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  1. I'm the OP of this thread, & I only started it to see what others thought of points only, vs H2H. The fact that debates, pertaining to how much of FF is luck versus skill materialized, is great. The reason I'm replying to you specifically, is because, & I don't know if you realize it or not, but your quote above, is one of, if not the best arguments for points only standings that I've ever seen. That being said, I'm pleasantly surprised how popular this thread was/is, & I really appreciate the other suggestions. Like setting up the league to be a combination of both H2H & total points. Thanks for all the replies, enjoy the off-season, & we’ll see you back here next year.
  2. Couldn't agree more, & it applies to all facets of life, not just fantasy football.
  3. easilyscan

    What trade sprung you?

    Not a trade, but I just happened to be checking FF news the afternoon the announcement of Carlos Hyde being traded to Jacksonville came out. I immediately picked up Nick Chubb & he helped me win a championship.
  4. easilyscan

    Championship Advice for RB and Flex

    'If' Ware is out, then the 1st two are no brainers, McGuire & Williams. The 1/2 PPR is what really complicates the next position. If it was non-PPR I'd definitely go with Ingram. I have to be honest, if I had to make this decision, I'd flip a coin between Ingram & Anderson.
  5. Not exactly 1st Place Wins 3 x the entry fee 2nd gets 2x 3rd gets the entry fee back
  6. easilyscan

    Championship Rivers or Mayfeild (Will answer yours)

    I saw this question earlier, but it was too tough so I left it alone. But since you helped me on mine, I'll try my best. Someone else mentioned weather could be a factor in the browns game. I have two different sites I use to check weather conditions. Both of them say the same thing: Cloudy & around 37° F with a 11% chance of rain. Even though the forecast says there's an 89% of zero rain, I suppose there's always the chance of a freak weather occurrence & it could be a downpour ? This one is just so tough but, if someone put a gun to my head, I'd say go with Philip Rivers. Good luck.
  7. easilyscan

    Help Cam not playing!

  8. easilyscan

    Jaylen Samuels or Lamar Miller?

    Although I'm normally a contrarian, I have to go with the herd on this one. Samuel
  9. Quarterbacks score same as other offensive players: One point per 10 yards rushing/passing & 6 pts per TD. I've played Mahomes & Rothlisberger all year, except for their bye week's, when I'd play Wilson. When they played each other week 2, they combined for 142.5 pts Obviously they've both been incredible for me this year, but I have a gut feeling that the Steelers could be manhandled by the Saints this week. That, combined with the fact that Wilson has a very favorable matchup against the Chiefs, & incentive to win, has me scratching my head. But, on the other hand, while Wilson has been throwing plenty of TD's, because of the Seahawks great running game, his yardage totals have been less than spectacular. A classic case of overthinking ?
  10. Agree, & love that episode of Seinfeld
  11. Very interesting. I'll talk it over with the other teams and see what they think for next year. Thanks for your input!
  12. "The issue with Total Points is that things get decided really early" Good point, & one I should've included in the negative list. Like the idea of the alternative you offered. Will talk to the other team owners & see if they'd be interested in something like that next year. Thanks for your input!
  13. For the 1st time since I started the league in 2006, this year I decided to change it up a little, & make it a points only league. I'm not posting this to start a debate between head to head loyalists & the other side, but I suppose it could end up in one. (Keep in mind that I'm biased, because I'm in 1st place by a comfortable margin with 2 weeks to go) Here's the positives I see. 1: It definitely lessons the chance of any type of collusion between owners. 2: Everyone gets to play all 17 weeks. 3: Fun to watch the stat tracker (especially very early in the year when everybody's bunched up) & see a team go from last to 1st as a result of one huge play! 4: This is probably where the argument will start, but I think it's superior to head to head because IMO, a teams ultimate goal, is to score as many points as possible every week. Consistency is king, & the chance of a team making the playoffs because he just happened to get lucky with the matchup’s, & vice versa, another team missing the playoffs because he had lots of weeks where his opponent scored their highest total of the year, is eliminated. 5: As the commissioner, points only makes my job easier. For example, the situation below, where the last place guy started leaving empty roster spots. In a head-to-head league, he might be in last place, but play a team who is tied with another for the last play-off position in week 13. That would give the team playing him an advantage, & the other team would be screaming bloody murder at me to fill the positions. The negatives: 1: The guy in last place had fallen way behind by week 13, & left a couple players who were inactive in his lineup. But he did have Derek Henry slotted in, & when he went off for like 47 points week 14, it revitalized him & he's now fighting to get out of last place. Although once again, because it's a points only league, he was only hurting himself when he left those positions empty. 2: I know a large % of people love head to head because of the bragging rights/smack talk that can go along with it, & probably wouldn't even play if it was a points only league. (After the seasons over, I'll contact all team owners & let them vote on whether they want to continue with points only, or go back to head to head)
  14. easilyscan

    Championship - Who wins?

    Snuck into the playoffs & then rode Derrick Henry ?
  15. easilyscan

    Championship DST!?!

    I feel the same way, but I'm gonna go ahead and use them anyway