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    One for Flex please!

    16 team, 1/2 point PPR. I originally had Jeff Wilson in at Flex but it's looking like Mitchell is playing at they are 4:00 game so I can't wait until after the 1:00 KO to wait on it. Who would you go with at Flex? Jeff Wilson (v Hou) Russell Gage (@ Buf) Rhamondre Stevenson (Jags) Dare Ogunbowale (@ NE) Marquise Brown (quest vs Rams) Lost Sanders last week so these pickings are pretty slim. Who do you roll with? Thanks!
  2. AB missed yesterday's practice and today's with what is apparently a tweak of his previous ankle injury. Anyone in Tampa or other hearing if he is more of the side of out for Sunday right now? Thanks!
  3. 1/2 point PPR league. Ekeler already out and played Wilson at 1 RB on TNF. Need one more for the 2nd RB and one for the Flex. Please pick two from below. Thanks and Happy Holidays! Miles Sanders (vs. NYG) Russell Gage (vs. Det) Damien Harris (vs. Buf)
  4. 1/2 Point PPR league. if Damien Harris is a start would you go with Harris vs. Buffalo or Miles Sanders vs. NYG. Both players injuries concern me a bit but I already have Ekeler out and played Wilson TNF so down to those two. Also would you go Gage vs. Detroit or Hollywood Brown @ Cinci. No Goff for Lions concerns me a bit that the Falcons get out early and may not throw much and Hollywood has been averaging about 50 yards a game the last 6 week and even though I think the Balt-Cinci game may be a shoot-out I don't know if I trust Huntley. Harris or Sanders? Gage or Marquise Brown? Best of luck to everyone and Merry Christmas!
  5. Now with Goff out for Detroit and even with not the strongest Falcon team, makes me a bit concerned if the Falcons will need to throw much. The Ravens-Cinci game has the makings of a shoot-out which makes it an even tougher call imo.
  6. With the crushing loss of Ekeler to Covid and almost certainly out Sunday (and I do not have J. Jackson), looking for input as whether you'd roll with Jeff Wilson in a tough road match-up vs. TN or gamble and roll with either Harris or Stevenson on Sunday hoping one of them plays. My other back I'm starting is Sanders so the Ekeler situation is really crappy timing for sure. Anyone in NE getting word on Harris status for Sunday?
  7. 1/2 point per league. Starting AB and Lamb at WR's and comes down to Gage vs. Detroit or Hollywood Brown @ Cinci. To me it's really close and I know that Gage has been very consistent of late but if LaMar plays I think that game may be a shoot out so tough decision. If he's out again though, pretty sure I will go Gage. Which would you go with of the two? Best of luck in the playoffs and Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays!!
  8. Thanks much. Am leaning towards Sanders as well for the 2nd RB spot and on the bubble between Gage and Hollywood Brown (especially if Lamar starts) at Flex. If Lamar plays, think that game may be a complete shoot out. If he's out again then probably leaning Gage. Thanks!
  9. 16 team 1/2 point PPR league and now in the semi finals. My starting lineup with the exception of my 2nd RB and Flex is below. Please pick one for the second RB and one for the Flex. Please pick two amongst: Miles Sanders v. NYG D. Harris v. Buf Stevenson v Buf J. Wilson @ TN (TNF) Hollywood Brown @ Cinci Russell Gage v Detroit QB- Herbert RB- Ekeler RB Flex- WR- Antonio Brown WR- Lamb K- Boswell D- KC Thanks much, best of luck the rest of the playoffs and Happy Holidays to all!
  10. Thanks, appreciate responding! Any Philly or SF fans out there with additional insight?
  11. In a 16 team, 1/2 pt per league. First round of playoffs and unfortunately my opponent has Tyreek Hill and Kelce so already down 48-30. Below are my likely starters, who would you go with at Flex between these three and ranked in order please? Will try and answer yours. Thanks! QB- Herbert RB- Ekeler RB- R. Stevenso **FLEX- Jeff Wilson (vs Atl), Miles Sanders ( Tues vs WFT), Russell Gage (@ SF) WR- Hollywood Brown (Q) WR- Lamb K- J. Sanders D- TN
  12. I am in a deep 16 team 1/2 point PPR league. I have Herbert as my usual #1 QB each week with Cousins and Tyrod Taylor as back-ups. With the uncertain status of Ridley and injury to AB I am a little weak at WR. Below is my roster with asterisks listed as my usual starters. Right now I am in first in my division (4 league division) and pretty much a lock for the playoffs. But with that being said would you do the trade or hold off, and if so, would you do Cousins and Sutton/Gage for Cee Dee Lamb or Michael Pittman? QB- Herbert ** Cousins Taylor RB- Ekeler ** RB Damien Harris ** Flex- Miles Sanders ** (would probably out Lamb or Pittman as Flex if I made the trade and then flip flop between Sanders and Harris remaining weeks as the 2nd RB) WR Sutton ** (hopefully AB soon but who knows) WR Marquise Brown ** Bench- Antonio Brown, Kendrick Bourne, Shenault, Gage, (Ridley IR), Rhamondre Stevenson, Jeff Wilson Would you make the trade and if so for Lamb or Pittman or just hold and keep Cousins as insurance? Thanks!!
  13. I'm in a 16 team 1/2 point PPR league and have injury to Miles Sanders & Jacobs is on bye. I'm starting Damien Harris at one of my RB spots but with Ekeler being very "iffy" and playing at 4:00 would you consider playing Samaje Perine at the Jets (at 1:00) over Ekeler? Thanks!