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  1. Thank you. Something I read around 2015. In 1980, worldwide, there was 1 living wage job created for every 3 children born. 35 years later, 1 job for every 16 children.
  2. easilyscan

    Article about the 4th industrial revolution

  3. easilyscan

    Article about the 4th industrial revolution

    Agree with beernuts & Cdub. Someday, when the US is far less than a 3rd world nation, people will study it to try & figure out where we went wrong ? Globalization will be @ or near the top of the list. A healthcare system with no restraints will be there as well.
  4. easilyscan

    Queue the mass shootings

    10 lives lost, & the taxpayers will have to pick up the tab for the $50,000 helicopter ride & all his medical bills after that. 2 taps to the back of his head by the police would've been better.
  5. easilyscan

    Insect control

  6. easilyscan

    Andy Reid spin-off: Did you exceed your father in life?

    Same He died on October 10, 2010 10-10-10 I still miss him.
  7. easilyscan

    What is your net worth?

    Age 59: Single Was a production technician in a manufacturing factory that averaged 110 dB on the floor, & 110° in the summer for 30 years. Rotated 12 hour shifts every 56 days. 7 'cycles' of days 6 AM to 6 PM with 4 days off in between, then 7 cycles of nights 6 PM to 6 AM with 4 days off in between. Never had any sick/personal days, because as the plant manager said when I asked why we didn't "because you'd use them" lol Very good hourly wage + 3.5 hrs of time & 1/2 every day/night. And thanks to the International Association of Machinists & Aerospace Workers, a defined benefit pension plan. Also taught myself how to invest starting in the early 90s. I am blessed. Fidelity Brokerage *Taxable* $877,562.00 Vanguard 401-k $317,619.00 ESPP 1,573.799 Shares $157,435.00 Home Equity $100,000.00 IRA $91,295.00 HSA $20,477.00 Silver Coins $14,000.00 Checking $10,402.00 = $1,588,790.00 Parents gave each of us 10 K in 1992, & sometimes a $1000 or 2 for Christmas Early in 93, I splurged on something for the 1st & only time. A Super White (privilege) 1992 Nissan Maxima SE with 9000 miles. $24,000.00 was a lot of money back then, but the amount of fun I had in that car paid me back in spades! http://www.imagebam.com/image/a549a11371669930
  8. easilyscan

    What is your net worth?

    Amazon - First Solar - Five Below & Tesla are the reason my Fidelity account is down from two weeks ago. You ?
  9. easilyscan

    What is your net worth?

    Congratulations, you've done very well for yourself.
  10. easilyscan

    Movies that depress you

    Million Dollar Baby
  11. I say.....who cares ? FOMO= Fear Of Missing Out I have no position in bitcoin myself, but if I did, I know if I lost it all, it would be no one's fault but my own. So tired of people like this trying to protect everyone from everything. Making mistakes is how you learn in life. If someone puts their life savings in it & loses, I could care less. On the other hand, they may become rich beyond their wildest dreams & make a fool of this d-bag . https://finance.yahoo.com/news/nouriel-roubini-on-bitcoin-price-surge-215856375.html
  12. easilyscan

    Have you ran from the cops?

    Lucky it wasn't anything serious, or they might've sent in the Shepherds. That usually ends badly for the perp.
  13. easilyscan

    Floydd Trial Security

    Minnesota taxpayers are already on the hook for damages caused by the 2020 riots. https://www.twincities.com/2021/02/16/mn-house-300-million-rebuild-businesses-2020-riots-george-floyd/?fbclid=IwAR29_ALGWtFGXQMTqyAuRdoVXkWqQ9l57NCX9FWwf8B3CJOs-xOp8dS7ihU Minnesota, at least politically, is the laughing stock of the nation. It started with Al Franken. Minnesota Democrats are so naïve, I'm convinced that if their party leaders in Minnesota (The DFL) told them that they believed unsupervised daycare work was a good rehabilitation method for pedophiles, they'd go along with it. https://www.dfl.org