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  1. worm

    2021 Round 6 Instant Fantasy Analysis

    Khalil Herbert and Jermar Jefferson are falling way down in the rookie rankings. I knew this RB class wasn't strong, but there are not many decent situations outside of the top 3.
  2. worm

    NFL Draft 2021 - Round 1

    I'm surprised the 49ers took Lance over Fields, but I'm totally fine with it and really excited to see what they can do with him. I was not feeling good about the Mac Jones rumors, and him falling to 15 kind of justified that feeling.
  3. worm

    MNF what do you need

    I need Chubb, Landry, and Tucker to combine for LESS THAN 46 points (half PPR). Not out of the question.
  4. I need Saquon and AJ Brown to combine for 41 pts in a PPR league.
  5. worm

    Air Quality In SF

    It's noticeably better today than it has been the last few days, should be good to go I think. Edit to add: I should say noticeably clearer, and I'm in San Jose.
  6. worm


    I'm down for a new dynasty start up next year.
  7. worm

    who was your Mr Irrelevant none kicker or def

    Jalen Reagor in a keeper league.
  8. worm


    Is this fizzling out?
  9. My apologies! I didn't mean to skip ahead, I just figured it was a safe bet you wouldn't pick a 7th RB
  10. worm

    ** Round 16 Selections - July Mock 2020 **

    16.04 K Zane Gonzalez, ARI
  11. worm

    ** Round 15 Selections - July Mock 2020 **

    15.09 RB Darrynton Evans, TEN
  12. Sine I'm pretty certain Guru won't be taking who I want to pick, I'll post mine.
  13. Matt's pick threw me off, but it looks like he will be attempting a no defense or no kicker approach.
  14. Wait, is this not a set it and forget it draft? Can we make pickups?
  15. Matt going all in on Lamar, no insurance!