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  1. thedanzone

    nospk and EAwer

    I see you ate my site. You're looking for FFTMDL here ... http://www.thedanzone.com/phpBB2/viewforum.php?f=106
  2. thedanzone

    nospk and EAwer

    Go to my site at http://www.thedanzone.com/phpBB2/index.php to join the group. If you need to register you won't get quick access, I'll have to approve your registration which should take minutes. I'd like to have something at my house at I-96 and Middlebelt. That should be great for you!
  3. thedanzone

    nospk and EAwer

    Everything in Detroit is pretty cool right now. Only one problem you have to look out for... Beware of Mayor
  4. thedanzone

    nospk and EAwer

    We're looking at September 3rd at about 7:00 PM. That may change, but it is looking really solid for that date. Lansing is only an hour away, you sure about it?
  5. thedanzone

    nospk and EAwer

    Back at you!
  6. thedanzone

    nospk and EAwer

    Twinsdad mentioned that you two are interested in the FFT Metro Detroit League. We are getting some things settled now and I need to know if you're still interested and I need you to chime in on something. e-mail me at dfenwick2000@yahoo.com, basically now, so we can this ball rolling in your direction. TIA
  7. thedanzone

    #1 pick in your fantasy draft

    You trying to make fun of Canadians?
  8. thedanzone

    #1 pick in your fantasy draft

    Alex Rodriguez went first in my draft. I think I'd do the same if I had the 1st pick. Dudes a monster stat monger.
  9. Did it fold or move somewhere else?
  10. thedanzone

    So...I finally reached post # 20,000

    Man, you passed me.
  11. thedanzone

    Anyone ever taken MonaVie Active Juice?

    I have a friend that sells that stuff. He tried to push it on me a couple times. I hated the taste, but it did give a bit of energy. I guess that berry is the shiznit.
  12. thedanzone

    TDZ is down.

    They're fed!
  13. thedanzone

    Sanctuary is down

    And he is on vacation. I hope he checks his voice mail soon.
  14. thedanzone

    My daughter just wowed me...

    DTW is about 25 minutes from the bridge.