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    Potential Auction Strategy

    Yeah I realized that after thinking about it more and agree.
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    Potential Auction Strategy

    12 team standard scoring $200 budget, standard lineup, the flex allows W/R/T. I'm going through my typical research - articles, rankings, depth charts, etc. My league has a tendency to have 1-2 top star players go for $70+ then a bunch of other players go for $55-69 (about 12-15 players in that range). I typically budget my starting roster and fill out the bench, K, and ST with $1 picks. Am I smart, crazy, or neither for thinking of budgeting $65 and $55 to my RB spots, and another $40 to get Kelce or Kittle ($40 is what Kelce went for last year)? The idea being I am comfortable with some $10-20 receivers, a $3-4 QB, and grabbing a sleeper TE for $1. I would use Kelce/Kittle as my flex. Potential roster would be Stafford/Barkley/Henry/Boyd/Sanders/Kelce/Gesicki Am I onto something or no?
  3. So I went with a stars and scrubs strategy in 2016 and won my league. I spent $62, $54, and $31 on my top 3 picks. It seems as if a few managers noticed this and in 2017 the prices paid for top players went up almost 10%. The league is a 12 team league, non-PPR, standard scoring and lineup. In 2016 the top ten players went for an average of $59 topping out at $68 for number 1. In 2017, the top ten players went for an average of $64 topping out at $69 for number 1. How do I capitalize on this? Do I stick to my strategy and just increase my budget for my top 3-4 picks, leaving even less for bench players and the flex spot? Or is there an angle to take and go against the grain for an advantage? I spent $166 on my top 4 players in 2016 when I won the league...