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  1. kilroy69

    My son started kindergarten today

    Meh. Im not too worried about it. He has one. Its right next to mine. He just wants to sleep with me still. He's only 5. Soon enough this will end. So will the kisses. I am his parent and I act like it. I also know that when its done its done. There is no going back. If it makes him comfortable i am ok with it.
  2. kilroy69

    My son started kindergarten today

    This broke mine. He is my only child and man I have a hard time seeing him grow sometimes. Our next big step is gonna be him sleeping in his own racecar bed that is literally 2 ft away from mine. We have tried. He ends up plastered to me in my bed by the end of the night. One time. I thought I had a stroke. Not kidding. Woke up and could not feel my face. He was using it as a pillow
  3. Funny for a black lady you have irish legs.
  4. kilroy69

    My son started kindergarten today

    I try not to but he is all I have man. It's just us 2 a min of 4 days a week and more depending on his moms schedule. I let him live his life. I am just close by for when he needs help usually
  5. This makes me sad and anxious.
  6. She reminds me of a bag lady from an upscale neighborhood.
  7. kilroy69

    Bust that you will not draft no matter what.

    This is what I was coming here to say roughly.
  8. Sorry. Im wrong. That district is up. It wraps around Dearborn.
  9. They won't. The normal people of Michigan do not live in her district. She is from a district IN Michigan but does not represent Michigan. She is the same as Oman. The district she is from is packed with her voters.
  10. kilroy69

    Drafting from the 12 spot

    I am not kidding ya. I would rather the 12 than the 1. Any day. It allows you to set up way easier what your gonna do.
  11. kilroy69

    Anyone got FF drafts this coming week?

    3 starting with a college one in a few hours
  12. kilroy69

    Exotic animals you would like to own

    I did not. It was strange though man. Its not a furry. She even acted like a cat. Like purring. I know. It sounds made up. But it was just too bizarre to make up. Like something from a freak show. I still banged her..a few times. Hahaha. But it was just too strange for even me. And im a strange dude.