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    The track has fluctuated between Homosassa to south of Marco island. Currently Cape Coral area. Hopefully it moves a little east and hits the everglades on landfall. https://www.windy.com/?2022092818,26.480,-79.585,6
  2. Don't forget this part in that, "we will give you a loan for 125% of the value of the (already overpriced) house. Go out and spend that 'free' $ we just gave you". This won't be a collapse like 2008 because that type of insanity is not going on.
  3. It's sh1t like this that makes me hope this is all just a simulation.
  4. fockin piece of sh1t.
  5. lod001

    whats the liberal impression of Trump in the GC?

    So you like a POTUS that feeds you some bullsh1t that you can gargle with instead of telling the truth and putting America 1st. Got it.
  6. lod001

    whats the liberal impression of Trump in the GC?

    Which one of you libtards is this freak?
  7. lod001

    CNN Gives Don Lemon the squeeze.

    See the clip below from avoiding injuries.
  8. lod001

    CNN Gives Don Lemon the squeeze.

    His latest gaffe may be the end of the idiot.
  9. lod001

    FU Week 2

    jacoby biscuit.
  10. lod001

    FU Week 2

    He's a pile of sh1t.
  11. lod001

    Trey Lance Carted off field - Broken Ankle

    Trey Lance is now doing his best work for the team. He's total garbage and now they can win games.
  12. lod001

    FU Week 2

    Fock You craptastic QBs. Russell Wilson Geno Smith Jacoby Brisket Shithead Fields Mariota This is the garbage throwing to my top of the line WRs and TE.
  13. Russell Wilson. Denver bought the Seahawks garbage.
  14. lod001

    Coronavirus - Doomsday

    They just need boosted in order to calm down.
  15. lod001

    Germany seizes Russian refineries *DOOMSDAY*

    What do they need oil for? Aren't they part of the woke go green retardation? .
  16. ...as you assist sinking the whole ship (USA). Seems you are the one with the mental problem.
  17. lod001

    Coronavirus - Doomsday

    24 year old mask wearing, jab lovin idiot, touts his booster, goes to sleep like they do and never wakes up. He was a ticking timebomb. A year later his time ran out.
  18. lod001

    Violence blaming trumpers, answer this

    Not yet. Hoping R's gain power and then stomp the guts out of the criminal loving Ds so maybe I won't have to. If i could get one at a reasonable price I might. We do have a shotgun and handgun. Have you low IQ hammerheads deemed those assault weapons yet?
  19. Yeah. Well, 3 names actually. Idiot. Loser. Retard.
  20. He didn't get the memo. 'No scamdemic masks needed at the awards tonight'.
  21. lod001

    [** Official President Joe Biden Thread **]

    yeah. Their leaders are as stupid as fucktard joe.
  22. lod001

    Coronavirus - Doomsday

    All 3 surgeons are probably twitter BOTS too.
  23. lod001

    Coronavirus - Doomsday

    I guess you better go get your booster then, huh?
  24. lod001

    Coronavirus - Doomsday

    Enjoy your abnormal blood. https://www.technocracy.news/peer-reviewed-study-94-of-vaccinated-patients-with-subsequent-health-issues-have-abnormal-blood/
  25. lod001

    MNF Discussion: Denver at Seattle

    Analytics!!!!!!!! Yeah great idea, go for it. Another game blown by analytics and they blew it twice.