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  1. Dalem

    playoff picture / fraft order

    Par for the focking course.
  2. Dalem

    power rankings

    4th in power ranking and might not make playoffs =
  3. Dalem

    playoff picture / fraft order

    If you lose then you're out. You're tied with Camps and Thin Spirit so the best that could happen if you lose is that all three of you tie for the last slot at 7-6. But then you'd be out first since you're 0-2 against those two. If you win, then even if both Camps or Thin Spirit win you're tied with more other teams and you'd actually have a chance. Scooby could also come into the tiebreaker play if O beats him. So, first and foremost you need to win. Thanks for the pep talk.
  4. Dalem

    35 pts

  5. Dalem

    playoff picture / fraft order

    So if Mongo beats me and Walt beats camps, do I still have an in, or should I also be praying for a fricker upset of TS?
  6. Dalem

    Rule ideas

    For some of the changes, I like them and would be amenable to considering a change. However, for some of the proposals, they seem arbitrary and don't have any real argument behind changing the rule (i.e. FA from weeks 3, 6, 9 to weeks 4, 7, 10). For me, if we're going to change a rule, there needs to be a reason behind the change, not just change for change's sake.
  7. Dalem

    Ron Dayne

  8. Dalem

    Rule ideas

    Because the order is largely determined, I would imagine this wouldnt go into effect until the summer of 2007. I'm not arguing against it because my team stinks this year, I just don't like the idea. I don't think anyone in this league tanks (now that da bomb is gone), so I don't think it's necessary. Not necessary, but maybe fun to have a shot at the top pick. I would only be for this if it was weighted similar to the NBA's draft. If my team is by far the worst in the league, I should have a better shot at getting the No. 1 pick. If everyone's team has the same shot, though, then I would be pissed, after all, it would have been my team the sucked Ron Dayne's jockstrap, not yours.
  9. Dalem

    power rankings

    Another season of mediocrity. Thanks, Terrell.
  10. Dalem

    New Record

    Let's give TS an asterisk.
  11. Well, do you think my team, with injuries, Terrell and the mediocrity of the rest of the league good enough to get me into the playoffs? I'm only listing players who have a potential to be in my starting lineup soon. My roster: QBs Carson Palmer Tom Brady RBs Corey Dillon Stephen Davis Kevan Barlow DeShaun Foster Michael Bennett ReShard Lee WRs Joey Porter Deion Branch Roy Williams Keyshawn Johnson Jimmy Smith Scottie Vines TEs Jerramy Stevens LJ Smith Chris Cooley Heath Miller Ks Neil Rackers Jeff Reed DEF Jets Raiders Jaguars
  12. Dalem

    When can I start cutting players?

    I believe we've had an agreement that you could cut anytime, but that if you do cut someone, it's final; there are no take-backs. But don't quote me on that. alsoiwanttocut
  13. Dalem

    pre-week nine fraft

    ReShard Lee, RB, GB :|