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  1. 12 team PPR league. I have Lawrence at Tampa in what potentially has the looks of a shoot out type game but it's a 4:00 game and Lawrence is still questionable. I also have Flacco at Hou (1:00), and Minshew at Atl (1:00) and leaning towards Flacco if not Lawrence. If I knew for certain that Lawrence was starting I would most likely start him but the Jags may not announce anything until about an hour before kickoff. Which of the three would you go with? Thanks! Good luck to all and Merry Christmas!
  2. 12 team PPR league and have lost Chase, K. Allen, and most likely Lawrence and Jacobs for the semi's. If Lawrence is out would you go with Minshew at Atlanta or Flacco at Houston? Thanks, good luck to everyone and have a safe and Merry Christmas!!
  3. Sure thing. Let me know if you need help deciding between Hill and Chase in your 8 team league.
  4. @ Wee Paws. I guess you missed in reading it's a 16 team league, I'm guessing you've never been in one over 10 though.
  5. Over the next 4 weeks, if not longer knowing Conner's history, who is the better back to have moving forward Demarcado or Ingram? I know in some leagues it probably wouldn't matter but I am in a 16 team league so starting RB's are at a premium. Thanks!
  6. 16 team PPR league. Looking for choice between: Michael Thomas @ GB or Jerry Jeudy @ Miami. Thanks!
  7. So first round of playoffs in a 16 team PPR league. Looking for my second WR spot between Marquise Brown (at Denver) or DJ Moore (home vs. Pitt). I already have Deandre Hopkins as my first WR and James Connor as one of my RB's so a bit concerned in going with three Cardinals in most likely a low scoring road game. That being said not overly thrilled with Darnold and Moore's ankle but he (Moore) did practice fully the last two day. The Cupp injury certainly didn't help especially in a 16 team league. Brown @ Denver or Moore vs. Pitt Thanks and good luck to everyone this weekend!!
  8. 16 team par league. Would you go with Zeke today vs NYG or Michael Carter at home vs. the Bears. Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
  9. Yeah I think I am leading that way also. Thank you!
  10. I'm in a deep 16 team, 1/2 point per league. Down to choosing between Michael Carter (1:00 @ NE) or Zeke (4:00 @ MN). Which would you go with? Thanks and good luck this week!!
  11. Looks like Zeke is a go but with a 4:00 KO might be a little risky. Will have to see. Thanks!
  12. 16 team PPR league starting Conner at one RB and with the loss of Cupp gonna go with 2 of the these three as my other RB and Flex. Right now I am leaning towards Gibson and Zeke with very close call between Zeke and Carter. Which 2 please? Zeke @ MN Gibson @ Hou M. Carter @ NE Thanks and good luck this weekend!!
  13. In a 16 team par league, 6 pts for rushing and receiving TD, bonus yards at 50 combined yards and up from there. Need 2 of three from these please: Zeke @ GB (good match-up but iffy with tweaked knee and of course Pollard share) Conner @ Rams- (seems to be back but banged up line and struggling offense in general) Gibson @ Philly MNF (heavy underdogs, McKissic probably out again, leaning towards Gibson as one to start of the two) Who would you go with and I will try and answer yours as well. Good luck this week!
  14. 16 Team PPR League, 4 points for passing TD's, 6 for rushing and bonus points at 250 yards passing and rushing combined. Tannehill at Commanders Bridgewater at Jets Which would you go with? Thanks and good luck!!
  15. Stu82

    One for Flex please!

    16 team, 1/2 point PPR. I originally had Jeff Wilson in at Flex but it's looking like Mitchell is playing at they are 4:00 game so I can't wait until after the 1:00 KO to wait on it. Who would you go with at Flex? Jeff Wilson (v Hou) Russell Gage (@ Buf) Rhamondre Stevenson (Jags) Dare Ogunbowale (@ NE) Marquise Brown (quest vs Rams) Lost Sanders last week so these pickings are pretty slim. Who do you roll with? Thanks!