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  1. Nomad99

    The Official Week 7 FU Thread

  2. Nomad99

    Seattle Reporting Collins Will Play MNF

    Stevenson out.
  3. Nomad99

    standard league TE

  4. Nomad99

    DEEEEEP dive for WR and flex need help

    Bourne & Slayton(gmen have nobody to catch the ball this week)
  5. Nomad99

    I Have Out-kicked My Coverage

    Or maybe she knows it only takes a few seconds of blowing to get a result
  6. Nomad99

    Dune (2021)

    Spice! Ride the worm! Kill Sting!! Masterpiece!!
  7. Nomad99

    Trade help please

    I don't like it. You are fine at RB & would take too much a hit at WR.
  8. Nomad99

    Just got back from the Urologist

    Well, on a good note.....keeps her from having to come up for air
  9. Nomad99

    Trade help please

    Who are your RB's?
  10. Nomad99

    Bal rbs this week

    50% Jackson, 25% Freeman, 12.5% Bell & Williams
  11. Nomad99

    Duluth Trading

    Very good quality, good fit & comfortable. Like Duluth, they have the crotch panels to give you ball room when squatting.
  12. Nomad99

    Duluth Trading

    ARBORWEAR has a tech material now...half the weight of the double thick cotton. Their hoodie is the best in the business....hood large enough to go over a hard hat, no pulls strings & gussets sewn in the arm pits so the sleeves don't ride up when you raise your arms. Plus...they are warm. Has to be pretty cold for me to wear more than a thermal underneath.
  13. Nomad99

    Duluth Trading

    No...that would be A-Elfs domain.
  14. It's a mindset.....these guys can't stand to go 2 rounds before going off the rails for those guys.