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  1. jimaveli

    Do The Auction Nomination Order Snake?

    I'm currently of the opinion that snaking an auction will give an advantage to the people closer to either end of the nomination order...especially when the overall money in the auction gets low.
  2. jimaveli

    Do The Auction Nomination Order Snake?

    I'm asking because I'm in a league where this is a discussion. IE: to snake or not to snake. Most of the things I've seen online say 'no snake'. Mock sites aren't snaking. A software I'm planning to use to draft doesn't offer snaking nominations as an option.
  3. In a 12-team snake draft, the person who picks 12th, gets the last pick of the first round and the first pick of the 2nd round. IE: 12th and 13th picks. In a 12-team auction, the person who nominates the first player nominates the 13th player because the nomination order does not snake. OR Do people's nominations 'snake' too? If so why? If not, why not?
  4. General: - Is it as fun as many folks say? - Studs and duds? Or Balance? - How long did it take you? Online, live, or some kind of hyrbrid? Specifics: - Auctioneer? Did you hire a pro auctioneer? Did you hire a stripper? Or did you offer a friend a few beers and jokes? OR Did you stick someone in the league with the job of auctioneering and drafting?
  5. jimaveli

    Melvin Gordon threatens to holdout of camp

    Jackson might end up being the Lendale White of Ekeler's life..maybe even worse than that. I have a sneaky feeling that the Gordon thing is going to go badly either way. It could be gas though so let's see!
  6. jimaveli

    Rams @ Saints NFC Championship Thread

    There are plenty of reasons to believe that the call was blown on-purpose. Thats a better story than a dude accidentally missing a blatant out of position defender mugging a guy to prevent a td. Regardless, it is another bad call in a game that had a few. The league got the best 4 teams in the final 4. Old dudes. Young dudes. The games were interesting with lots of stories to tell. And oops, here we are talking about refs the day after. That cannot be how the league continues to operate.
  7. jimaveli

    SuperBowl 53 Patriots-Rams

    Hes somehow hurt / not 100%. And I think he has some kind of mental thing going on too. He was super shaken up after that interception he caused. And heck, CJ Anderson has been super useful for the Rams. He is taking the tough hits and causing punishment to the middle of opposing defenses. Why tamper with it now?
  8. I wish more was said about how Fisher robbed Steve McNair of his Air for several years. And he pouted like crazy through the early part of the Vince Young experience too. But oh well, at least he wont likely have a chance to ruin any other teams.
  9. Yeah. Jeff Fisher is a powerful force. He had us comfortable that Saint Nick Foles was done too.
  10. jimaveli

    Rams @ Saints NFC Championship Thread

    The refs have to find a way to stop being a story for blatant missed calls, makeup calls, and obviously inconsistent calls in the same game. The NFL has to know this. Do they care? Who knows! The ref gig is not an easy one but if a guy getting hit in the head and tackled with a football coming his way on a third down cannot draw a PI, that is just plain and simple bad ref work. That written, the Saints gave up 2 field goals and had a turnover after that horrible no call. So hey. The Rams still had some work to do and they got it done.
  11. jimaveli

    Will you take mahomes #1 overall next year

    Yes @ finding the next Mahomies while trying to avoid the next Crab Legs/Mariota/Flacco.
  12. There's some owners who will half-arse it no matter what the format is. I have stories: a recent one involves a dude in a 2-week final starting Golden Tate in week 15 instead of picking up Damien Williams and starting him. He wasn't paying attention to the injuries so he missed that Ware was out on the THURSDAY game, so he missed the pickup. And of course this angered the fantasy gods. SO OF COURSE HE LOST by slightly less than the amount of points Williams would've had over Tate because DUH! Anyway, other folks will quit if anyone in their first 5 rounds worth of picks rolls an ankle. Others just can't do it for 16 weeks. The dream for a long-time league is finding a format that works for your league and going from there with trying keep things competitive (and fun).
  13. Ah, Gordon and Ekeler owners disagree openly. Luck is a factor. It is just isnt the only factor..folks tend to go on tilt and say its all silly and lucky when they have bad luck. Merry Christmas folks. Enjoy yourselves.
  14. Good stuff, Kopy. I like nerdy formats like that. Anything to get away from H2H only. It is tough to get folks to bite off on those types of formats sometimes, but people generally enjoy the nuance once they figure it out. I've cried and crowed a lot about not liking H2H only, but I am not a big fan of total points only either. I am guilty of only trying it once in a league with some wild variance in scoring (defenses could win you a league if they scored TDs and QBs were OP). Maybe I'm a snob? Sorry! As mentioned above, in Total Points Only. you are begging the teams that fall behind to 'lose interest' / 'soft quit'. And that 'soft quit' stuff ruins most free agency setups because everyone isn't trying at the same clip to pick up obviously viable free agents each week. It DOES give the highest scoring team the win guaranteed. But I am a sucker for the weekly element of fantasy football, so I always want to keep that in any season-long league I'm in.
  15. Also, potential failed drug test somewhere along the way. That too.