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    The Fantastic Four: How Do You Rank Them?

    My initial thought at #1 was Barkley especially PPR. The offense does concern me but he is a level above everyone. As much as I like Kamara (have him in a dynasty league), touches per game is his concern plus Murray is there to steal short yardage and goal line carries. Zeke is a mess right now, and is he really the clear #1 if he has a new deal? I'm thinking if no Zeke deal... Barkley, Kamara, CMC, DJ If Zeke deal... Barkley, Kamara, Zeke, CMC I think I need to put Barkley slightly higher at 1 due to more rushing yards than Kamara. But it's a tough call. And picking 1, makes it even harder to decide.
  2. JediMaster

    Thielen or Diggs?

    Thielen over Diggs. I think both will have a down year with Cook having better numbers this year.
  3. JediMaster

    Drafting from the 1 spot

    Seems like Barkley is the #1 overall this year even with no OBJ and most likely teams putting 8 in the box due to a lack of a passing attack. Any reason to think Kamara or McCaffery should take top spot? Those picking at 1, who you taking?
  4. JediMaster

    How do you determine draft order?

    Names and numbers in a hat. Random each year.
  5. JediMaster

    Drafting from the 12 spot

    End of draft is much better than 5-9 or 4-9 (if no Zeke deal still). You'll land 2 top tier WR or RB/WR combo. I wouldn't worry.
  6. JediMaster

    What RB to take with 5th pick

    Do you need a RB at 5? DJ for sure unless he goes 4th due to Zeke. If it was me, I'd go Hopkins at 5 and grab a RB in the second.
  7. JediMaster

    Bust that you will not draft no matter what.

    I think Cook bounces back. Thielen and Diggs drop in stats this year.
  8. JediMaster

    Travis Kelce

    Have yet to see him go in the 1st in mocks, but will be gone before the end of the second. Usually mid second round.
  9. I took Diontae Johnson 3.08 in my dynasty league rookie/FA draft. Moncrief is not all that good, and Washington is struggling holding onto the #3 spot. It may be Moncrief to start the year off, but would not be surprised if Johnson took over that #2 role.
  10. JediMaster

    Full point PPR rank these three

    DJ Conner Bell
  11. JediMaster

    Better PPR year: Mixon or Conner?

    Connor is on the better team but Mixon doesn't have the competition that Connor has.
  12. Should be Top 4, maybe Top 7, and definitely Top 10.
  13. JediMaster

    More Upside RB..........

    Montgomery by far
  14. JediMaster


    In my Dynasty league I have Kelce and Kittle. My WRs are not all that great so I will be running Kittle in my flex if I don't throw a RB there.
  15. JediMaster

    Keeper/Dynasty is 10 keepers too many

    I've been in my Dynasty League since 2007. We don't do contracts and we keep our entire team each year. Our draft (4 rounds) is rookies and whoever is available on the waivers. I've done keeper leagues before but personally prefer a dynasty over it. Now I'm down to 2 leagues, dynasty and a redraft.