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    In an 8 team, yes that's very believable. In 8 team leagues, every team should be stacked with high performers. And it would therefore be a crap-shoot as to who would or wouldn't make the playoffs.
  2. loonecho

    Kamara - Bust

    Bust or not, I'm thinking about benching him for the first week of the playoffs this week. He's had 7 games with 10 points or less in standard and only two scoring more than 12. I have to ask myself, "what is most likely to happen this week against SF. Going to roll with Ingram, Gordon and Aaron Jones for my two RB'S and flex.
  3. loonecho

    Julio Jones inactive for Week 13

    He hasn't been that great when healthy. And against a NO defense that is motivated to clinch a playoff spot this week? He's going to my bench. I'll take a chance on Tyler Boyd with Dalton back this week.
  4. loonecho

    Ravens at Rams: In-Game Discussion

    These Ravens look so good on both sides of the ball. My first chance to watch them this year. Look like the team to beat in the AFC.
  5. loonecho

    Where's the week 11 FU thread?

    Chargers playing one of the worst run defenses in the league and all they can do is pass, pass, pass. FU Rivers and FU Chargers play callers. F your whole stupid team.
  6. loonecho

    Chiefs at Chargers: In-Game Discussion

    Play calling by the Chargers has been atrocious tonight.
  7. loonecho

    Chiefs at Chargers: In-Game Discussion

    Why on earth is San Diego not running the ball on this defense? Rivers just keep throwing and the keep giving the ball back to Mahomes. They need to eat up clock. Disclaimer: I need Gordon to outscore Mahomes tonight.
  8. loonecho

    Hurting for certain...

    I'm missing Davante Adams, Aaron Jones, Chris Carson, Evan Engram, Jamal Adams. But was able to land Brian Hill and Hollywood. And hoping Lamar puts up a career day. Still, I don't expect to win against the other strongest team in the league which is at full strength.
  9. loonecho

    Chargers at Raiders: In-Game Discussion

    Meanwhile, Melvin Gordon is good again. 96 total yards and a TD in the first half. Glad I plugged him in to my flex at the last minute.
  10. loonecho

    Last chance to grab Aaron jones.

    Hence the wisdom in the zero RB1 strategy.
  11. loonecho

    Last chance to grab Aaron jones.

    This settles it for me. My RB2s seem to score more points than my RB1s. And in our league, scoring more points is a good thing. Next year I'm going to skip over RB1s and only draft RB2s. Even in the first round I'm going straight to the RB2s. Heck, I might even invent a new draft strategy. The zero RB1 strategy.
  12. loonecho

    What Do You Need On Monday Night - Week 8

    Yawn. I need to go to bed early. In both of my leagues.
  13. loonecho

    Last chance to grab Aaron jones.

    35 points for Jones in my non-ppr leagues. I sure wish he was an RB1. Then I could have played him in my Kamara spot instead of my RB2 slot. Sometimes Fantasy football just isn't fair.
  14. loonecho

    Your first ever fantasy football pick

    Don't remember what year it was. Just that it was before Al Gore invented the internet. We had to look up the stats in the Tuesday morning paper. It was touchdown and field goal scoring only and I had the first pick. I chose Kurt Warner back when he was leading the greatest show on turf. I think I finished 3rd that first year. It hooked me and I've been in 2 leagues ever since.
  15. loonecho

    Last chance to grab Aaron jones.

    What constitutes a RB1? If he finishes the year ranked in the top 12, was he then a RB1 for the season? Top 10? Right now he is ranked #4 in my non PPR league. If the top 10 or 12 don't necessarily translate as RB1's, then we must assume that a number of teams in every league are prohibited from having a RB1 simply because of their draft slot. Where is the cutoff for RB1s?