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  1. jimaveli

    Steelers at Chargers: In-Game Discussion

    Vintage Rivers at the end too. Who is still shocked by this type of stuff from him? He’s Winston if Jameis was allowed to keep starting for multiple years.
  2. Atlanta’s defense is ‘get someone fired’ bad. Still, I’ll take Murray. Safer floor. Fun ceiling if things start working out. Winston can score 3 or 33 any week and you’ll never know when one or the other is coming. I don’t trust the Browns cuz it’s the Browns, Chubb is their best offensive weapon easily, and the LSU WRs might be better blockers than WRs for Cleveland’s needs.
  3. jimaveli

    Will you sell high on any stud player?

    I’m okay with it in 2 for 1 situations. For instance, I lacked rb depth in a league. I recently traded Dalvin Cook for Chris Carson and Tevin Coleman. I didn’t have Mattison in that league so it was a bit easier to let it go as a Cook 2019 truther.
  4. jimaveli

    What would it take to trade away Pats D

    Good looking out on this. Jets dst it is!
  5. jimaveli

    F.U. Week Cinco

    50/50 doesn’t kill the weekly game part of fantasy. It kills the 160-point loss right next to a 95-point win in the same league and same week part of fantasy. And it generally makes you care about every team in the league all the time: who got dropped/added, who got started/sat, how much they scored, etcetera. And Redzone channel is different altogether. Anytime anyone scores that’s not on your team, it could be bad for you. One day, I think it’ll be the default once folks try it and/or it becomes more common.
  6. jimaveli

    F.U. Week Cinco

    Head to head in a season-long league doesn’t make sense. 50/50 does. It gives the wins to the best performances that week and you avoid weekly randomized injustice that can job someone out of a season if someone is unlucky enough. Ie: a team with the 3rd most points over 13 weeks misses the playoffs because of losing the week head to head lottery too many times.
  7. jimaveli

    F.U. Week Cinco

    Head to head! I’m in 2 leagues that are still H2H only. And every week at least 1 team loses H2H bingo and eats a loss with a mountain of points while someone else wins with a far weaker week. Ie: someone loses with 150 right next to a team winning with 105. For clarity, it annoys me even when it isn’t me that’s taking the high-point loss. It stopped making sense to me a long time ago since I view a league as it’s own universe. And it’s even more brutal in leagues where there’s a gap between the best teams and the weaker ones from week to week. So far I’ve only convinced 1 group of folks IRL to cut it out and go with something different (Ie: top half gets a win every week. The luck goes toward the middle instead of the bottom).
  8. jimaveli

    Trade. Which side you like?

    Hard to say in a vacuum but give me the one with Watson.
  9. jimaveli

    Ppr flex help

    I like Robinson even though his floor is scary. If you think you need 7 points then White. I agree with starting Samuel either way but I might not be the right one to ask because I was very into his preseason love before Cam got hurt and then played with 1 foot for 2 weeks.
  10. jimaveli

    Keep Mattison or Pollard for lotto ticket?

    Yeah, keep Mattison. The Vikes seem to be dead serious about running the ball.
  11. jimaveli

    Jay Ajayi...worth a grab and hold?

    Carson is not physically special as an rb. He’s tough for sure but Pete has shown that he will move off a rb pretty quickly. I have no honest feeling about where Ajayi could land but someone may bring him in to kick the tires. There’s at least 5 teams with shaky rb rooms. I scooped him a league where I’m stuck with David Montgomery as my 2nd rb and Laytay Murray as my preseason 3rd. Picking on the end in a snake draft sure is fun!
  12. jimaveli

    F.U. Week 4

    Get away from Sweet Tyler Lockett dag nabbit!?
  13. jimaveli

    Bears at Redskins: In-Game Discussion

    The Bears offense is dedicated to being cute. It is amazingly annoying in general and for fantasy. Every now and then it works and we get Gabriel games. But it also leads to their best overall rb getting iced even when they have big leads. Just imagine if the Skins weren’t the Skins. And even they were on the verge of sneaking back into the game. Not awesome.
  14. jimaveli

    Bears at Redskins: In-Game Discussion

    I want to see a scenario that led to a season-long Taylor Gabriel start. Gotta be a deep one.
  15. jimaveli

    Which coach was more incompetent in Week 3?

    Give me Freddie. All offseason, the comfortable optimism surrounding the Browns had me very afraid for the Browns. Baker still makes bad decisions with the football..mainly, he likes late throws that work in college but often lead to disaster in the NFL. The oline, on paper, looked notably worse. First time head coach. The schedule. The division in general. And yes, even I’ll concede, Landry and OBJ together again could go south. And duh, high expectations!? For the Browns!? They’ve been passable like 3 times in the last 20 years! C’mon folks! Let them cook for a bit and become a reasonably decent outfit!