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  1. SF Forty Niners

    Merry Christmas FFT

    Merry Christmas y’all thank you for all your gifts in statistical info and your knowledge of the game appreciation to ALL
  2. SF Forty Niners

    Post Your Championship Squad

    QB D Watson WR Hopkins(T) /Fuller/Parker(W)/Godwin(W) RB Kamara /D Washington (W)/L Murray (W) TE Higbee (W) K Rudolph K Gould / Butker D BaLt 2 nd Championship In 2 years
  3. SF Forty Niners

    i did It!!!!!!

  4. SF Forty Niners

    Thanks FFToday !!Champion Back to Back

    Just wanted to shout out loud thank you to weepaws stonewall and I know if I missed your name I apologize you guys rock back to back Championship Winner are you kidding me !!! after the debacle of Watson fuller Hopkins i thought I was done for but Parker Kamara D Washington Higbee Gould - I made a few waiver pick ups to block my opponent in getting a top QB and the Carson injury omg with some luck I won #2 back to back champ
  5. SF Forty Niners

    Alright...What Do You Need Monday Night For The Ship?

    Up by 18 opponent has kicker bailey hopefully he stays under 5 points for 50 Yd 4 points 40 3 points 30 1 for XP
  6. SF Forty Niners

    Championship weekend FU thread

    Yup so disgusted wtf I mean at least go in as a Fuc n decoy
  7. SF Forty Niners

    Championship weekend FU thread

  8. SF Forty Niners

    Championship weekend FU thread

    Benched Hyde as well
  9. SF Forty Niners

    Championship weekend FU thread

    FU Fuller man the hell up FU Watson Man the hell up FU Hopkins Man the hell up FU to me for playing all 3
  10. SF Forty Niners

    Josh Jacobs OUT Week 16

    STD oops sorry
  11. SF Forty Niners

    The ship. Who is going and what does your roster look like

    title game went 6-7 as the #7 seed defeated the 2nd and 1st seed to play the 4th seed QB DeShaun Watson WR Devante Parker WR Deandre Hopkins WR Will Fuller / lost Godwin RB A Kamara / L Murray RB C Hyde / D Washington TE Higbee/ Rudolph K Robbie Gould SF / Butker DF Ravens
  12. SF Forty Niners

    Josh Jacobs OUT Week 16

    Holy smokes your wicked - In fact, I purposely dropped him in one league in hopes my opponent would pick him up and start him against me. well that’s very very creative mad props @stonewall thanks for insight
  13. SF Forty Niners

    Josh Jacobs OUT Week 16

    Hyde or Washington ? im starting Kamara I also had seen his last game he’s getting in the groove TD will come
  14. Just wanted to say thank you to the forum I’ve learned a lot from all you and now off to the Championship back to back my league hates me but I love each and everyone of YOU
  15. SF Forty Niners

    Semi Finals little help

    Went Parker thank you all for your input well after tonight my opponent is done i have Kamara or L Murray for Monday I’m currently down 1.08