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  1. loonecho

    Ryan droppable?

    Pretty much every week there is a QB on the waiver wire, with a good matchup, who I believe has a higher floor than Ryan. Bridgewater is a good example. With regular bye weeks starting and covid schedule carousel, many in my league have dropped their second QB, leaving lots of options I trust more than Ryan. I would trade him in on a newer model.
  2. loonecho

    Vikings at Seahawks: SNF Discussion

    Over rated according to most blithering idiots.
  3. loonecho

    Chubb to IR

    The blue chips continue to fall and I continue to luck out. I'm sitting tight on Kamara, K Hunt, Mike Davis, David Johnson, Myles Gaskin and J.K. Dobbins. Traded Ekeler away for Diggs two weeks ago. Now that looks like a brilliant move. Sometimes it's better to be lucky than good.
  4. loonecho

    Ekeler for Diggs?

    Thanks guys. Appreciate you coming over to this board and sharing your insight.
  5. loonecho

    Ekeler for Diggs?

    Saw the post below of Ekeler for Hopkins and I agree it's a no brainer. I've been offered Diggs for Ekeler in my 12-team non-ppr. I am in bad need of a decent WR and I am deep in RB with Kamara, D.Johnson, K. Hunt, L. Murray and Dobbins besides Ekeler. Does this seem like an equitable trade?
  6. loonecho

    Bengals at Browns: TNF Discussion

    I guess Hunt got one play this half. At least it was a TD.
  7. loonecho

    Future Stud Alert

    Seems like the proper answer here would have been "nobody"
  8. I got DJ with the eighth pick in the 4th round last night. Gurley went two picks ahead of him. 12 team non- ppr. He was my third RB after Kamara an Ekeler.
  9. loonecho

    Salute to Trey Lance

    And he just led his team to an eighth FCS title in the last 9 years this afternoon. The team finished the season a perfect 16-0.
  10. loonecho

    Looking Ahead To Redrafts 2020: First Four Rounds

    Today's game is a good example of why Kamara should not be drafted in the same round as Dalvin Cook. Maybe 2 rounds later.
  11. loonecho

    Looking Ahead To Redrafts 2020: First Four Rounds

    Kamara too high. Maybe early second round. Mike Evans is way too high. He should barely even be in the top 48 with his year after year inconsistency and now Godwin on the same team. At very least, Evans and Godwin should swap spots.
  12. loonecho

    bal def this week

    My thinking as well. I have to choose between Baltimore and NE. I reason that not many teams have a greater desire to win and with questionable play from the NE offense of late, the defense should be highly motivated to do what they have done so many times already this year. I'm going with NE.
  13. Breshad Perriman will be my hero if he has another big game this week. He is now option number one on one of the most prolific passing offenses in the league. Playing against a vulnerable Houston defense. The stars are aligned.
  14. loonecho

    Colts at Saints: In-Game Discussion

    When are the so-called experts who do rankings and projections on various sites going to quit fooling themselves that Kamara even deserves to be ranked in the top 20. He has proven week after week that he is no better than a Duke Johnson, Tarik Cohen, or Jamal Williams.
  15. 10 team standard redraft. Starters: QB: Lamar Jackson RB: Chris Carson, Aaron Jones WR: Davante Adams, Courtland Sutton Flex: Perriman TE : Darren Waller DST: Baltimore or NE Bench: Amendola, Laird, Jamal William's, Mattison, Rudolph, Ryan Fitzpatrick