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  1. Don't forget this: Twitter promptly flagged the tweet for potentially sensitive content, but left it up. https://www.imagebam.com/view/MEAJ3DI
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    Prime Rib

    Discovered these about a year ago. Superb. https://www.hy-vee.com/aisles-online/p/2133412/100-Ground-Beef-Prime-Rib-Steakburger-Patties
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    I feel your pain. I even hate the ones I don't have to participate in. The topping on the cake is that 41% end in divorce/separation.
  4. True, & might be less than a few years. But it 'might' be a good time for people looking to buy. Let's say John & Jane Doe live in any town USA. They've been looking for a home for a couple years. Problem is, for the home they want, the price is 600 K They never pulled the trigger because they figured a real estate correction was on the horizon. Let's say the price dropped from 600 K to 400 K & they bought. The positives: 200 K in the purchase price. Last time I bought a home, you were required to pay 20% down to avoid mortgage insurance. If that's still the case, that would save them another 40 K The negatives: The mortgage rate may be double the 3% it was @ when the home was selling for 600 K. All they'd have to do to address that, would be to discipline themselves to pay an extra couple hundred $ a month towards the principal.
  5. The S&P 500 is supposed to represent a broad cross section of large U.S. companies, giving index investors an attractive way to diversify their money while betting on the domestic economy. That’s no longer the case. With Big Tech earnings kicking off this week, the industry’s dominance is greater than ever: the five most valuable U.S. companies — Apple, Microsoft, Alphabet, Amazon and Facebook — now account for 17.5% of the S&P 500. That means investors passively putting money into the most popular exchange-traded fund, the SPDR S&P 500 ETF, are heavily, and perhaps unintentionally, wagering on U.S. tech companies. This is from early 2020. Those 5 probably represented a much bigger percentage of the S&P 500 before the latest correction/bear started.
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    21 year old webpage

    https://www.excite.com https://www.lycos.com https://www.webcrawler.com
  7. Biden is like a lot of other politicians, nothing more than a lying POS. Tired of hearing him say how people are hurting out there, families are hurting out there, etc. This guy twice voted to tax Social Security. 1983 up to 50% taxable, & again in 1993, up to 85% taxable. Social Security was never supposed to be taxed. The worst part is how low one's retirement income can be & yet SS is taxable. If your total income is more than $25,000 for an individual or $32,000 for a married couple filing jointly, you must pay federal income taxes on 50% of SS benefits. Below those thresholds, your benefits are not taxed. The % that is taxed rises to 85% of your SS payment & if combined income exceeds $34,000 for an individual or $44,000 for a couple.
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    Pure Beautiful

    0.280 WOW! The smug look on her face in the mug shot substantiates that she really was that drunk. The seriousness of what she'd done hadn't set in yet.
  9. You can't put a price on a job you enjoy!
  10. I was lucky. It was a fortune 500 container/packaging company that was unionized. In addition to a pension, they also offered a 401(k) (No Match) & a employee stock purchase program. The ESPP was great. The company held whatever percentage you wanted (up to 15%) of after tax wage, & at the end of every 1/4 you bought the company stock at a 15% discount. The stock had a very volatile history. The year I joined the plan, it was around $35, by the 2nd year it was in the low 50s. I thought to myself, this is too easy. In the 3rd year the CEO made a horrible acquisition. A French company in the same sector as us. He wanted to be the biggest at any cost. The stock started to crater. It briefly traded under 1$ per share 4 years later. There was talk of Chapter 11, & the dividend was eliminated. 9 times out of 10, sticking with it would be the wrong thing to do, but I did just that. Today its trading at around $105 per share, & the dividend was reinstated at the start of 2021. As I stated earlier, I'm very lucky.
  11. Retiring at age 53. Loved most of my coworkers, but the hours were killing me. What gave me the final push, was a coworker who told me I'd never make it (financially) Also a parent teacher conference back when I was in 7th grade. My homeroom teacher told my parents she knew I had the ability, but I just wasn't applying myself enough. She closed with "you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink"