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  1. There's no doubt in my mind that Anderson Cooper is an android.
  2. easilyscan

    lamb or freeman at the flex in ppr

    Some leagues give pts for return yards. Pretty sure Lamb is the full-time point returner 4 the Cowboys.
  3. easilyscan

    Buck and Aikman on the Jets

    And they're absolutely right for doing so.
  4. easilyscan

    Against FF Common Thinking

  5. easilyscan

    BLM Leader Says, "We Need to be Armed"

    And the US sinks a little further into total madness If Trump wins, (and I hope he does) people, especially those that live in medium sized cities & up, should be prepared for the worst.
  6. easilyscan

    One Hit Wonder

    This one always reminds me of Valley Girl. Deborah Foreman was too cute!
  7. easilyscan

    Against FF Common Thinking

    Not saying it's right or wrong to handcuff, but the last time I did, it was Michael Turner (LT's back up in San Diego) 2007
  8. easilyscan

    Buck Aikman don’t like flyovers

    Also lives in a state that's 'protected' by the USDA. The following is from 2012. Imagine how much taxpayers shell out in 2020. https://www.thegazette.com/2012/06/28/iowa-farmers-1-3-billion-in-subsidies
  9. easilyscan

    UPDATE: Tua Time Coming Soon? - Tua In, Fitzpatrick Out

    Very interesting move. I don't follow the dolphins, but it seems like this is the 1st year in a long time that through 6 games, they're actually in contention in the AFC East. Seems fans might be a little bit upset if this backfires. On the other hand, they didn't pick this guy number 5 overall to have him sit on the bench. Hope he does well, & looks for DeVante Parker often!
  10. easilyscan

    Cardinals at Cowboys: MNF Discussion

    WOW! I rarely look at the standings. Had no idea it was that bad!
  11. easilyscan

    Cardinals at Cowboys: MNF Discussion

    Ben DiNucci
  12. easilyscan

    Cardinals at Cowboys: MNF Discussion

    We can't blame that one on Dalton. It was high but Gallup should've come down with it.
  13. easilyscan

    Cardinals at Cowboys: MNF Discussion

    Maybe all that hair, combined with that stupid ass headband, is cutting off the circulation to his brain
  14. easilyscan

    Cardinals at Cowboys: MNF Discussion

    This is excruciating
  15. easilyscan

    Chiefs at Bills: MAF Discussion

    That 'almost' fumble didn't help his cause.