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  1. I'm down to deciding between Golden Tate at home vs. the Jets or Jamaal Williams at home vs. Carolina for my Flex position. The Giants are down Evan Engram and Sterling Shepherd and Jamaal William has been fairly hot of late despite the lack of touches. Who would you run at Flex and any other thoughts? I will try and answer yours. Thanks and good luck this weekend!
  2. I'm in a 1/2 point, 14 team PPR league and right now have Golladay penciled in as my Flex with Julio and Thielen but wavering on Golden Tate with a really nice match-up vs. AZ. Both Patrick Peterson for AZ and Barkly (NY) are back though so looking for input which you'd go with. Kenny Golladay at home vs. MN Golden Tate at home vs AZ Good luck and will try and answer yours too. Thanks!
  3. Jackson and Adams as well. Thanks for answering mine btw. Good luck today!
  4. Stu82

    Playoff help- Gordon or Shady at Flex?

    I have gone back and forth between the two and also now starting to lean a little towards Shady with the same thought of he should get 15 touches and up and if the Bills can get to a 10 point or more lead, he may even see 25 carries plus a few targets. Really shooting and hoping for 75-100 yards combined and any score. Anything above that from my Flex and I will very happy. More answers and input is certainly appreciated. Thanks!!
  5. Stu82

    Need 2 RBs and a flex PPR

    I also say Jones, Edwards, and Jackson and don't look back! Good luck this week and please see mine. Thanks!! http://www.fftodayforums.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=483279
  6. Stu82

    Diggs or Edelman

    I think I'd go with Diggs as believe MN has the better shot of playing behind and really think they will be forced to throw the ball much more than Brady and Miami although I have Edleman playing against me which is usually the kiss of death..... Good luck and please see mine. Thanks! http://www.fftodayforums.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=483279
  7. PPR league and need choice of one of these two below for my flex to go along with A. Brown and Julio (fingers crossed). Please pick one. Will get to yours. Thanks and good luck this weekend!! Josh Gordon @ Miami Shady McCoy vs Jets
  8. I actually like Fournette, Chubb, and Ware (over Cook). MN has been struggling of late with the O and think it may be tough moving the ball again in Seattle where KC moves the ball regardless of who is at RB and may have a few more GL opportunities in probably as many overall touches as Cook anyway. Thanks for answering mine and good luck!
  9. 1/2 PPR league and need just one of the following below for 1st found of playoffs this weekend. *Shady McCoy at home vs. Jets *Adrian Peterson at home vs. NY Giants *Josh Gordon @ Miami If it helps with the decision at all, my opponent is starting Tom Brady but I am also starting James White as one of my two RB's too. Thanks and good luck this weekend!
  10. Yeah, Lockett at least has scored in 8 of his games and I am still waiting for Gordon to have that big breakout game. With Edleman and Gronk now back, I'm not sure Gordon is going to have that big game this year (or ever again for that matter). He definitely has the upside for a bigger game though and after Brees' clunker last night for me, I may need to gamble on the bigger play maker. Btw, I'm from Cleveland and have waited a long time for Gordon's big games so I am also very leery as well. I'll still take additional input btw Thanks!
  11. We play occasional double headers in our league so to play our division opponents twice and everyone else once so this is an even bigger week as last regular season game and chance to clinch a bye in first round. My question is Tyler Lockett or Josh Gordon as my 3rd receiver (Flex) position? Lockett at home vs. SF Gordon at home vs. MN Thanks much, leave a link or I'll look and answer yours.
  12. I know it may sound a little crazy to even read those words but I am concerned about AP's matchup and Washington in general right now. Which would you go with as the 2nd RB this weekend. AP @ Dallas (tough match-up with banged up line but they may rely on him even more) Peyton Barber home vs SF (coming off his best game of year/career but can he be relied on back to back games)? Please pick one, crunch time weekend. Happy Thanksgiving!!
  13. In a 14 team PPR league and need 2 of these players to fill one RB spot (to go with James White) and one for the Flex/Wild Card. See below and pick 2 please. AP Thursday at Dallas (short rested week and tough Dallas D concern me a bit) Peyton Barber home vs SF (coming off big game off NYG) Josh Gordon @ Buffalo (been pretty decent of late but still waiting for that break out game) Lamar Miller MNF vs. TN (never know what you'll get from Miller but playing better of late) Please pick 2 of above and will answer yours. Good luck and Happy Thanksgiving!
  14. Stu82

    Barber or L. Miller? Will answer yours

    Yeah, on the same page with that thought. Thanks and good luck!
  15. I'm in a deep 14 team league and have couple of bye issues so deciding between Barber and Miller as my second back. Their match-ups are as follows: Peyton Barber @ NY G Lamar Miller @ Wash Please answer and I will eventually answer yours. Thanks and good luck!!