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  1. Ramrock

    The Official Week 13 FU Thread

    Greg Olsen , and Aaron (worthless) Jones
  2. Ramrock

    Flex Help

    Allen hands down
  3. Ramrock

    Help wanted

    Neither Brady or Wentz has done anything the last few weeks , so I grabbed Tannehill of waivers . Question is who out of the 3 do I Start this week. Brady vs Houston Tannehill vs Indy Or Wentz vs Miami
  4. Ramrock

    Carson, McCoy or Drake? flex advice please.

    Sleeper pick McCoy
  5. Ramrock

    Ravens at Rams: In-Game Discussion

    Golf is real bad
  6. Bad weather in NE tomorrow
  7. No Sanu no Dorsett this week , on a hunch I'm starting him this week
  8. Ramrock

    Chiefs at Chargers: In-Game Discussion

    Down by half a point with Gordon. Mike Wiiliams and Bunker vs Patrick M.
  9. Ramrock

    Bears at Rams: In-Game Discussion

    are playing like hot garbage
  10. Ramrock

    Bears at Rams: In-Game Discussion

    Rams are gonna choke
  11. Ramrock

    Where's the week 11 FU thread?

    Sanu, Brady both get the FU
  12. Ramrock

    I'm starting Brian Hill over ?

    No way. No frickin way
  13. Ramrock

    QB Stafford or Ryan

    Go with Mathew
  14. Ramrock

    Golden Tate or Jamaal Williams at Flex?

    Another vote 4 Tate