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  1. Jarvis Basnight

    KC better win in the next couple years...

    This thread is the dictionary definition of a Hot Take
  2. Me-ow. I think Barkley is a much more special talent than David Johnson ever was. I'd be interested to see the guys you have ahead of Barkley, especially which RB's.
  3. Agree to disagree I guess. He's Adrian Peterson except a much better receiver, in my opinion. AP had a huge target most years too, but that didn't stop him. Within my league's scoring he ended up the #1 RB, and I don't see him slowing down next year at all.
  4. Jarvis Basnight

    SuperBowl 53 Patriots-Rams

    Interesting matchup now. It was supposed to be New Orleans right? No way LA could beat the Saints in their house. Meanwhile the Pats seemed to absolutely loooooooove being called the underdog against the Chiefs. Tables are turned now. I'm going to assume that most believe Tom Brady is going to win again.
  5. Jarvis Basnight

    Keeper Question

    Mahomes is a no brainer. It's unpopular here but I like all 3 RB's listed. They're 3 young, talented guys on explosive offenses.
  6. Gave my 2 cents in bold, not worth a nickel.
  7. Jarvis Basnight

    Packers to hire Matt Lafleur

    He's the guy who rallied the Average Joes over Globo-Gym in the Dodgeball Finals. True story, saw on the Ocho.
  8. Jarvis Basnight

    Your team is out -- which team are you rooting for?

    Rooting for players on my NFL Playoff fantasy roster only. Don't give a crap beyond that
  9. Jarvis Basnight

    Will you take mahomes #1 overall next year

    Andy Reid is what matters, not bienemy.
  10. Jarvis Basnight

    Will you take mahomes #1 overall next year

    I think this is kind of a lazy assumption. From what I've witnessed, Big Red and this kid are almost a perfect combination. Mahomes is physically and mentally able to do most anything Andy can dream up and there are few, if any, more creative than Reid on the offensive side of the ball. Mahomes is going to get better at reading defenses and I'm not going to assume he has hit his ceiling. The marriage between coach and QB could be very special here. KC fans are feeling great right now. I'm in a league that doesn't penalize QB's, so they get 6 points for every TD. Mahomes is definitely worthy of a 1st overall pick.
  11. Hope not. Just picked him last night and didn't pick CJ
  12. Jarvis Basnight


    Mahomes has made me a ton of money this season. I freaking love that guy
  13. Jarvis Basnight

    Matt Patricia

    Matt knows eating, that's about it.
  14. Jarvis Basnight

    Sony Michel vs. Miami

    Yeah. Runs tentative and why doesn't he ever use a stiff arm? The guy was an absolute beast at Georgia. Not sure whats going on here.