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  1. Mike Honcho

    103rd running of the Indianapolis 500

    Indy car racing used to be the main racing sport I followed when I was younger, but really lost interest during the split during the 90s. Really would get excited on bump day, the last hour, watching the small teams try to make the field. But they, like Nascar, need to get it through their heads that no matter what they do, qualifying is only a super die-hard attraction and no matter what they do, it's not going to get eyeballs on it like the old days when there were only 3 to 5 channels to watch(and one of them was showing Three's Company and Andy Griffin reruns). Look at all that contrived nonsense for determining the positions, and it doesn't matter cause it's not the 1980/90's anymore..people aren't tuning in for qualifying.
  2. Mike Honcho

    China New Empire Documentary

    Is Axl going to sing on this one?
  3. Mike Honcho

    How do you reconcile your views vs your actions?

    When my views and actions don't align, I just lie about one or the other. Eventually I'll say it so many times, I'll start to believe it.
  4. Well, it wasn't exactly a mandate from the masses to wield executive power that established Bran as King, but at least he wasn't made king by some farcical aquatic ceremony where some watery tart threw a sword at him.
  5. That was my interpretation too...
  6. So is it safe to guess "Captain Arya Wolf of the High Seas" will be coming next year?
  7. Mike Honcho

    Good Morning

    Very nice, good for you.
  8. Those last 6 episodes felt like D&D were given an outline of the major plot points and were told to fill in the details and they just said...meh, let's just do the major points. There was a 15 minute city council meeting in the middle of the episode! The only part I liked was when Drogon grabbed Dani as a snack for the flight home.
  9. Mike Honcho

    Good Morning

    Wow, can't believe that's how it ends, it's not the right thread, so no spoilers, but I have to say I was extremely disappointed. Just a very very meh-at-best season finale of SNL. I expected more. Strange weekend here-warm weather, but rained every few hours, most definitely didn't get the yard work done that I had wanted to do this weekend. Hope everyone else had more fun than me. On this date in 1983 "Every Breath You Take" single released by The Police --- a wonderful, lovely tune about stalking your ex. Kind of ironic that a band name "The Police" wrote this ditty: Good luck geeks, you have a great week.
  10. Mike Honcho

    So whats with all the hulabaloo about abortion?

    What is really absurd is making the claim that recently born human beings can be killed without consequences or that there is any proposal to do so. What is really disgusting is that this bs made up lie has taken such hold with people on the right.
  11. Mike Honcho

    Batwoman trailer. Cringe level 10/10

    Oh man, you should have saved this for Friday laughs.
  12. Mike Honcho

    Batwoman trailer. Cringe level 10/10

    OMG - a show that doesn't cater specifically to white males....the world is ending.
  13. Mike Honcho

    Your new Batman is - Robert Pattinson?

    Don't see the problem, he played a vampire and they turn into bats, right...seems like a natural progression.
  14. Mike Honcho

    **2019 PGA Championship Thread**

    BREAKING NEWS Koepka has bogeyed a hole!
  15. Mike Honcho

    So whats with all the hulabaloo about abortion?

    I wonder what about the court's makeup would make them think it's time to bring a new case to SCOTUS???