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  1. Ramrock

    49ers at Packers: Divisional Discussion

    Letting the 49ers hang around is not a good thing, Sign #1 Rams fan
  2. Ramrock

    Anybody rolling with Trey Lance if he starts?

    I'm gonna roll with my Cuz
  3. Ramrock

    Darren Waller?

    Wish they would just put him on Ir. Totally kicked Carr's value this year.
  4. Ramrock

    Yes ! I’m in the championship for the 3rd straight

    Two playoff teams one lost ,thanks Kelce One playing for the ship. Unfortunately not favorable match ups
  5. Ramrock

    Week 16 FU Thread

  6. Ramrock

    Colts at Cardinals: SatNF Discussion

    No Moore 4 Cardinals
  7. Ramrock

    Best WR in the NFL?

    Kupp, eom
  8. Ramrock

    49ers at Titans: TNF Discussion

    Wonderful benched I puke tonight.
  9. Ramrock

    49ers at Titans: TNF Discussion

    Faker Samuel
  10. Ramrock

    49ers at Titans: TNF Discussion

    Gonna get knocked out my scrub ass Samuel
  11. Ramrock

    49ers at Titans: TNF Discussion

    Julio out again? Not in on last drive
  12. Ramrock

    Your Good/Bad Sits & Starts Week 15

    Sat Wilson 4 Julio
  13. Ramrock

    Ugh...Gonna lose my 1st Rd cuz of Chubb

    You are lost Chubb is fine
  14. Ramrock

    Rhmondre Smash?

    Big choke job
  15. Ramrock

    FU week 15

    Julio and his hammy