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  1. Redraft league, my TEs are weak. Currently roster Higbee and Hunter Henry. Not much out in FAs but Logan Thomas is sitting there. Higbee - Kupp return hurt his value? Plus like 4th or 5th option now Henry- NE is awful and Jones is consistently inconsistent Thomas - Had a nice week 5 with good week 6 matchup. Best 2 TEs to hang onto all year?
  2. JediMaster

    Dynasty League - Who to drop?

    Dynasty League move. Well I need to remove Kupp from IR which means someone has to go. Looking at my RBs since I'd like to hang onto the WRs I have. Who would you drop? Dalvin Cook or Kendre Miller.
  3. JediMaster

    Week 2 help

    Goff and Pittman
  4. JediMaster

    PPR plan B

    Hopkins is playing today. And Montgomery
  5. JediMaster

    Fields or Richardson

  6. JediMaster

    What rb to start

    Walker and Etienne
  7. JediMaster

    Week 2 TE & Flex

    Need help with TE and flex. TE: Higbee or Freiermuth Flex: DJ Moore, Burks, Pacheco, Mostert, or Atwell. Who would you roll with?
  8. JediMaster

    Who to start at RB?

    Those are the 2 I'd start as well.
  9. JediMaster

    Week 2 Starters

    I should have been clear. Besides QB, K, DEF, I must start 1RB, 3WR, 1TE, 1 FLEX (RB/WR/TE). So if I go: Mattison, Brown, Ridley, Additson, and Kelce. That would leave needing 1 of the following: Conner, Atwell, and Kittle
  10. JediMaster

    Week 2 Starters

    Dynasty League and trying to figure out who to start. Besides the obvious AJ Brown, Ridley, & Kelce (if healthy). Who else to start, between: 1-2 RBs: J. Conner (if healthy) or A. Mattison 3-4 WRs: Brown, Ridley, J. Addison, T. Atwell, Shaheed, G. Davis 1-2 TEs: Kelce and Kittle Do I dare start Mattison and Addison against Philly? Who would you go with?
  11. JediMaster

    Ride or Die with Tua?

    Wish I could have said the same. Went Lawrence over Tua Does Tua become a must start each week?
  12. JediMaster

    I have the first waiver pick this week.

    Depends on which position you need more help with. Both seem to be a solid pickup.
  13. JediMaster

    Thoughts on TE after week 1

    In my redraft league, I have Higbee and Freiermuth. A few sitting out there to go after, Henry, Hurst, and Musgrave. Figured I'd hang onto Higbee and dump Freiermuth. Thoughts?
  14. JediMaster

    Week 2 Waiver Wire adds

    As a Kupp owner in a dynasty league and having $100 of blind bidding cash, how much should be used on Puka? Lol
  15. JediMaster

    Dynasty League Roster

    Basically I picked up Shaheed last year like week 10 or so. Held on as a just in case player. I drafted Wilson (3.07) in our Rookie Draft this year. I realize his qb situation is not good right now but between his size (biggest WR on Cardinals) and camp success, I drafted as a flyer. I believe he can be the #1 guy in Arizona. Both guys are my #9 WR on my roster. They were both who I had in mind to drop, but wanted others thoughts. Coin flip at the moment.