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  1. Jarvis Basnight

    Luke Kuechly retiring

    Glad my kid doesn't play.
  2. Jarvis Basnight

    Who else would love to see Brady play elsewhere???

    I would absolutely love to see Brady go to the Dolphins and stick it to the pats twice per season for the next 3 years. Is there fanbase for the NFL out there who come off more spoiled than pat fans?
  3. Jarvis Basnight

    2020 NFL DRAFT (who you like-rookies)

    I saw a mock draft with KC picking Etienne at the bottom of the 1st. That wouldn't even be fair. Dobbins would also be a fantastic get for KC's offense.
  4. Jarvis Basnight

    Looking Ahead To Redrafts 2020: First Four Rounds

    Yes, and OBJ. If we can get value on them they're very good bets
  5. Jarvis Basnight

    Looking Ahead To Redrafts 2020: First Four Rounds

    I get that for sure since Rodgers goes to Adams about like brees and Thomas. And Mahomes spreads it around more. But it's hard to pass on the most explosive wr in the NFL. Hill will never be caught if he catches the ball with room to run.
  6. Jarvis Basnight

    Looking Ahead To Redrafts 2020: First Four Rounds

    Just some observations for the first 2..... *Barkley my #1 without hesitation. *2 and 3 can be McCaffrey/Elliott in whichever order, doesn't matter. Both still young and both are a big part of their offenses. *D Henry.......No thanks. He currently has 367 carries. Could end up around 400 when KC game is over. Previously he had 215 in 2018, 176 in 2017, and 110 in 2016. I don't want any part of that with the 4th pick. *Getting off my soapbox about Henry, I'm stumped who to pick 4th, 5th, 6th. Cook is fantastic but injury each year seems imminent. Jones always looks good to me and has the luxury of Rodgers as his QB. Kamara may not have been healthy most of the season......if he comes back 100% he'll be one of the most explosive RB's yet again. *Chris Carson is a hard pass for me. Nothing really special I've seen other than he's a bowling ball. I don't believe he's going to last and he's not explosive at all. I'd take Josh Jacobs over him without hesitation.
  7. Jarvis Basnight

    Saints/Colts...what do you need?

    Put all eggs in NO basket. Got Kamara, Thomas, and Cook going. He is up 40 points with NO kicker. Need a miracle
  8. Jarvis Basnight

    Mahomes in the 3rd round?

    Proof that luck plays such a big role in fantasy football.
  9. Jarvis Basnight

    Is Penny's big day gonna turn that backfield into a RBBC?

    Well, at least Carson has no worries going forward
  10. Jarvis Basnight

    Mahomes in the 3rd round?

    Really hoping this year brings his value down. He's my top QB next year without hesitation
  11. Jarvis Basnight

    Seahawks at Rams: In-Game Discussion

    LOL. Fun while it lasted. 1 touch and hurt
  12. Jarvis Basnight

    Seahawks at Rams: In-Game Discussion

    Starting penny over Carson for the first time.
  13. Jarvis Basnight

    Can the Chiefs Do the Impossible?

    How about the entitled Pats fans booing their team at halftime?
  14. Jarvis Basnight

    Tannerhill over Rogers?

    I've got to learn to go with my gut.
  15. Jarvis Basnight

    Kamara - Bust

    Kinda hope he's hurt and sits next week cuz I have Murray too