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  1. Nomad99

    Kobe Bryant - Dead in helicopter crash

  2. Nomad99

    Favorite instrumentals

    Petrucci is awesome
  3. Nomad99

    Spicy beer

    Spicy beer is awesome with pizza or tacos.
  4. Nomad99

    Texans at Buccaneers: In-Game Discussion

    You use the word Matriculating ONE more time & I'm going to punch you in the ######......
  5. Nomad99

    Week 14 Focks out

    Fu John Brown....... .5 points at the half Fu Evans....now Goodwin gets all the love & I'm against him Fu Winston for going ape
  6. Nomad99

    TE Help

    Tough one. Doyle has no Hilton to contend with....Hooper has JJ. Both back after missing a few. Hooper by a smidgen.
  7. Nomad99

    Penny,Powell or JWilliams in ppr?

    I like Jamaal Williams in this one....I think he and Jones get a lot today. Dont think Roger's will need to sling it that much....and he is involved in the pass. That said, I'm sitting him in favor of John Brown.
  8. Nomad99

    My Jacobs replacement choices:

    I'm trusting Washington today.
  9. Nomad99

    Robby Anderson or Zach Pascal

    With Bell out.....I think they go to Anderson more today
  10. Nomad99

    Darnold or Fitzpatrick

    Without Bell, I think Darnold throws a lot more. With Bell in I'd go Fitz.....now it's a toss up with slight lean towards Darnold.
  11. Nomad99

    Who has the bigger day?

    John Brown vs tough BAL D. He breaks out now & then but puts up consist 10pts Or Jamaal Williams vs WAS. I know Williams splits with Jones but seems like there is plenty to go around. 1/2 ppr
  12. Nomad99

    Flex dilemma

    I went Ridley. Same boat as you...holding on to 4th playoff spot....win & I'm in. Couple scenarios where I'm in if a team loses. Making me overthink everything. I want to start Brown but worried about that D .
  13. Nomad99

    2 Flex spots

    You think Brown will produce against that Defence? Green Bay, with 2 good backs might be able to pound WAS all day vs passing. Dunno....am I overthinking this? Need the win to hold onto 4 playoff spot.
  14. Nomad99

    2 Flex spots

    Need to fill 2 flex positions. 1/2 ppr Who would you play out of these 5 John Brown vs BAL Hollywood vs BUF James Washington vs AZ Jamaal Williams vs WAS Hyde vs NE
  15. Nomad99

    Playoff round 1 lineup decisions

    Snell, penny, boyd