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  1. Kevinv86

    Thielen and Diggs

    I was offered Diggs for Kupp in PPR...... This is why I am on the fence
  2. Kevinv86

    Thielen and Diggs

    What is everyone thoughts about Thielen and Diggs? News all off season was Minn wanted to run the ball a lot and week 1 that is exactly what they did. Is it time to panic or just say its one bad game. Pretty much asking because I was offered Diggs for Kupp in PPR. I have Kupp
  3. Kevinv86

    Predictions for Opening Night

    Adams caught for 5 rec 88 Yrds 1 td and 8 rec 119 yards 0 TDs in 2018 vs the bears
  4. Anyone else worried that Gordon will be active but then sit all night.....
  5. Kevinv86

    Amari Cooper traded to Cowboys

    Cleveland getting a first round pick for Trent Richardson
  6. Kevinv86

    Windy in Buffalo with snow

    It's a little windy in Buffalo with snow in the forecast ... Sit Hilton because who knows if the deep ball will be available??? Only option I have Bernard and I'm already starting Aj green... Not sure the bengles offense can support two players or Alfred Morris in a league that gives you 2 points per reception and the guy doesn't catch the ball.. would having to start two player on same offense make you lean back toward Ty..
  7. Not going to happen.... Bills have no cap room
  8. Anyone else think Ryan Fitzpatrick to Denver would be a good fit?
  9. Kevinv86

    Shoulder Injury for Mark Ingram - Put on IR

    I wonder if Ingram got hurt when he chucked the ball at the wall after his 4th quarter touchdown...
  10. Kevinv86

    Brian Hoyer vs. New Orleans

    I am starting him in my 2 QB league over Fitz and Hass
  11. Kevinv86

    Stevie Johnson

    I am in a small roster league and Stevie Johnson is available. I would have to drop Diggs to get him. Am I wrong to think Stevie will be a PPR monster ROS considering how much SD throws the ball and the lack of available targets Rivers has?
  12. Kevinv86

    DFS: first NV, now NY

    My main question is.... How can you make DFS legal and not things like online poker.... Now i think both are a game of skill and both should be legal. But the reason online poker got shut down was because the government wasn't getting its cut.... AKA why DFS is now getting attacked.
  13. Kevinv86

    Lost game on Blocked extra point Sunday night

    Jumping isn't illegal.... taking a running start and jumping is.... And does it matter what I think.... I think Freeman catch and fall into the endzone and then lose the ball should be a touchdown... I think IND recovered that on side kick last night... there a lot of things I think that are called opposite.
  14. Kevinv86

    Lost game on Blocked extra point Sunday night

    Should this not have been a pentaly based on the leaping rule the NFL has... where you can't run forward and jump.. Leaping to block a kick may be illegal under Rule 12, Section 3, Article 1(q) of the NFL rules. Article 1 of Section 3 lists all acts that the NFL considers to be unsportsmanlike conduct, which includes, “Running forward and leaping in an obvious attempt to block a field goal or (extra point) …” Players lined up within 1 yard of the line of scrimmage when the ball is snapped are exempt from the leaping penalty. The NCAA has a similarly worded rule that applies to college football, although the college penalty is considered a personal foul.
  15. Kevinv86

    Anyone a little concerned?

    I know this is an older story... If video of this comes out and it is bad is it possible Dez gets suspended for a lengthy amount of time? Just reminds me of the AP situation or the Rice situation that if people see video they will react. http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2015/02/25/schefter-confirms-rumor-of-dez-bryant-video/ In November, I caught wind of a potential situation involving Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant. There were whispers of a video showing Bryant doing something he shouldn’t have been doing. I was told multiple members of the NFL media had been chasing the video, but that no one had been able to find it. http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2015/02/26/nfl-media-releases-2011-wal-mart-incident-report-involving-dez-bryant/ The report mentions that an unknown person called the police to explain that a black female was “being dragged from one vehicle to another vehicle” by a black male. The vehicle the woman was dragged from was a Mercedes registered to Dez Bryant.