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  1. They are foolish for not trading him. One year deal & he walks....they get nothing.
  2. Nomad99

    If you're man enough

  3. Nomad99

    Clarkson's Farm

    On Prime video Never saw this coming..... Just finished season 1 Pleasantly surprised Highly recommend
  4. Nomad99

    NFL doubling down on Black Anthem

    Hows that working out in your neighborhood?
  5. Nomad99

    LMAO...Peenie'd again

    And this is why things were as she said....you know it, I know it & now she knows it.......and she chooses to hide it. Nothing will change because the truth gets deleted.
  6. Nomad99

    Couple of guys taking selfies huh?

    And yet still.....it was an unarmed woman that was murdered by the capital police........
  7. Nomad99

    I Just got hit in the head by a piece of hail

    How do you know it was just a piece of hail & not the whole hailstone?
  8. Oh yeah......that day they straight up murdered an unarmed woman.....yeah, I remember that day.....
  9. I’m gonna tell you about an accident, and I don’t wanna hear “act of God”!
  10. Nomad99

    It's a brown liquor Friday

    Balblair 99
  11. Nomad99

    Best Song Writer In Rock n Roll

    Saw this thread.....before I opened it, I said to myself "Jim Steinman"
  12. Nomad99

    21 Repubs oppose bill to honor Capital police.

    When was the vote to honor the cops who tried to protect all the businesses & residents during all the riots??? Must have missed that one....strange that when democrats need police that an honor is required after....