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  1. HIW2

    COVID help - PPR

    Hunt, Tyreek, Samuel, Hill or CEH...lean CEH
  2. HIW2

    Flyer on Hines, or stick with RoJo?

    I’d pick up Hines
  3. HIW2

    Flex help

  4. HIW2

    Anyone playing Ekeler today??

    I’m rolling w Ekeler...I’d lean Harris at your other spot
  5. HIW2

    Hill or Gio

  6. HIW2

    Flex Spot - pick 1

    RB K Drake, WR M Pittman Jr, or RB L Murray.....half point PPR Leaning Pittman...have K Murray as my QB thanks in advance
  7. HIW2

    Flex help Gio/Rr Woods

    I’d go Gio
  8. HIW2

    Injury Help - RB and QB

    Cousins and Ballage
  9. HIW2

    RB for week 11

  10. HIW2

    Flex: pick 1

    RB S Ahmed, WR Fulgham, or WR Lamb 0.5 PPR thanks in advance
  11. HIW2

    Flex - Meyers, Parker, Ahmed or Gurley

    I’d roll w Gurley
  12. HIW2

    Bernard or Ballage?

    I’d go with Ballage
  13. HIW2

    RBs - Pick 2

    0.5 PPR... K Drake, J McKissic, S Ahmed, C Edmonds ...thanks in advance
  14. HIW2

    Burrow or Mahomes today?

    I’d have a hard time benching Mahomes