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  1. thedanzone

    What's going on?

    I sent Rodney an email asking for the RTSports commish password. I will get this bus moving again.
  2. thedanzone

    What's going on?

    Does everyone still have the motiovation to push on to season #21?
  3. Accidently released Zach Wilson.
  4. thedanzone

    Happy 20th, CHIMI

    Yep, crazy stuff.
  5. thedanzone

    Trade Announcement

    Dan gives Aaron Rodgers Justin gives his 2022 1st Rounder
  6. thedanzone

    Trade Block

    TDZ Titans Trade Block Aaron Rogers, QB David Johnson, RB Tyler Boyd, WR Alshon Jeffery, WR Looking for future draft picks (2nd Round or earlier) , but may consider positional offers as well. dfenwick2000@yahoo.com
  7. thedanzone

    2021 DUES

  8. thedanzone

    2021 Check-in Thread

    These first 5 to 6 picks should be quick. I guess I should check back in on Thursday.
  9. thedanzone

    2021 Schedule

    Another option is to have week 1 a bye week. This way seems more fair than a week 14 bye.
  10. I am good for any of the four dates.
  11. thedanzone

    Poll: Establish a prize pool?

    I think it is a hard to pill to swallow for a dynasty league as compared to a keeper or redraft.
  12. thedanzone

    Lamar on the clock @ 4.01

    2.12 - Bryan Edwards, WR, LV 3.01 - Justin Herbert, QB, LAC
  13. thedanzone

    Lamar on the clock @ 4.01

    1.12 - Joe Burrow, QB, CIN 2.01 - Denzel Mims, WR, NYJ