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  1. GettnHuge

    Tomorrow is opening day of deer season in michigan

    it was a good year http://tinypic.com/r/xc9kqa/8
  2. GettnHuge

    Nadal >>>>>>>>>>>>> Federer

    just keeps on rolling
  3. GettnHuge

    Murray gets Gold, Federer gets old

    it's just sad at this point, pathetic too
  4. GettnHuge

    Nadal >>>>>>>>>>>>> Federer

  5. GettnHuge

    Uecker to get statue in Miller Park's last row

    Hope they didn't wait too long
  6. GettnHuge

    Nadal >>>>>>>>>>>>> Federer

    The more things change..
  7. cast is too damn old to bsae it on dark empire
  8. 'The school's so-called "zero-tolerance" policy on guns extends to private property, according to the report." This kid could get a good legal education when they sue
  9. Greta. He can join the large group of horrible ny teachers who get paid to sit in rooms all day and do nothing cause they cannot be fired.
  10. GettnHuge

    Boy I wish Michigan had lost to Akron

    If the 'we gotta preserve our conference' officials didn't completely screw akron with that bs interference call at the end, and then cheated akron out of so much time when under 30 seconds, they mighta won.
  11. GettnHuge

    Breaking Bad: The final episodes

    saul isn't greedy, he's the guy always coaching them to have some common sense, take their money, and go on a long vacation and enjoy life while they can get away with it.
  12. GettnHuge

    Big Brother

    just can't watch
  13. GettnHuge

    Nadal moves up the all time list

    16-9 is now 17-13, and the only number that seems like it will move anywhere is the 13.
  14. GettnHuge

    Most prickish thing you have ever done.

    In those long ago correge days, i had a renter who was scum, he was stealing money from his family to pay us rent. We kicked him out. Months later we are still getting his mail, including his state and fed tax docs. I wrote (deceased) on em and put em back in the box. We didn't get anymore of his mail and I probably did him a favour.
  15. GettnHuge

    Carlos Danger

    <<< Ron Mexico New York City mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner, who resigned from Congress in 2011 after a sexting scandal, admitted Tuesday that his Internet shenanigans didnt stop when he stepped down in disgrace. Hours after a gossip website published raunchy texts and explicit photos it said were from 2012, Weiner held an extraordinary press conference accompanied by his wife Huma Abedin, an aide to Hillary Clinton to apologize and ask voters for a second chance. On Monday, the Dirty claimed that Weiner who allegedly used the alias Carlos Danger met the unnamed 22-year-old woman on the social-networking site Formspring in July 2012, sent her lewd photos and had phone sex with her before the relationship "fizzled." He promised her a job and a condo, said the site, which posted pictures of body parts and graphic messages about sex acts. why couldn't he just use his real name?