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  1. Ramrock

    TNF Discussion: Raiders at Rams - Wk14

    Carr is a cry baby, Bakers the man.
  2. Ramrock

    Week 10 bold breakout prediction

    Call of the day.
  3. Ramrock

    Who is the Running back to own on the Rams?

    None, McVay is a idiot.
  4. Ramrock

    London Football: Broncos at Jaguars

    Pointless playing this game in London with no one watching.
  5. Ramrock

    TNF Discussion: Saints at Cardinals - Wk7

    Another ugly game , thanks Andy Dalton.
  6. Ramrock

    Fantasy football show

    Ticks me off , just because you don't support this agenda doesn't make you a bully or a hater.
  7. Ramrock

    Van Jefferson

    This topic got way off base we were talking about van Jefferson, I'm dropping them now with another loss on the offensive line there's no reason to keep him
  8. Ramrock

    Cam Akers OUT

    Trade is in the works for CMC will be announced during the bye week
  9. Ramrock

    The Unofficial Week 5 FU Thread

    Yeh and next week we get the Bears vs Washington , guess I'll get to go to bed by halftime again. No fantasy players for me in that game either.
  10. Ramrock

    49ers at Packers: Divisional Discussion

    Letting the 49ers hang around is not a good thing, Sign #1 Rams fan
  11. Ramrock

    Anybody rolling with Trey Lance if he starts?

    I'm gonna roll with my Cuz
  12. Ramrock

    Darren Waller?

    Wish they would just put him on Ir. Totally kicked Carr's value this year.
  13. Ramrock

    Yes ! I’m in the championship for the 3rd straight

    Two playoff teams one lost ,thanks Kelce One playing for the ship. Unfortunately not favorable match ups
  14. Ramrock

    Week 16 FU Thread

  15. Ramrock

    Colts at Cardinals: SatNF Discussion

    No Moore 4 Cardinals