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  1. Thanks to those who took advantage of their discount.
  2. Hey everyone. If you are interested in starting a NEW CBS Commissioner League and want to cut down on the price, here's your opportunity. First you get $30 off of the regular CBS commissioner league price. For every new league I refer, I get $100.00. We can split that so that we both receive $50.00. I will simply send you the payment via Pay Pal (no fees will apply since it will be a friends/family payment) when CBS pays out the referral cash (usually late January or February). Other payment options are available but not preferred. That's a total of $80 saved for you as the commissioner. This is completely legit and not a scam. I'm in no way affiliated with CBS nor do I even endorse their product. I've been a long time member of this board and I simply want us both to save money off of the CBS fee. It's simple. Follow the link below. Set up your league and get paid when I get paid. http://www.cbssports.com/ref/60083080 Good luck this year. Steve
  3. yostevo

    NEW CBS Leagues Discount

    Thanks again to everyone who got their discount.