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  1. Good steak doesn't need it & bad steak doesn't deserve it.
  2. easilyscan

    World Indoor Bowls Championship 2024

    Other than the horrifying lack of diversity....................mesmerizing
  3. easilyscan

    Trump wants to track you

    https://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/online-harms-hate-crime-sentences-1.7128596#:~:text=The bill proposes increasing the,for other hate propaganda offences. Ironically, just last week I got my first ever hate speech warning. Watched a YouTube video showing a bunch of Latino women fighting in a restaurant right around bar closing time. My comment seemed tame: Latino's = too frigging macho! Less than a minute later, a pop-up appeared saying I was guilty of hate speech, & if the pattern continued, I'd be banned from YouTube. (YouTube is wholly owned by Google)
  4. This is nothing new Tim. Here's the one that made me hate all illegal aliens (especially those that turned out to be the criminal type) & those that would protect them. The following case was overshadowed by another horrific event that happened on the same day. The columbine school shooting. Happened in a town about 1/2 hour away from mine. April 20, 1999 An illegal alien from Mexico broke into a home in Waseca. He left, but came back because he thought he might have left something behind. He was there when 12-year-old Cally Jo Larson arrived home from school. He tied her up, stabbed, raped her, & for whatever twisted reason, hung her lifeless body at the top of the stairway. Her 17-year-old sister arrived home about an hour later & found her. Imagine how hard it was for this poor girl to maintain her sanity after coming across something as gruesome as that. About a year later, this news came out: Although no one has been arrested in the 12-year-old's death, the prime suspect in the case is already behind bars. Lorenzo Bahena Sanchez 28, was convicted last month for a string of house burglaries & was sentenced to 4 years in prison. Even though investigators won't officially confirm Sanchez' status as the prime suspect, they've said unofficially for several months that he has been the focus of their investigation. Property found at his Waseca home linked him to the killing. Collectible coins reported missing from the Larson home after the killing were found in Sanchez' home. The animal had small beads implanted under the skin on his *****. The medical examiner who performed Cally Jo's autopsy said damage done during the rape was worse than normal, & that such implants could have been the difference. His attorneys had the gall to claim his rights were violated because authorities didn't tell him that he (a Mexican citizen) had a right to contact Mexican officials for legal advice. If this doesn't make anyone who read it want to scream, I don't know how to help you.
  5. Funny as hell.................. but what a focked up country we've become.
  6. easilyscan


    DAYUM !! MicroStrategy was $157 the day I posted that. I finally bought, but not until it hit $400 Today 796.48 +109.04 (+15.86%) At close: 04:00PM EST 808.00 +11.52 (+1.45%) After hours: 08:00PM EST
  7. easilyscan

    What bands debut album was the best debut album.

  8. easilyscan

    Kids are different these days….

    Great point. I graduated from having a permit, to passing the drivers test and getting my real drivers license on a Friday. This will definitely date me, but I took 3 friends to a drive-in theater that night. I could barely contain my excitement for having the freedom to go wherever I wanted!
  9. easilyscan

    Kids are different these days….

    Had a get together at my home while my brother and his family from California we're visiting last summer. The niece & nephew were perplexed when they saw me taking ice cubes out of trays. Apparently they'd never seen anyone make them the old-fashioned way
  10. easilyscan


    I have no idea? If that's actually a real person, I don't even think Circus freak shows that existed 40 or 50 years ago would allow it to be displayed.
  11. easilyscan


    Up comes my lunch. Thanks a lot!