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  1. Jarvis Basnight

    The Matt Patricia Experiment - IS OVER

    Dancing in the streets of Michigan today
  2. Jarvis Basnight

    Kenny Golladay

    So just quit on your team? I get not liking Patricia because he's an ahole but those players are out there fighting with him every week. Stafford is one of the good guys in the NFL. Also as much as the fords are a bunch of total losers, they drafted him and gave him a chance. I think it's in golladays best interest not to become a total diva when he hasn't put it together for very long.
  3. Jarvis Basnight

    D'Andre Swift misses practice Thursday

    Still waiting to hear how that ghost concussion came about.
  4. Jarvis Basnight

    Kenny Golladay

    I guess that's possible. But couldn't he make some money on the way out with some video? He's a UFA and can leave no matter what. Not playing could hurt his bottom line
  5. Jarvis Basnight

    Kenny Golladay

    It's a contract year for him, the motivation to get back should be high. He's going to want top 10 WR money on the open market. And I've got to assume he's going to try and get out of Detroit
  6. Jarvis Basnight

    Buy Low: Cam Akers

    I've watched him run. He may win the job but I don't see anything from him that wows me and says he's anything more than a decent RB. I don't see the things I do when I watch CEH, Swift, or even Dobbins. Doesn't look like a gamechanger for fantasy to me.
  7. Jarvis Basnight

    Another Buy Low

    Dobbins just went from buy low to buy no for me since he has covid. That could mean he misses the next 2 weeks.
  8. Jarvis Basnight

    JK Dobbins and Mark Ingram have the COVID

    glad i didn't trade for dobbins
  9. Jarvis Basnight

    Another Buy Low

    Yes..........I am wondering the same. Do you go after him or Taylor? Dobbins may actually be the better target with a less cluttered backfield. Ingram may be on the outside looking in now. ROS on FFToday had him buried at 34th going into this week. Wonder if he makes a big jump? Dobbins is definitely the most dangerous RB Baltimore has.
  10. Jarvis Basnight

    The Matt Patricia Experiment - IS OVER

    One thing has remained constant in the Detroit Organization. The Fords. I live in Michigan and will never ever buy a Ford.
  11. Jarvis Basnight

    Another Buy Low

    Similar to Akers and Montgomery threads. I'm no fan of Wisconsin running backs. They have a track record in the NFL that speaks for itself. That said Taylor is a steep investment for Indy and they proved yesterday that they're not going to give up on him. I see on ROS lists he's buried down by guys he doesn't belong with. He carried the load yesterday and has maybe THE MOST beautiful schedule going forward.... 12 - Tenn 13 - @ Houston 14 - @ LV 15 - Houston 16 - @ Pitt 17 - Jax - (Some leagues have week 17 contests or total points stuff) Week 16 stinks but otherwise you cannot ask for more. Thoughts? Should we be buying?
  12. Jarvis Basnight

    Taysom Hill, if he ends up being the starting quarterback?

    My league not going to allow playing him somewhere other than QB. I'm perfectly fine with it. League scoring gives 6 pts for every TD, including QB so that is the highest scoring position usually. My league is a group of buddies who are reasonable. I'm okay with their decision.
  13. Jarvis Basnight

    D'Andre Swift misses practice Thursday

    Officially out for this weekend. Sure would like to know what the heck happened? He was fine for a full practice on Wednesday. Lions keeping it hush hush. Conspiracy that Patricia has full contact practices......we'll probably never know. Wouldn't put it past him though. He's an f'ing moron
  14. Jarvis Basnight

    Taysom Hill, if he ends up being the starting quarterback?

    Added and he's in my flex spot. Uproar in my league today. its funny
  15. Jarvis Basnight

    D'Andre Swift misses practice Thursday

    Just traded for him. Really odd because he was a full participant in practice Wednesday.