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  1. I'm tempted as I'm not sure if Luck will survive that Oline this year, but unsure if my RB depth will take a huge hit or not with it. My Team QB - Andrew Luck RB - Mark Ingram, Eddie Lacy, Jeremy Hill, Jordan Howard, Kenneth Dixon, Dion Lewis WR - Julio Jones, Jordy Nelson, Julian Edelman, Alshon Jeffery TE - Coby Fleener, Zach Ertz, Martellus Bennett K - Mason Crosby DST - Broncos
  2. UPDATE - Deal completed Picked up Dion Lewis to stash on IR
  3. Dembski84

    Trade Advice (Freeman, Coleman, Martin, Fuller)

    Yeah, if the Lacy owner is hurting at RB, after their games Monday you could take one of those guys and snag Lacy. Especially since he's on bye this week.
  4. Exactly, needed someone to cover Nelsons bye and the uncertainty at QB in NE is making me pursue a better WR3
  5. Dembski84

    Trade Advice (Freeman, Coleman, Martin, Fuller)

    After Monday's game, I was able to package Coleman for Lacy cause I agree, Atl schedule scares me going forward
  6. Agree Jeffery is annoying cause he's always questionable, but he's not someone I'll rely on week to week with Julio, Edelman, and Nelson. He'll be a high end plug and play for me on bye weeks for my top 3, or cover injuries, or matchups that favour him
  7. Debating shoring up my WR depth by adding Alshon Jeffery. I feel my RB depth is good, and I'm through my byes for my starting RB after week 5. Also my plan is since I dealt Rawls, my IR spot opens back up and I'll grab Dion Lewis. We start 2 RB, 2 WR, and a flex. My current team is; QB - Andrew Luck RB - Mark Ingram, Eddie Lacy, Christine Micheals, Thomas Rawls, Jeremy Hill, Dwayne Washington, Jordan Howard WR - Julio Jones, Jordy Nelson, Julian Edelman, Allen Hurns, Mike Wallace TE - Coby Fleener K - Brandon McManus DST - Broncos
  8. Stuck on who to play in my flex. Starting Julio and Jordy Nelson as my WR Starting Ingram and Coleman at RB
  9. Have a guy in my league desperate for RB. Potentially can get TY Hilton, but who would be the best player to keep out of CMike of Rawls?
  10. QB - Andrew Luck RB - Mark Ingram, Thomas Rawls, Jeremy Hill, Tevin Coleman, Christine Micheals, Dion Lewis WR - Julio Jones, Jordy Nelson, Julian Edelman, Will Fuller, Tyrell Williams TE - Zach Ertz, Dwayne Allen K - Blair Walsh DST - Broncos I think my RB are killing my team, but also played the 3rd highest scoring team week 1, and highest scoring team week 2
  11. Alright, so 0-2 in my league (team in signature) and have 2 potential offers on the table. It's a PPR league with 0.1pt/carry The first is; I trade - Jordy Nelson, Mark Ingram, and Tevin Coleman I receive - OBJ and Langford The second is; (he's also 0-2) I trade - Julian Edelman, Mark Ingram and Tevin Coleman I receive - Todd Gurley and TY Hilton Should I take one of these if the talks end up in an offer or should I sit still with what I have?!
  12. With Rawls potentially being limited Sunday, not sure if I stick with him, or move onto Duke or James White.
  13. Dembski84

    Championship Lineup strategy. Playoff matchups

    Ummmm, what exactly are you asking for help on?!? You saying your fantasy football season has a 2 week championship that's week 17 and round 1 of the playoffs?
  14. Dembski84

    If you are the CHAMPION, tell us here

    Pretty sure I've all but locked it up Up by 20 points and have CJ and D.Thomas going tomorrow night and he has Hill and the Broncos kicker