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  1. loonecho

    Looking Ahead to Redrafts 2021: First Four Rounds

    With Brees retiring after today's game, I could see Kamara slipping to the bottom of round one in non-ppr. Maybe even into round two if they are short-sighted enough to make Taysom Hill the starter next season.
  2. loonecho

    Thank you FFToday for great season

    Wait a minute. There are other FF forums on the interweb? I like this one and all the great writers, participants, advice and knowledge so much, that I never even bothered to look elsewhere. Thanks everyone and thanks Mike and crew for a world class site. May 2021 be good to all of you.
  3. loonecho

    Week 16 MNF What Do You Need?

    I need the Bill's kicker to make less than 25 field goals or so. Yes, I have Kamara...and Wilson....and Gaskin.....and DJ.....Oh, and I guess I do have Diggs going tonight. ( Gaskin was actually on my bench)
  4. loonecho

    Browns receivers in danger of missing Week 16

    Does Hunt now become a stronger play than David Johnson vs Cincinnati?
  5. loonecho

    Blessed Teams

    Kamara, Wilson, Thielen here. Still have some horses left with Hurts, David Johnson, Diggs, and Hooper, who may be one of the few targets left on the field for Mayfield.
  6. loonecho

    Jeff Wilson

    This is too good to be true in my Championship match. I had Kamara and Thielen yesterday and Wilson today. My opponent had Hockenson and Nuk. I'm leading 95.7 to 7.2. This is a 12 year old 12 team competitive money league. I have made the playoffs every year but two. Always got snake-bit in the playoffs. Never won it, took third one time. Seems the stars are finally aligning for me.
  7. loonecho

    Alvin Kamara ties Ernie Nevers

    Perhaps my AK Rookie card just quadrupled in value.
  8. loonecho

    Any Legitimate Reason I should Sit Kamara and Start...

    OP, hope you didn't sit Kamara. What a great start!
  9. loonecho

    Final QB: Jalen Hurts or Justin Herbert

    The nice thing about this specific decision is both have good matchups and both play in late afternoon games Sunday. If my other early game players have done well and my confidence is high that I am on my way to the Championship, I may stick with Herbert who has a proven track record. If my early game starters have let me down, I will swing for the fences with Hurts. Good spot to be in.
  10. loonecho

    Final QB: Jalen Hurts or Justin Herbert

    Same here. I have both. Feel good about both. Am starting Hurts because I hope the game will be high scoring and Hurts can "hurt" Dallas in multiple ways.
  11. loonecho

    Drake Or Gordon *If Lindsay Is Inactive*

    Yes, Gordon is the play.
  12. loonecho

    Need RB2 and flex from these similar options.

    Thanks for the input guys. Much appreciated.
  13. loonecho

    Any Legitimate Reason I should Sit Kamara and Start...

    I would not sit Kamara. Brees is back, MN defense porous, New Orleans needs to win. Can you play them both?
  14. Got Kamara in my RB1 slot. Need 2 more for RB2 and Flex. D. Johnson - vs. Cincinnati J. Wilson jr. - @ Arizona K. Hunt - @ NY Jets L. Bell vs. Atlanta M. Gaskin @ Vegas. I've been hoarding waiver wire running backs all year and now have too many to choose from. Playing for the championship against the Henry owner. WRs are Diggs and Thielen. QB- Herbert and Hurts. 12 -team Non-PPR.
  15. loonecho

    Jeff Wilson

    He looks like a big bruiser who runs with a lot of determination.