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Found 72 results

  1. Full PPR, 3WR, 2Rb Trade my, Damien Harris, Tee Higgins, Pittmann for A. Gibson and AJ Brown My WR: Diontae, D.Smith, Corey Davis, Jakobi, Jeudy, Tee Higgins, Pittmann My RB: CMC, Damien, Gainwell, Javonte Williams
  2. I got offered CMC combined with Perine (RB, Jets). He would get Gurley, Lindsay and Tee Higgins. Would I Give up too much value? My Roster : RB: Gurley, Conner, D. Harris, P. Lindsay WR: Hopkins, M. Thomas, T. Higgins, DJ Chark, Ruggs What would you do?
  3. jackjohn

    Thomas+ for DK+?

    Full ppr, 4pt passing TDs Start (1) Qb: Cousins (dak owner) (2) RB: Kamara, M. Sanders, Mattison, C Edmonds, Gaskin, Hines, Moss, ir Ekeler (2) wr: M. Thomas, Slayton, Shenault, TY, c. Davis (1) te: Jonnu, Hurst (1) wrt I give: M. Thomas, Jonnu Smith, Hines, TY for DK, Lamb, Herbert, Tonyan or H. Henry Trades never work in my favor, and he is getting the best player. Thoughts?
  4. Dgoldfe_13

    Better Day for DJ MOORE?

    I need help at WR I think. Full PPR, 3WR, 2RB, 0FLEX Start (waiting to see if a trade w/another manager gets accepted: Gordon for AJ Brown) If that does or does not get accepted. Would this be a good try? Trade: Gibson or Gordon and Marq. Brown FOR DJ Moore, K. Drake My RB: Ekeler, Robinson, Mixon, B. Hill, Gordon My WR: Crowder, Gallup, Jefferson, Gage, Higgins,
  5. Dgoldfe_13

    Trade offer. 1-4 start here.

    Full PPR, Start 3WR, 2Rb, 0 Flex. Trade my M. Gordon, Crowder for K. Allen, B. Aiyuk. My Wr. Marq. Brown, Gallup, J. Jefferson, R. Gage, AJ Green, Higgins, Harry. My RB. Mixon, Ekeler, Robinson, Gibson
  6. Full PPR. Start 3wr, 2rb, 0 flx Trade my M. Gordon, Marq. Brown for DJ Moore & L. Bell My RB. Mixon, Robinson, Ekeler, Gibson My Wr. Crowder, Gallup, J. Jefferson, Gage, AJ Green, Higgins
  7. bill billy

    Hunt and Boyd for Miles Sanders

    Would you package players like kareem hunt and tyler boyd together to get miles sanders? Standard league. My team Qb: Cam Newton Rbs: Kenyan Drake, Hunt, Mark Ingram, Raheem Moster, Rojo, Wrs: Michael Thomas, Hopkins, Boyd, DJ Moore, MVS Te: Hockenson, Kittle
  8. bill billy

    Need an Rb

    Ingram hasn't been doing anything and I lost raheem mostert, so I want to trade Michael Thomas for a solid rb. What range do you think he's worth trading. Obviously, no ones gonna give up a high rb1 for a play who's been injuried all year, but i was thinking maybe a miles sanders or a james robinson type. My team Qb: Cam Newton Rbs: Kenyan Drake, Hunt, Mark Ingram, Raheem Moster, Rojo, Wrs: Michael Thomas, Hopkins, Boyd, DJ Moore, MVS Te: Hockenson, Kittle
  9. bill billy

    Stuck between trades

    I have two trades in mind that I want to send out. The first which I already posed was Gurley and Juju for Josh Jacobs. The second was Juju and Gurley for Kenyan drake and another piece, possibly dj moore. Which trade do you like more and which do you think has the best chance of being accepting. I'm leaning toward the latter. My Team Qb: Josh Allen Rbs: Aaron jones, Darrel Henderson, James conner, cam Akers Wrs: Julio, juju, ceedee, TY, and AJ Green, Lazard TE: Higbee
  10. bill billy

    Gurley, Juju for Jacobs

    Do you think trading Gurley and Juju for josh jacobs is good? My other rbs are Aaron jones, Darrel Henderson, James conner, cam Akers, and my wrs are julio, juju, ceedee, TY, and AJ Green
  11. bill billy

