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  1. kilroy69

    FitzMagic = League Winner?

    what a mistake that was. He was set up perfect. He just did not do what I needed. Or he did just enough. As my second qb. I won't do that again. I am starting Tannahill going forward.
  2. Legit question. Why isn't the ball a bright Color. Like orange? Not even for things like this but for fan viewing at home and in person. A bright orange ball would make it super easy to see and while your at it add a chip to the football that lets you know with certainty that the ball broke the plane. I am a regular dude and I can see the benefit of just those small modifications to the ball.
  3. kilroy69

    Best father/son combos in sports?

    When you say father son I automatically think of Ken Griffy Sr and the kid hitting homers in the same game.
  4. If that Jewish person were using his nose to hide to football it would be comparable
  5. kilroy69

    FitzMagic = League Winner?

    Same here. Who is your main? Mine is Jackson.
  6. kilroy69

    FitzMagic = League Winner?

    I am rolling with him over Dalton and tannahill. I like his chances against a banged up jets d in a revenge game for one of the 30 teams he has played for
  7. kilroy69

    Illinois city to start paying reperations

    It's not just going to be challenged they are going to lose massive amounts of money losing and appealing at each round. It is clearly not legal to do this and those that are proposing it should be arrested for trying to break the law.
  8. kilroy69

    Illinois city to start paying reperations

    This is without question illegal
  9. kilroy69

    Are you happy?

    I am 43 and I am starting to have things fall into place for me but I can't really say I am happy. I have things that make me happy. My son. Fishing. Banging women. However they all are temporary. My son is gone 3-4 days a week. I only fish half the year. I enjoy women and I am seeing a new one that seems pretty cool. I just feel like I am missing something. I was thinking maybe a hobby? Like collecting watches. Maybe painting? I have come a LONG way in the last 5 years and I feel like I should be happier than I am. Anyone else feel this way? I know. Rats asss.
  10. kilroy69

    Gopro or something like it?

    I am gonna go with the GoPro8. I am putting together a budget of around a grand to retool for the upcoming fishing year. That includes things I won't be buying again like a new kayak a GoPro 2 new Penn battles and new lures.
  11. kilroy69

    Another London stabbing

    All these focking posts and no one talks about the guy who grabbed a narwal tusk off a bar wall and used it to take the stabber on? A narwal tusk. Against a guy who had a fake suicide vest on that as far as random guy knows is real. Instead of saying fock it. I'm done and running like 99 percent this dude and some other that ran to this guy said fock you dude. Not here. Not now.
  12. kilroy69

    Gopro or something like it?

    I realized this was an everyday occurrence for a lot of you after I posted that. For me it's not. That's the only one in the wild I ever saw.
  13. kilroy69

    Gopro or something like it?

    Last year I had a freaking excellent year fishing. In doing so I saw my first American Bald Eagle(apparently not a big deal to a lot of people) I caught 30 pike a 6.5 bass and had a fish squeal like a pig at me. I got caught in a wind storm that went from 0 wind to 30mph gusts. Dropping into wave troughs thinking yep...this is gonna be it. I saw a turtle that was probably 100 years old and Herons learning to fly by jumping from the tree its nest was in. I took a head first fall INTO my kayak that left me with a permanent horizontal 2 inch scar on my wrist. For the first time in my life ever I hooked myself more that superficially. I ended up with a hook in the base of my thumb buried to the eyelet. I missed a lot of fish and I saw a lot of fish that jumped that I had no shot at. I would love to look back and review this shitt. Any of you use one of the gopros or its clones?
  14. kilroy69

    Kamara - Bust

    I wanted Barkley so bad. He won my league for me last year. He went #2 and I had to settle for cmac. Thank God.
  15. kilroy69

    Serena Williams

    You know....she is a horse right?