. All you need to know is if a fastball is coming. Thats it. I find this to be focking disgusting. What is better? Cheating to win or cheating to lose? Joe Jackson was banned for life for cheating to lose in a series most people would dream of having. These guys cheat to win and are allowed to stay in the game? I have been a fan since I was a kid Die hard tigers fan. I don't care what their record is. I went through the strike, the ped bullcrap and now this? WTF man? This is not the game I grew up playing and watching. Also. Fock you JV. Really. fock you. You sanctimonious assshole. You are the biggest disappointment in all of this.
  11. That is like appeasing hitler. I mean you suspend them because they focking cheated. All of them.
  12. MLB is going after managers. That is all well and good but without active participation from most of the starting lineup they would not have been able to accomplish this. Why are the players not being suspended? You can go back and look for the signs now that you know what you are looking for and see what players cheated. Why are they allowed to still play?
  13. kilroy69

    Brand new Reels

    I am always on the lookout for good finds. People who want out of the game. I jump em out and give em half
  14. kilroy69

    Brand new Reels

    YOU are NOT helping my fishing addiction