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  1. easilyscan

    Rook at me

  2. easilyscan

    Father of Texas kid forced into trans story

  3. easilyscan

    Favorite songs that tell a story

    Discovered via Napster. Love the piano @ 1:55
  4. Story update: They served Black Eyed Peas as the side vegetable.
  5. easilyscan

    UPDATE: The G.O.A.T - Tom Brady UNretires

    Breaking News: https://babylonbee.com/news/tom-brady-signs-with-sunnyshade-retirement-home-shuffleboard-team
  6. easilyscan

    Arrest Warrant for Joe Mixon

    If he ever gets in trouble again, he could always go into boxing or MMA.
  7. Agree, a very underrated movie. Alanna Ubach plays the crazy waitress. My favorite scene is where she blows up at the black dishwasher who offers to give her counseling.
  8. easilyscan

    Kyle Rittenhouse faces civil lawsuit

    I was going to post something similar to this, but you already took care of it. Thanks
  9. easilyscan

    Kyle Rittenhouse faces civil lawsuit

    And God bless him for it. Wiped 2 scumbag, criminal, non-contributing members of society off the face of the earth. Joseph Don Rosenbaum: 11 counts of child molestation and inappropriate sexual activity with children, including anal rape, masturbation, oral sex, and showing minors pornography. The victims were five boys ranging in age from nine to 11 years old. Anthony Huber: Once threatened to “gut” his brother “like a pig” while holding a butcher’s knife to his stomach. Huber grabbed his brother by the neck, dug his nails in and choked him for approximately ten seconds. He put a knife to his brother’s left ear and his brother felt it cut. “I’m going to burn the house down with all you f—kers in it” Yup, it's a real shame of those 2 aren't around anymore
  10. The title also should've included "The victims were between 4 & 9 years old at the time" Don't care if he was 12 when it happened, he should be executed. I'd feel the same if he was white.
  11. easilyscan

    Joe Mixon menacing

  12. easilyscan

    Sayings that need to die

    Democrats constantly referring to 'underserved communities' & saying we need to 'invest' more in those areas. Translation: We need to take more money from communities who are doing well, and transfer it to those that aren't/never have.
  13. easilyscan

    Amazon Prime - $150 a year - Why should I keep it?

    All I know for sure is that I ordered them directly from the Walmart website. If it is/was a 'third-party seller' once Walmart agrees to let them sell directly from their site, they should at least make an effort to make sure they do business right.
  14. easilyscan

    Pennsylvania pro-life activist arrested by FBI

    Basically the same thing Davante Adams did to that cameraman. How many years did he get?