    Trade time

    So I'm 1-2 right now coming off my first win. A lot of my players did really good this week and I want to try and ship them off for more reliable players. I'm thinking of trading Julio, juju, Gurley for Golladay, Montgomery, Josh Jacobs since a couple of them had a bad week, or switching josh jacobs for CEH if he's interested in trading him. Do you think offering someone like Darrel Henderson might be more appetizing? Let me know what you think. Rest of my team for context: Qb: Josh Allen Rbs: Aaron Jones, James Conner, Gurley, Akers, Henderson, Freeman Wrs: Julio, Juju, TY Hilton, AJ Green, Ceedee Lamb Te: Higbee
  12. Beckham really hasn't done much since going to the browns, but he is still an elite wr and who knows if Henderson will still be the lead back once akers returns. Would you accept this trade offer? BTW, I have akers on my team as well.
  13. bill billy

    How fair is this trade?

    I'd be giving away Julio, Juju, Gurley, and I would be receiving CEH, Golladay, Robbie Anderson? Rest of my team for context: Qb: Josh Allen Rbs: Aaron Jones, James Conner, Gurley, Akers, Henderson, Freeman Wrs: Julio, Juju, TY Hilton, AJ Green, Ceedee Lamb Te: Higbee
  14. Full PPR. 2 RB, 3 WR league. My roster without those two. RB: Ekler, Mixon, Gibson, Robinson WR: M. Brown, Gallup, Crowder, K. Cole, Lazard, R. Gage, N’Keal Harry
  15. doughboys_2002

    Need some help with trade

    Sitting at 2-3 with most points scored since week 1, but had more points scored against me, I have more then 50 more points scored against then the next team. I am not in panic mode, yet, but am looking for some advice. My team is: Wentz, Gurley, McCaffrey, Kamara, Sanders, Singletary, Hilton, Allen Robinson, Mike Williams, Dorsett, Goodwin, Preston Williams, Goodwin, Kirk, Diontae Johnson, Mark Andrews, Kyle Rudolph. It is a 12 teams, Standard, keeper league. I was offered Mahomes, Mack, and James Washington for Wentz, Gurley, and Rudolph. I like Wentz's playoff schedule, and Mahomes is hobbled. I was going to ask for Gallup over Washington. Would it be foolish to make this trade?
  16. doughboys_2002

    Need some help with trade

    So I haven't been here in a long time, but I am in need of some help. I have just registered my 1st win since week 1. I have been the highest scoring team since week 1, but have a 2-3 record because I have the most points scored against. I have over 50 points scored against then then the next closest team. To get to the point, I had a trade offer...I would like some insight. 12 team, standard, 3 player keeper league. My team: Wentz, Gurley, McCaffrey, Kamara, Sanders, Singletary, D. Thompson, Hilton, A. Robinson, M. Williams, Dorsett, Goodwin, Diontae Johnson, Kirk, P. Williams, M. Andrews, Rudolph So the offer was Mahomes, Mack, and J. Washington for Wentz, Gurley, and Rudolph. I like Wentz's playoff schedule, and Mahomes has a high ankle sprain, and Washington has a shoulder injury. I was going to ask for Gallup instead... Thoughts would be great, I don't want to screw myself because I am desperate...Thanks
  17. browns2626

    Trade help

    I was offered Dede Westbrook and Devin Singletary for Damien Williams. Thinking of countering Adam Thielen for Singletary and Westbrook. I will need Williams when he’s healthy again. WR wise I have Hopkins, Thielen, Tyrell Williams, MVS, Sterling Shepherd, Demarcus Robinson, Brandon Cooks, and John Brown RB wise I have Michel, Williams, Hyde and Gallman. Any thoughts/advice would help
  18. Guy in my league asked me to trade Hopkins for Edelman and Dede Westbrook. Think I am fine at WR. Need RBs tho. Thinking of countering Hopkins for Kamara or Gurley and Devin Singletary. Receiver wise I have Hopkins, Thielen, Tyrell Williams, Brandon Cooks, John Brown, Jarvis Landry, and DeMarcus Robinson. Im am hurting at RB. I have Damien Williams (who is hurt), Sony Michel, Mostert, Justin Jackson and Mattison.
  19. Three parts to this question: 1. Based on my team (below) would I be crazy to try and trade for AB? 2. Do you think he will be picked up soon? 3. What do you think his trade value is / what would be a fair trade? Here is my team (PPR): QB - Winston / Goff RB - McCaffrey / Chubb / Mack / D. Johnson / Mattison WR - Woods / Cooks / S Watkins / G Allison / D Thomas / A Miller TE - Kelce / Burton D - Chicago / Houston K - Fairbairn
  20. Have Frank Gore, thoughr devin would be a good handcuff but they want DJ Moore in Trade. None of these are my starters but would be flex.
  21. JediMaster

    Make the trade??

