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  1. pronghorn

    Gruden........He Gone😲

    After the last 9 months, please tell me you don't really believe this statement?
  2. pronghorn

    Jakobi Meyers or Marvin Jones .5 PPR

    Jakobi NE is playing Tampa Marvin Jones = JAX is playing Cinnci
  3. Little help which one should i start?
  4. pronghorn

    Buck and Aikman on the Jets

    Aikman is right when he says it ain’t happening with a Kamala/Biden ticket because we will have a skeleton crew for our national defense.
  5. pronghorn

    Zack Moss out, start Devin

    would you start Singletary over Fournette?
  6. pronghorn

    Gurley and M Thomas for Kerryon J and Tyrell W

    It’s a 10 team league and was made the offer, I accepted but Gurley’s playing like he’s one tackle away from Newton Ville if he’s not there already.
  7. pronghorn

    Gurley and M Thomas for Kerryon J and Tyrell W

    Getting Thomas thanks!
  8. pronghorn

    Lets Make a Deal! (for Dalvin Cook)

    This has to be a 8 team league. Gurley Gordon Hunt
  9. pronghorn

    Trade McCaffrey for White?

    I’d keep McCaffrey
  10. pronghorn

    D. Cook for S. Diggs?

    RB: K Hunt C McCaffrey L Miller T Coleman WR: Alshon Jeffery S Diggs A Thielen Randall Cobb Marquise Goodwin Is the trade worth a shot that Cook comes back strong?
  11. pronghorn

    D. Cook for S. Diggs?

  12. pronghorn

    D. Cook for S. Diggs?

    was offered Dalvin Cook for Stefon Diggs, is it worth the gamble-what say you? my RB's K. Hunt C. McCaffrey Lamar Miller Tevin Coleman my WR's: Alshon Jeffery Adam Thielen Randal Cobb Stefon Diggs Marquise Goodwin