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  1. Mike Honcho

    I got 4 ballots in the mail today.

    You should take a picture of all 4 ballots, put it on Twitter with a #TrumpIsRight! Maybe you will get a retweet from the big guy himself! That will show the dirty leftist media!
  2. Mike Honcho

    Trip to Florida mid November.

    For your query, isn't the majority of learning at that age is the very basics with a lot of repetition to reinforce? My brother and I took off a month of 3rd and 4th grade for a big family reunion(some members came from overseas), were given a bunch of stuff to study during the trip---parents made us sit at the kitchen table for 2 hours a morning until we knocked it all out. We didn't miss a thing and I don't think your son will either. On a related note about Kissimmee---watch out for gators, they are everywhere in that area.
  3. Dude, he called CNN/Fake News on you, you have to throw in the towel now, dem's the rules.
  4. Mike Honcho

    And the big news....

    Join #TeamCrazyCatsEye
  5. So you'd be willing to cheat on the Priests?
  6. Yup, that's what Northern Wisconsin Girl will do to a body.
  7. Mike Honcho

    And the big news....

    I ask myself that every time he posts a marble sand race, marble Olympics event and his marble formula 1 races.. Well then... and... that's all for the current season
  8. Mike Honcho

    NASCAR 2021 thread

    Only thing missing is a demolition derby---though that has the potential to turn into one.
  9. Mike Honcho

    And the big news....

    Marble Sand Race 2020 season has started!
  10. Mike Honcho

    Trump probably hasn't paid income taxes in 20 years

    How come Biden needs to lie well, nobody holds Donald to that standard?
  11. Mike Honcho

    Trump probably hasn't paid income taxes in 20 years

    Besides the president saying for 5+ years that multiple years of his returns are under audit.