    Have a trade on the table. I'm in a Dynasty League that is PPR. We keep entire team each year. We start 1 QB, 1 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 1 Flex (RB, WR, or TE), K, and DEF. Current Team: QB - M.Ryan, C. Newton, S. Darnold RB - A. Kamara, J. Connor, D. Cook, J. Samuels, J. Ajayi WR - K. Golladay, C. Kupp, C. Ridley, D. Westbrook, M. Gallup, D. Hamilton, M. Goodwin, Z. Jones TE - T. Kelce, G. Kittle K - W. Lutz D - Minny I give: Ryan, Cook, and Kittle I get: Kirk Cousins, Aaron Jones, Antonio Brown I downgrade at QB, slight downgrade in RB but I'm trading my #3 RB and I get much needed WR help. I do lose a top tier TE but I still have Kelce. Would you make this trade?? Thanks in advance!
  22. I give up Trey Burton, Carlos Hyde, and Chris Thompson and I get Travis Kelce, Core Clement, and Austin Ekeler. Should I do this? My team: RB - Melvin Gordon, James Conner, Jordan Howard, Carlos Hyde, Chris Thompson, Matt Breida WR - Michael Thomas, Tyler Boyd, Jarvis Landy, Doug Baldwin TE - Trey Burton, Evan Engram Thoughts? Thanks!
  23. DaBeerz

    Is this trade collusion?

    Team A and Team B are two new owners in our league. I believe they may be friends or know each other, but I'm not certain. Both teams play in the same division in a 12 team league. Team A is sitting at a (2-1) record, and Team B is sitting at (0-3). The trade below is as follows (the team refers to TEAM Quarterback). Team A (2-1) Trade Away: Washington Redskins (WAS) Rashad Jennings (NYG) C.J. Spiller (BUF) Team B (0-3) Trade Away: New England Patriots (NWE) LeSean McCoy (PHI) Toby Gerhart (JAC) Now, I'm not one to veto a trade, but this one stinks heavily in favour of a team giving their friend the best RB in the league. I know McCoy has underperformed, but come on. Thoughts?
  24. The trade would be Tevin Coleman for Diggs. He's got Freeman and no 2nd RB for this week (he picked up J Allen but didn't start him). IF he's willing to do this trade, would you do it if you're me? My team: QB: Wilson, A Smith RB: McCaffrey, Howard, Coleman, Barber, Mack WR: Sanders, Cooper, Lockett, , Funchess TE: Ertz Practice squad: CJ Anderson & Guice kicker and defense (who really care, right?) Considering I've got McCaffrey and Howard, I think I'm better off making this deal but want your thoughts. Only other thing to note: drafted players are 2 year deals. At the end of the year we can keep 6 PLUS if we had someone on practice squad all year, we can keep them as well and get to keep them for 2 more years. You can also keep someone for the 3rd year at double their salary. In this case, I've got Tevin for $1 so he would be able to keep him next year for $2. He kept Diggs at double his salary this year ($8 this year) so he'll be a free agent next year. Follow-up: If he says no, would you do: Coleman for Gordon Much thanks and if you've got a topic leave the link....
  25. guinmann

    Trade Advice

    We have a dynasty league, PPR Our second draft is tonight and I have #1 pick. It is a dynasty league so many of the top players are gone. No rookies taken yet. I have: Aaron Rodgers Ezekiel Elliot David Johnson AJ Green Kelvin Benjamin Obviously my second receiver is weak but my team is pretty stacked. I have offers for Saquon Barkley (Which I can take at #1) Should I trade him for Keenan Allen to round out my starters? Should I trade him for Amari Cooper and the 10th pick? Or should I just keep the pick for extra insurance for my running back position?