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  1. Jarvis Basnight

    Buy low, sell high

    Is AJ Green a buy low or is he just old, at 32?
  2. Jarvis Basnight

    Tampa Tom

    If any 43 year old deserves a wait and see before judgement, I'd say its this one.
  3. Jarvis Basnight

    Deshaun Watson

    Anyone who didn't see this coming, wasn't paying attention. He lost one of the best WR's in the NFL this year and does not have a go to option now. And his OL still stinks. He was on my DND list.
  4. Jarvis Basnight

    Who is going to have a blowup week week 3

    +1 I've got a welt on my back for how many times i've pat myself there over "reaching" for DK in the 4th. He has shot up everyone's weekly and ROS rankings.
  5. Jarvis Basnight

    Deshaun Watson

    Watson is as good as he's ever been. He doesn't have very good weapons and his OL is still a wet tissue.
  6. Jarvis Basnight

    Pickup D. Freeman cheap.

    Hard maybe if he ends up with the Giants, purely as depth.
  7. Jarvis Basnight

    Allen vs Murray

    Murray has a schedule to get excited about. I'd keep him.
  8. Jarvis Basnight

    Boy am I sorry I drafted Conner

    Snell is giving Conner job security with all his fumbling. At the very least he is the solid #1 on his team.
  9. Jarvis Basnight

    Killers = Worst Halftime Show Ever!

    Don't mind them. I never listen but have always liked that song.
  10. Jarvis Basnight

    UPDATE: McCaffrey Ankle Injury - Out Multiple Weeks

    No. I have Pollard but not Zeke in a 12 team. He has very little value unless Zeke gets hurt. Lotto ticket
  11. Jarvis Basnight

    UPDATE: McCaffrey Ankle Injury - Out Multiple Weeks

    I get that in the case of McCaffrey's backup but what about guys like Pollard in Dallas or Mattison in Minnesota? Each could fill in and possibly put up the same numbers as the starter they're playing behind.
  12. Jarvis Basnight

    Boy am I sorry I drafted Conner

    Fantasypros have them in their buy/sell/hold article this week. They list him as a sell. Well no kidding. Everyone knows that, including every guy in your league. That includes the Steeler fan who has already thrown out his Conner jersey for Snell. In actuality I hate to say it but he's a hold. I'm not going to get any value at all out of him right now so I'll probably let him sit on my bench another week.
  13. Jarvis Basnight

    Tampa Tom

    Well, Tampa Tom gets a big division victory. Meanwhile the hoodie takes the L when moving out of his "division". Are we just hating on Tommy in this thread or are we allowed to acknowledge when he wins?
  14. Jarvis Basnight

    Boy am I sorry I drafted Conner

    Good grief. Now we put him back in our lineups and he's going to let us down again
  15. Jarvis Basnight

    Patriots at Seahawks: SNF Discussion

    DK is going to be a star after this season.