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  1. HIW2

    Melvin Gordon benched??

    He’s back in
  2. HIW2

    Melvin Gordon benched??

    I should’ve started Drake over him...live and learn lol
  3. HIW2

    Bench Slayton with the wind?

    If you’re worried about the wind, I’d go AP. Maybe I’ll stick to benching D Parker as well if the winds are that bad.
  4. Hmmm...I’d go Montgomery but AJ is tempting
  5. HIW2

    D Parker or AJ Brown

    which WR is the better play today? Leaning AJ right now.
  6. HIW2

    Bench Slayton with the wind?

    I’d stick w Slayton
  7. HIW2

    Battle of the Hurt Throwing hands

    Don’t think I’d be able to sit Mahomes during the playoffs.
  8. HIW2

    Help! Need a QB, TE and Flex! Thanks!

    Tough choices but I’d go: Tannehill , Drake, and Hollister
  9. HIW2

    Flex- Conner, AP, AJ Brown-Standard

    I’d roll w AJ
  10. HIW2

    R Wilson or D Watson ?

    Which QB should I roll with? got RB C Carson starting so leaning Watson.
  11. 0.5 ppr K Drake, C Carson, or R Penny thanks in advance!
  12. I can put Hooper on IR but it doesn’t free up a spot on my active roster.
  13. HIW2

    RB choices

    Need 2: J Samuels vs Rams J Williams vs Panthers D Williams vs Titans D Singletary vs Browns Thanks in advance.
  14. HIW2

    Pick 2

    I’d go Samuels for sure. Pascal and Golladay have qb issues. Damien Williams, other than one long run last week, has been terrible. DJ Moore isn’t that exciting of a play. Tough choice but I would roll w Golladay and cross my fingers...Damien Williams would be my next choice after him.
  15. HIW2

    opponent QB and your WR matchup-ever do it?

    Exactly...like I said, u can’t go wrong with either of those 2. I started Wilson over Watson so I’m hoping for a big game from him. Good luck!