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  1. Yep. BLM is the only thing that scares the mighty NFL apparently.
  2. It's amazing how the MSM just doesn't give AF. The narrative is way more important than the facts. Trayvon, Michael Brown and now this loud mouthed lying idiot.
  3. This is the same genius that said he was sitting down for the anthem because of "segregation".
  4. surferskin

    TRUMP rescinds DACA

    I guess it's cool to just punish tax payers instead.
  5. surferskin

    TRUMP rescinds DACA

    Just like I said, illegal cheap labor hurts the poorest the most.
  6. surferskin

    Daddy Pig is a LYING S.O.B.!

    We watch that at my house too. It could be worse tho...I remember back in the day my oldest would watch Cailou and Dora.
  7. surferskin

    TRUMP rescinds DACA

    You don't think more people would be willing to swing some tools if there was more money in it? Everyone has a price.
  8. surferskin

    TRUMP rescinds DACA

    I don't know if you can call it the free market when one guy is following the law and the other guy isn't but bolded is how it works right now. I need to hire labor in the same range as what my competition is paying or I won't get the projects. But like I said before, if I had to pay a US citizen more money, than I'd make more in markups for the extra labor costs. So he wins and so do I. So that American's are unwilling to do the job is bunk. Sure they won't do it for the same price but the work would need to get done and wages would have to rise.
  9. surferskin

    TRUMP rescinds DACA

    I'm in the construction biz and this is just such as stupid argument. You know who benefits from cheap labor? The absolute richest amongst us. You know who gets screwed? The rest of us. The people that get screwed the most are the poorest. The working class. If there wasn't a steady stream of illegals coming over to build things, maybe a rich man that wants a new building would just have to pay a bit more for it. The guy who owns the construction company would make a higher mark up off the more expensive labor and the American working might make enough to support his family. The free market would be allowed to work.
  10. surferskin

    Newbie ban?

    Yeah, I agree with that. Sho is a zealot. 99.9% sure he has aspergers.
  11. surferskin

    Newbie ban?

    He was focking obnoxious. Him, Sho and RP are a big part of why I gave up on this place. Trolling when done correctly can really bring the lulz but those guys do it wrong. They are like a virus. They ruin threads and then eventually the whole bored.
  12. surferskin

    Newbie ban?

    Are you saying that Newbie wasn't a troll?
  13. surferskin

    soooo, you want to play QB in college?

    I tuck my sack back sometimes.
  14. surferskin

    soooo, you want to play QB in college?

    There was a tuck. Incomplete.
  15. surferskin

    Newbie ban?

    Problem with Newbie and this place in general is/was that people don't know how to troll anymore. Newbie went full retard years ago and he was fishing with dynamite. Where's the subtly? Where's the fun? I remember back in the day Newbie was apolitical. He was way out of depth commenting on politics. So he only had one move and that was to fling poo like an ape. Sad.