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  1. He wants to race Ted Ginn
  2. kilroy69

    I have caught 12 Pike this year

    Soooo. I had what was probably my master angler on recently. Shitty day all around. Rain. Wind. More of both than I wanted. I kept grounding myself on lillypad islands to keep from being super pushed around. Hooked into a monster Pike. Really nice. Good fight I almost get him to the kayak and the hook bends into an L and broke my leader. Like. It fell apart. All of it. Came out looking like I tossed it into a garbage disposal. I went on and grabbed some gamakatsu hooks that are huge and sharp and a stronger wire leader. I hope to have a few days this week when the boy goes to his moms to try it out. I was able to catch some bass yesterday with it in lip locations the other hook was not getting so hopefully it gets better sets too.
  3. Npr is so disappointing to me. I have listened to them since I was 16 with Georgia public radio. Science Friday is fantastic. Storycorps is just a wonderful program. When I was growing up they had car talk which made me tune in and I'm not a car guy at all. A prairie home companion. These were all things I listened to from a young man on through to the end. At some point they switched from this type of thing to being a PR arm for the Democrats. It's been incredibly depressing for a lifelong fan. I voted for Obama. Listen to npr through his administration. I never heard them say anything bad about him in 8 years. There is literally not a single npr program that does not have something bad or snarky to say about Trump. It makes me sick and I didn't vote for trump.
  4. kilroy69

    Your new Batman is - Robert Pattinson?

    Why not just go with Brandon Frasier. He is a better actor and is a more polished version of Pattinson
  5. kilroy69

    I'm closing in on 20 years..

    As did I.
  6. kilroy69

    I'm closing in on 20 years..

  7. Imagine if he played a real sport. Hell even soccer
  8. kilroy69

    Big is not beautiful - It is ugly

    Yahoo has been on board this kick full bore now for about 2 years. They love to show off Ashley Graham and her fat fock thighs.
  9. How about body mechanic recognition? Based off my height and my walking pattern I can be tracked without my face. Especially in places like Chicago where they have 32k cameras (jussy)
  10. kilroy69

    I have caught 12 Pike this year

    I'm in lower Michigan but I grew up in ga. I caught massive catfish and bass. Actually a 27lb catfish is the last fish I killed and ate when I was 19. I regretted killing it immediately. I have been CPR since. Catch. Photograph. Release. The stars are going to line up for me this week. My ex's days are Tues wed and Thursday and those are going to be the best days this week. All in the 60s with low wind. I get out at 5 and I'm kid free. I'll be on the water by 530 and stay out till 9. These are gonna be my big fish days.
  11. kilroy69

    I have caught 12 Pike this year

    Not a problem . You don't unless it's brought to your attention or it's too late and your about to get rolled. I watched someone get rolled and learned from their mistake.
  12. kilroy69

    Wagging the Dog

    If you think we are going to hit Iran you clearly do not pay attention to the middle East. Israel will do OUR bidding and make it look like its their idea. Using US supplied arms and information of course.
  13. kilroy69

    I have caught 12 Pike this year

    The one I use is closed face. It has an opening for me to sit in but it's covered and I use a paddle. I feel like it's safer in the wind than open face ones, some of which are peddle powered . Also. Don't anchor. Just don't. It's more trouble than it's worth and way more dangerous than it seems.
  14. kilroy69

    I have caught 12 Pike this year

    Thanks man. Fock no I'm no snob. I love to fish and I catch what is hitting. I'm literally using the same lure for everything. Not even joking. I use a giant oversized bright green grub. In fact I want to hit a personal triple crown for me. I want to catch a master angler bass,Pike and crappie. I have the master angler bass. Caught her right after the ice broke. 24 inches. 6lb. A master angler crappie is 14 inches and I KNOW they are in there. I have 2 13 inchers this year. So it's reasonable to think I can. The master angler Pike is gonna be tough. That is 40 inches. And 20 years old. This lake had a drought 20 years ago that killed off most of the Pike. Not sure a 40 incher is in here.