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  1. Nomad99

    Keanu Reeves

    When the Bible thumping Forest Gump has the opportunity to say something his creator would endorse.......this is what we get. Charlatan.
  2. When you lower the standards that others adhere to in order to allow others that don't meet the standard......well, that IS QUESTIONING THEIR COMPETENCE. If you don't like that.....then be against the practice entirely.......don't point your finger at those of us that already get it.
  3. https://sports.yahoo.com/louisville-police-officer-arrested-scottie-232229744.html
  4. Nomad99

    The Revenge of the Normies

    There have been enough publicized on air interviews with these ignorant drones regarding the subject that you should be well educated on 2 things. 1. Their knowledge (or lack of) on the event & Hamas. 2. A basic history of Israel & Gaza. The fact that YOU, at this point, can't speak to that.......is a clear indicator that you shouldn't be posting at all.
  5. Nomad99

    Used SUV's

    $9k for my trade, $7k down....wheel & deal.......$23k out the door. Financed with DCU @ 6.7% for 65 months. Little over $425 a month.
  6. Nomad99

    Used SUV's

    Ended up with a 2023, 22k miles. White with black wheels & trim. Toyota gold certified....12months/12k miles bumper to bumper, 7 years/100k miles power train.
  7. Nomad99

    Should I worry about being shot?

    Those retahhhds don't realize that most of the congestion at merges are due to them trying to get over at the last minute.
  8. Nomad99

    What’s the worst fast food chain?

    Dahmer's Deli.......
  9. Nomad99

    What concerts do you have coming up?

    That's on my shortlist wishlist.
  10. Nomad99

    ***EdEx PGA Championship 2024***

    Lowry is Enfuego today
  11. Nomad99

    Used SUV's

    https://nhoilundercoating.com/ I think what they use absorbs into the metal & "creeps" into other areas.
  12. Nomad99

    Used SUV's

    I'm currently driving a 2015 Jeep Renegade Trailhawk....looking to update & also have more room. From my research, I like the reliability & long-term data. I know it's a truck like ride & that I'll take a hit on fuel milage but I can't stand the looks of anything else in it's class. It's also pretty rugged & as mentioned....should last a long time. I'm hoping to find a 23 & first thing off have it oil undercoated.
  13. Nomad99

    Used SUV's

    In the market......anyone have a 4runner? Thoughts?
  14. Nomad99

    Pope Francis 🤪

    The devil is in the details
  15. Nomad99

    Your top 3 all-time boardgames

    That's a Broad game....