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  1. kilroy69

    What are the long term effects of the covid vaccination?

    Not sure about the long term effects but short term my arm felt like someone hit me with a stick for 3 days.
  2. Or you could also look at it as they are attempting to build a team like they had with Gronk and pre murderer Aaron Hernandez. Gronkowski and Hernandez combined for 169 receptions. The combined 2,237 receiving yards for Gronkowski and Hernandez are over 300 more than any team has had at tight end in a season.
  3. kilroy69

    the pledge of allegiance

    I get that they fought. Had one grandpa in WW2, one in Korea. My stepdad was in vietnam. That being said. I just find it so strange.
  4. kilroy69

    the pledge of allegiance

    I am not saying we should cancel the pledge. I don't know. It just seems so freaking odd to me. The act and the words.
  5. kilroy69

    the pledge of allegiance

    Fair enough.
  6. kilroy69

    the pledge of allegiance

    I am going to say something crazy. The pledge of allegiance makes me uneasy as an adult? As a kid it is just something you do. As an adult watching a class full of kids robotically recite a pledge to a flag is actually kinda creepy to me. I am not being anti American by any means but if we showed a bunch of kids in North Korea doing this everyone would laugh about how brainwashed the entire nation is and how they start doing it young. Anyone else have a problem with this as an adult or am I just turning into a commie pinko bastard in my old age?
  7. kilroy69

    Bucket List

    I have actually planned out how much it would cost to see the Nazka lines in Peru. About 10k would get me there and back for a weekend. That is literally the only thing on my list.
  8. kilroy69

    Incests, snakes,and bees

    Is that a Sonny and Cher song?
  9. kilroy69

    Is there a new user introduction thread?

    Hi Adam.
  10. kilroy69

    Just got laid off

    That is my biggest complaint. The radio silence. If I'm not the right person tell me. I'm a big boy. I can take it.
  11. kilroy69

    Just got laid off

    I have had probably 200 interviews in the last 10 months. Applied to probably 1000 jobs. Talked to sooooo many bullshitters. So many people who would do a great interview only to ghost me. Not call back. Give me an autorejection email. So many people were just liars. I got an offer today after an interview yesterday and start in a few weeks. More money than I have ever made with the real chance to make a lot lot more. (fryolators operators are in high demand. And to think you went to college) I plan on buying a house by this time next year. I know. Rats ass. But man it has been a fuckingg struggle.
  12. kilroy69

    I Miss Living in The 70's

    Hi Adam.
  13. The ONLY way to change this is to use a sliding scale where black kids are only asked to read at 25 percent the level of white kids.
  14. kilroy69

    Ever been suspended from school?

    I was expelled from school in the 3rd grade. Not suspended. Not the run of the mill have a nice few days at home. They said you go. You go now. We do not care where the fock you go to. Just go. I got paddled every single day by my female principle. I came from a broken home and my mom had just got remarried and moved us 800 miles away from our home to a place that did not even spkeak focking english as far as I could tell.(Georgia) I had never even seen a black person before we moved. This is not a joke. I was angry at the world. Angry at my mom. Angry that these hicks did not speak focking english. They are saying words that are not even focking real and expecting me to understand them. I was just pissssed off. I was the worst kid you could imagine. The final straw was when the teacher who I focking hated was bragging about her brand new shoes alllll focking day. She left the room to go show her new shoes off and I grabbed my partner in crime. We grabbed some elmers glue and hid on both sides of the door. When she walked in we soaked her shoes with glue. I was done. They booted me right then and there. I ended up having to go to a private school where country singer (pre fame) Trisha Yearwoods mom Gwen was my teacher.
  15. I'm down 300 on my chain link investment. I'm thinking of buying 500 bucks more on this dip.