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  1. Nomad99

    Monday Broadcast

    It could only be worse with Joe Buck yapping too.
  2. Nomad99

    Monday Broadcast

    Dream killer
  3. Nomad99

    Patriots at Jets: In-Game Discussion

    You cant make this s#it up! Pat's D could hang a hundo tonight
  4. Nomad99

    Dorsett active

    1-26-1......good start
  5. Nomad99

    Patriots at Jets: In-Game Discussion

  6. Nomad99

    Last minute MNF WR Help?

    Dorsett is active.
  7. Nomad99

    Monday Broadcast

    Better watch...ABC or ESPN??
  8. Nomad99

    Dorsett active

    Per yahoo. TIA
  9. Nomad99

    What Do You Need Tonight? - Week 7

    Need 9.73 out of Anderson & Dorsett. 1/2 ppr
  10. Nomad99

    Last minute MNF WR Help?

    I'm down 9.76 going in tonight. Due to injuries (Green, DJax, Shepard) I have to start Anderson & Hope that Dorsett plays. Brady is short targets so I would think they do everything they can to get Dorsett in the lineup tonight. IF he plays, he and Anderson should out produce Meyers. Though mountain for you to climb either way.
  11. Nomad99

    Need 3 of these 5 RBs. Who would you lineup?

    Gurley Coleman White.....Brady is short of targets
  12. Nomad99

    which 2 RB's of these 4

    You have it right.
  13. Nomad99

    RB trade thoughts

    With Hunt coming back soon, would you trade Chubb for Carson or Conner ?
  14. Nomad99

    Chiefs at Broncos: In-Game Discussion

    He's gone full John Candy
  15. Nomad99

    ROS RB

    Chubb or Conner . 5ppr