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  1. Hes a possibility also...go w your gut feeling
  2. Pick up Jamaal Williams ... dont trust Gurley
  3. HIW2

    Need RB for the Flex and WR#2

    Id roll w Evans and Williams http://www.fftodayforums.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=483817&do=findComment&comment=6381398 Thanks
  4. HIW2

    Dam Williams or J. Samuels?

    Between these 2 Id go Damien
  5. HIW2

    Which RBs and QB?

    QB - Trubisky or Watson RB (pick 3): David Johnson, Jaylen Samuels, Damien Williams, Dalvin Cook, Jamaal Williams , CJ Anderson Thanks in advance
  6. HIW2

    J Allen or Big Ben? Colts or Phins D?

    Big Ben and Miami
  7. If Gurley sits, Id go C.J. if not, roll w Blue
  8. HIW2

    Rodgers or Prescott?

    Id go Dak vs Tampa
  9. HIW2

    Need a ruling.....

    I see no issue with the move.
  10. HIW2

    RB & WR help pick 1 each

    Samuel and Lockett for me
  11. HIW2

    need one in ppr league

    Id go Blue
  12. HIW2

    Good luck today everyone

    Good luck!