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  1. touchdowntwitaker

    Bills rbs

    We get an early singeltary audition. All we can ask for, but probably just more passing game today and singeltary better blocker .
  2. touchdowntwitaker

    Who will be the hot WW pick up next week?

    Elijah Moore tyrell Williams carson always gets hurt - penny?
  3. touchdowntwitaker

    Bills rbs

    Are bills rbs just a waste of time? Anyone else think even if one of singeltary or moss get hurt, they will bring in braeida to share. If another gets hurt, it will be next man up and always a two rb system split? I'm wondering if anyone else thinks stashing any of these guys is just a waste of bench spot.
  4. Agreed. He makes $1 million this year. Follow the money. He is insurance that does not have to play and knows the plays if something happens to Taylor. Don't over think it.
  5. He is def not one of my guys, but I am coming around to him. My first question - why is everyone so sure Mack is splitting carries? That's what we think or that's what we know? I like how he is losing value because of the Wentz injury. People do not realize that Eason has a Cannon and is not a bad back-up. It makes sure the defense wont stack the box if and When Wentz gets hurt. I even like the third string Texas QB, which is why I'm coming around on Taylor. I think Mack makes him more valuable because if he get's hurt and you own mack, you are not destroyed like if CMC or Barkley goes down. Indi has the best OLIne. I think you can do a lot worst - Mixon - Worst OL and no real success - pitiful yards per carry, his schedule playing those teams 6 times is brutal and does not ahve success with his division teams.. , Aaron Jones - injury, not huge workload, TD regression?, Dillon, CHUBB - Hunt share, Ekeler - one anomaly season and has never taken a big workload on rush attempts, Harris - horrible line, Ben arm strength looks bad, and Gibson - check out his carries - he has never carried a big load last year and is a complete guess. He is not more a sure thing than Carson, Davis, and Henderson,but you have to pay in the early 2nd or a big auction number. IN today's fantasy and the NFL game, you have to plan for injury. I like the Taylor pick and make sure you back him up with MAck. CMC, Cook, Kamara, Henry - then I don't hate him before zeke (has looked slower last two years (all his numbers have regressed consistently last 3) no matter what you think of how things did not go his way last year and his one big year was with an insane offensive line) and Aaron jones for above reasons. Pull the trigger if you love him. It's not a bad educated guess and INDI is a solid squad.
  6. touchdowntwitaker

    Player's at the 1st Turn

    I think the 2 wr at end of first round can work this year . It feels very 2013 when Daryl Richardson was starting rb for rams but Zac Stacey had big year. I think if you go big at wr, you load up on rams rbs and niners rbs later and let it situate itself. Take A hail Mary with mattison and Dillon for an injury by the starter. Maybe even eno Benjamin if you think az is a mess. The fact rb is such a crapshoot for the draft could mean there will be a lot that emerges. Miami, buffalo - just a ton of situations i think change this year
  7. touchdowntwitaker

    Packers at Bears - In-Game Discussion

    Where is mvs?
  8. touchdowntwitaker

    Cobb on trade block - time for Allison?

    You are talking about the wrong guy. Its kumerow who you want
  9. touchdowntwitaker

    Carr vs. Winston

    THat's what happens when you lose Watson. I was thinking the same thing - Carr maybe higher floor.. at home... But does not have blow up potential with those receivers like Winston
  10. touchdowntwitaker

    Flex help. Win and in...

    You need to tell me what your matchup looks like. IF team you are playing looks like it will be close - go Kupp - highest floor If you thnk you are oging to need some scoring power - go diggs. Both are better probabilities than Drake
  11. touchdowntwitaker

    Carr vs. Winston

    Who would you guys start this weeK? Carr with no crabtree vs giants or Winston (first week back but better receivers) vs the packers?
  12. touchdowntwitaker

    Robert Woods Carted Off

    Any news what happened? Twitter said groin
  13. touchdowntwitaker

    How banged up is Freeman?

    I think hell be out awhile. Maybe season if they have nothing to play for in a few weeks. Pretty serious situation with this being his third and second this year.
  14. touchdowntwitaker

    My Hogan / Shepard for Diggs? .5ppr

    Sheppard is going to have a really high floor getting 9 to 12 targets a game. Diggs is too inconsistent and the ball gets spread aroun with Keenum. I think you lose. I was thinking of trading diggs straight up for Sheppard
  15. touchdowntwitaker

    Alfred Morris value

    Horrible situation I compare to Denver. 3 man rotation.