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  1. Running With Daboll


    You don't need a link to know what the pecking order is in Buffalo. At the top of the list is JOSH ALLEN. If Diggs thinks that he is indispensable, he only needs to revisit his experience in Minnesota.
  2. Running With Daboll

    DeSantis and his stupid laws

    It can all be traced to FEAR and IGNORANCE (our national cancers), metastasizing at an accelerated rate.
  3. Running With Daboll

    Divisional Round: Bengals @ Bills

    If you get there, who is your "preferred" SB opponent?
  4. Running With Daboll


    Sorry, I don't converse with individuals that refuse to acknowledge the truth.
  5. Running With Daboll

    McVay Future

    Please tell me that you don't believe your own Bullchit.
  6. Running With Daboll

    Divisional Round: Giants @ Eagles

    Whatever you say...ZEALOT .
  7. Running With Daboll

    McVay Future

    I'm not here to bicker with you, but to say that "you were just asking me a question", is a deflection, and has a whiff of passive aggressiveness to it. Did you REALLY think that I might know McVay personally, or did you ask me that question as a way of making a point? If you agree to my opening statement, then we clearly have a difference of opinion. Knowing someone personally is not a requirement for liking or disliking them, contrary to what you might think. I'm sure that there are myriad people that you have never met personally, yet you have an opinion about them, one way or another. You stated that "you judge people based on their actions" (paraphrase). Well, there are plenty of people out there in public exhibiting all kinds of behaviors, I need not know them personally to form an opinion based on those behaviors. I can't believe that I even have to explain this. As for the "vibe" part of this, is a catch all word for the feeling most get when they are sizing somebody up, for better or worse. We all do it, consciously or otherwise. Where I do agree with you is when you added that you wouldn't have some close friends if you concluded that your first instinct was the correct one, which I alluded to in my previous post. Hopefully, this will put this issue to bed. I think we can move beyond this now, especially since there's really nothing left to be said about it. Thanks.
  8. Running With Daboll

    McVay Future

    Death by excessive intercourse is the way every man should check out.
  9. Running With Daboll


    Yeah, I love Thibs, but he's still a rook. He's made considerable progress this year, and he could wind up being near the same level as Parsons, but he's still got some learning to do. Still, I hope he finds his way to Hurts at least a few times tonight. Doesn't need to sack him, just rattle him if he can. Sure wish 56 in his prime could be out there for this one, that dude brought joy to my heart.
  10. Running With Daboll

    McVay Future

    So, knowing someone "personally" is a requirement for not liking somebody? C'mon, tell me that you don't get a feeling, or a "vibe" from each and every person you have ever seen in your life, be it personally or from a distance. We all have our preferences, and when someone doesn't meet our criteria for them, the tendency is to be put off by them, it's instinctual. Now, that's not to say that we should write people off just based on an initial feeling, but that first instinct is what most of us base our opinions on, if you are being honest with yourself. I don't need to know him personally to recognize that he reminds me a lot of John Gruden, who I can't stand either. I don't like his demeanor, and I think he has a high level of arrogance that he tries to disguise with his intensity. I can't recall the clip of him I that saw last year, but it showed him being (what I believe) to be his "true" self, mocking another team in a very sophomoric and frankly immature way. It wasn't a good look, and it was something that you can't forget. But none of my dislike for the guy has to do with what generation he was born into, that's just ridiculous. With all that said, I didn't say that he was universally unlikable, I just said that I DON'T LIKE HIM. You are free to like him, hate him, or anything in between. I'm not saying that you have to agree with me.
  11. Running With Daboll


    By the way, it's not just that we are opposing fans, we also have completely opposite political ideologies as well, yet we have managed to find a common bond. Our microcosm proves that it can be done, no matter how large the scale.
  12. Running With Daboll


    LOL. Um, it's kind of a long story. Let's just say that we share a common experience beyond this forum. Oh, and I almost forgot: FARK THE EAGLES!
  13. Running With Daboll


    That's great, you've done a nice job raising them. As it is with many so-called "taboo" aspects of life, preventing people from exposure to things will ultimately lead to an in-appropriation and perversion of it. The key, (as with your kids), is to allow for a reasonable exposure, then let them decide the level of interest they have. This applies to just about anything, not just guns. Your son is essentially bored with them because he doesn't find them all that big a deal. But when you restrict people from things and behaviors, you wind up with a perverse and sometimes morbid curiosity that could lead to anti-social behavior.
  14. Running With Daboll

    McVay Future

    Looks like some folks here need a foot extraction from their oral region. LOL.
  15. Running With Daboll

    McVay Future

    LOL. Broad brush comments like this leave no room whatsoever for open mindedness. How can you possibly make a blanket statement like this? Yeah, I know, you were "generalizing", right? This is how misunderstanding and division get their footholds. And I don't even like McVay, but it's certainly not because he's a "millennial".